This election season proved to be a very interesting one. The TeaKlan movement managed to provide a barrage of gaffes, folly, subtle racism/xenophobia/bigotry (and not-so-subtle), and blatant ignorance. It is clear the focus was on the rhetoric brought forth by people claiming to be and people backed by the TeaKlan. And, their focus and rhetoric was ‘no big government’, illegal immigrants, and the economy. I won’t get into detail because none of that is really important when the not-so-obvious is shown to be fairly obvious.

This was not an election (called a Republican takeover) bucking the establishment and fighting back against Washington and their ‘overspending’; it was a mere diversion. America is truly a horrible place when election and the coverage thereof is simply a tool to divert attention from atrocities brought around the world at the hand of the United States.
The media had one goal, profits. Their purpose, as always, is to generate traffic to their websites, viewers to their channels, and readers to the newsstand. There was nothing more controversial and newsworthy, at this sad time in American history, than what the next crazy TeaKlan member was going to say or what Barack Obama would not say.
Now that I mentioned it, the Democrats had no real message to give the press/media or voters beside some rants about how they did not cause the financial meltdown, how they passed bills that will help but will ‘take time’ to notice, and insults toward their base about them being unenthusiastic and apathetic. Oh, I did enjoy the many “don’t give them back the keys to the car, because they drove it in the ditch in the first place” metaphors brought forth by President Obama. I got to thinking as if I was the president. What could I have said to keep my party ‘in power’?
The Democrats really could not talk about spending and the budget because the bills that were passed by a Democratic controlled Congress simply costs a lot. It doesn’t matter that some analysts/economists may agree that those bills may have brought jobs or actually saved money; the average voter does not see that. The voters see the big price tag initially stamped to the bill. They also could not talk immigration. They made no moves for or against it. They were null on gay rights. The White House (Obama administration) claimed to be in favor lifting the military ban on openly serving gays. After the injunction, the administration appealed the ruling and the ban remained in effect. I will not get into lifting huge corporations on this post, but they seemed to stand for that. In other words, Democrats were pretty much Republicans. There was no polarizing issue they could have used to assure their victory. But, the big one was WAR!
That is what this entire diversion we called an election was about (or not about, depending how you look at it). The Democrats’ stances on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and foreign policy do not differ greatly from Republicans. With defeat looming–a week and a half before elections–WikiLeaks released close to 400,000 classified Iraq War documents showing all sorts of human rights violations and war crimes. Instead of using what Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder gave them, Barack Obama and the White House minimized the issue and tried to condemn Assange and WikiLeaks. I can’t think of one (national or local, North Texas) candidate who even dared to mention these documents let alone mention the US occupations of two countries, one of which where there has been over 30 civilian deaths per month for many years because of the occupation. NO ONE is this world can tell me that government spending and immigrants coming across the border are more important than hundreds of thousands of human lives being lost for no apparent or worthy reason. (There is no need for me to even mention that a great chunk of that ‘wasteful’ spending goes toward those wars that kill all of those people.)
This election was nothing but a way to let the wars drag on unnoticed and unimpeded and to make way for expansion into other places. I don’t care about a Republican controlled House or a Democratic controlled Senate. Who is going to do something about the hundreds of thousands colored peoples dying at the hands of the United States? So far, nearly all politicians seem to not even be aware of it, even though it is right in front of their faces but kept out of our eyes. Eye see you…. But no soul…
P.S. There was one House candidate who used his service in the war in Iraq as an asset to his campaign/image. His name is Ilario Pantano, Republican from South Carolina. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who killed two unarmed Iraqis by shooting them 60 times, reloading twice. He placed a sign on their car that read, ‘No better friend, no worse enemy,’ and took a picture. He, then, went on the campaign trail and bragged about it… Go figure!
P.P.S. Faux (formally Fox) News, and other media outlets, pundits, reporters, the White House, election losers and winners, etc., after the election, continue to talk about the number of seats taken and blah blah… But still… No war… Okay, I’m done.