October 17, 2011

Episode 002: Inhumanitarian Mission

The Axiom Amnesia Theory with Heit & Cheri

Heit & Cheri discuss current events related to the Iranian assassination plot, sending U.S. troops to Africa, withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, Occupy Wall Street, Israel/Palestine conflict and international water shortages.

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Music/Audio Credits:

“Iran to ‘Pay the Price’ for Terror Plot” (YouTube.Com/telegraphtv)
“Ballad of the Black Gold” – Reflection Eternal
“Donald Trump In A Gilded Age (Mac Miller Détournement)” – Sole


SEGMENT 1 – Iranian Assassination Plot, U.S. Troops Deployed to Africa and Troop Withdrawal from Iraq






SEGMENT 2 – Occupy Wall Street




SEGMENT 3 – International Water Shortage





About the Author

Heit & Cheri

  • Jolivette Williams

    Great show!

  • ClevelandAnarchist BlackCross


  • Great show, the topics being discussed cause's one to think outside of the box.

  • greatness

  • Hey guys,
    Nipple thing was hilarious, and thought provoking. "Why would an embryo need nipples?" "Issued nipples" "Can I have my own theory…."

    Iran thing…lies. I don't believe it. If anything materializes I'll think about it possibly being true. Like Iraq's WMD's. No option off the table huh? That means nukes. The American people shouldn't have to hear this kind of talk. Mostly civilians die in conflicts/wars. So when we hear things like this it is basically everyday people/families lives that are on the line for a few individuals greed and ego's. A Mexican Drug Cartel is going to be the weapon. But we aren't pushing for regime change there and they are right next door slaughtering civilians and the governments taking bribes. Mexicans get to come here because they are customers. The right wing is a walking contradiction. The ones running the right are glad that more customers come to America yet they distract their less fortunate supporters with the notion that they should be appalled. Many lives being lost. As if fundamentally people must die so that capitalism can be sustained. I am righting this as I am listening and I like to hear that you guys come to similar "conclusions'. In reality the shit don't stop.

    The U.S. smothering nations through sanctions. Same with Somalia. It's already war in these places. War of attrition. I don't know what to say about a person that doesn't know what a sanction is but thanks for the reminder Cheri. Governments are control mechanisms. Exploiting humanity as a resource when convenient. Starving them when it is not.

    The forces are in Africa because China is gaining an economic foothold. The region is amazing. It is biologically diverse and full of minerals and resources. J.R. spot on the U.S. has its own policy objectives in mind. Why now? Because China is investing like crazy and Obama spoke earlier this year of literally countering this. Counter-insurgency B.S. J.R. is right on once again….purely economic. The ecosystems in this Greater Ugandan region are a gold mine with Amazonian potential. After the break you pick up on China, awesome work Cheri! China is doing the mutual interest thing. And the U.S. is being brutish about it.

    Yea we did Iraq in. I don't know what the cheers are for. All the innocent lives lost is nothing short of an atrocity. The fact that it won't continue is only bittersweet. We have all of the international corporate leeches implanted in after we toppled their regime. Saddam was democratically elected. Unfortunately we can look back and see the tyranny of the majority. If these Iraq troops are moved to Africa it will be bad. The U.S. wanted 100% exclusive business rights (Halliburton). But nations that did not help with the regime change are leeching of the freshly killed prey. Like when a lion has had its meal the hyenas, then the vultures, then the insects, and finally the micro-organisms all eat. France was there before we went there getting big oil. Which is why they did not support us. But after the dust is settled they picked right back up. Germany and all the other countries with no natural reserves. Or at least no where near as vast.

    37 minutes in and yes this region in Africa is rich beyond compare. Vast salt mines under lush jungle. And oil under that from ancient forest and jungle eons of fertility.

    "As if the world isn't already occupied." Funny, really. " Making sense is un-American." "Everyone that has a message is out there." Amazing quotes. I love your show, you guys should do video.

    Water not a right? Makes me so mad. That;s why we are slaves. Yup. A damn shame.

    Thanks for the show I have to catch up. No, it's not to long an hour is just right. There is no minimal amount of time when you are this conscious.

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  • Shelley Lynn

    Everyday my heart is sincerley bleeding for Trayvon and the family; I can only imagine the anguish this witness must feel. The truth must come out and I pray this witness has peace and stands strong amongst the decetful that refuse to give the victim, Trayvon Martin justice.

  • Nellie Nell

    Wow, he barely interviewed this woman. In fact, he tried to finish many of her sentences for her. What kind of investigation were they doing to protect the victim. I mean, it is almost as if he did not want her to say what she witnessed. I hope all involved with trying to sweep this under the rug are brought to justice and excused from the duty to ‘protect and serve’!!! Despicable

    • feonepwepiqep

      This is not an “interview” during an investigation, this is a 911 call during, or directly after, the incident. It’s foolish to expect a thorough investigation within minutes of the gunshot, but that’s typical of Trayhuggers.

    • feonepwepiqep

      Okay, you meant the police station interview, but the woman knew very little of importance to this investigation, changed her story, and got some things wrong (two gunshots). The interview was good, and he kept her on track. She obviously added details she had gotten from news reports (larger Hispanic man).

      • justice4all

        What news reports? She said larger hispanic male on Feb. 26, 2012, the night of the murder. U can’t blame the news this time

  • opisoIoergimepr

    Insofar as she has anything to contribute, which is not much, she corroborates GZ’s story.

  • opisoIoergimepr

    Jane — “… I heard the MAN (emphasis added) saying ‘Help, help.’”

  • SpenderH

    Obviously the first “argument” she heard could not have involved Trayvon as it doesn’t fit his known timeline of walking to the store and back and talking to his girlfriend. While it may have been Zimmerman and someone else, that someone else has never come forward so it will be irrelevant.

  • S.K

    If you listen to John good’s interview with police same voice pattern and fluidity as Jeremy Weinberg voice is distorted. Before cops realized the death was recorded and that John is an accomplice not a witness. He must have tried to pretend to be John manalo. To frame him. Jenna asked for the pic to be taken.

  • S.K

    I trust De la Ronda there is a reason he calls the witnesses out of order. Because their 911 call would’ve been earlier in the trial, it was later because their lack of knowledge of timeline and adrenaline. They also recorded themselves. He testifies after the security guy, maybe they saw the second car pull up at the club house.

  • P. D.

    His name is Omar, they forgot to beep it 08:23

  • wannabecop

    this guy is full of it. This all happened right outside his back door. His voice is all over the 911 call and this is all he says? BTW, he gets a gun out of the kitchen drawer, listen to him pull the slide to load the chamber. Warning, buy no real estate from this man in Orlando Florida.

  • palinpeople

    I went through the exact sane thing with another narcicist named riley hamilton. After complaining for 3rd time to wrong person, I was fired. Same exact racist bs with passive aggressive bullshit, every day for a year.

    Like zimmerman, my guy was also illiterate but made fun of my accent. Even though I don’t have one and lived here for 25 years.

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  • Darrell Davis

    They have some amazing hearing. They could hear shuffling on grass over the sound of rain and a TV playing.

  • Guest

    “heavier man on top” before she heard the “pop”

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  • Changster Jun Tony

    Its going to be used.  George is “opening the door” for character witnesses, as that is all he is using.  Since George is using character witnesses for himself, the prosecution will be allowed to introduce character evidence to disprove his character.

  • palinpeople

    So if zimmerman is a known racist, it doesn’t matter?!? Ha ha ok dude!

  • spectr

    Only confusing for the ignorant, who in their right mind would claim there was 2 shots, ah let see, 2shot Jackson.
    Pitching her tent wherever there’s a black & white issue, she’s lies for a living and her legacy is deception.

  • Nellie Nell

    Ummmm, the murderer lies in front of the world to see AND has his goofy attorney lying for him now! No pretrial immunity hearing sure sounds like someone is lying about the events. The 2 sounds was probably an echo or someones door slamming. For an older woman that has never heard a gunshot before, I can see why she would be confused about the sound.

    After the idiot attorney introduce the 911 tape that caught Trayvon begging for his life as evidence, he now does not want experts to testify on it. The one and only reason is that he can not find an expert that would be willing to lie and say that it was the murderer screaming for help.

    One thing for certain, is that she seen the murderer on the victim Trayvon! June 10th will be here soon enough and then we will see what will happen to the hero of racists.

  • spectr

    Nellie says:”For an older woman that has never heard a gunshot before, I can see why she would be confused about the sound”.

    What are you talking about ?
    Do you even know who “2shot Jackson” is ?

    GZ has not lied about anything ?

    You mean Martin’s parents and their lawyers, Right !

    Everything that’s spews from their mouth is a lie.

    Truly some of the most disgusting parasitic people in America.

    The shame of a nation

    Nellie says: “After the idiot attorney introduce the 911 tape that caught Trayvon begging for his life as evidence”

    LOL !, how embarrassing for you.

  • GZ has not lied about anything ?

    spectr, you are the embarrassment. George Zimmerman has told so many lies until I don’t know where to begin. But for ish and giggles lets look at one in particular.

    George Zimmerman NEN call: Hey, we’ve had some break- ins in our neighborhood and there’s this real suspicious guy

    Detective Serino: Real suspicious guy. Ok, one more time, why suspicious?

    George Zimmerman: Uh… It was raining, he was looking into the houses, looking behind, looking at me, he wasn’t walking quickly to get out of the rain, he didn’t look like he was trying to head home, he didn’t look like a hardcore athlete that wanting to like train in the rain or anything. He just looked out of place.

    According to George, Trayvon was:

    2/26 on NEN call “looking about”
    2/26 interview with Singleton “looking at the houses looking at me”
    2/27 interview with Serino “looking at the houses looking behind him”
    2/29 interview with Serino “looking IN the houses”

  • palinpeople

    Both of you are wrong. He definitely didn’t say punks so u have been on right wing blogs.

    He said goons, a local black gang.

  • palinpeople

    Whatever moron. I went through the same thing. Being made fun if got being middle eastern by a right wing extremist illiterate who had the writing level of a 7th grader, is not being sensitive.

    My hill billy hater even hacked into my twitter to get me fired.

    He called me narcissist behind my back if course, even after I chose not to complain about all three co workers for hacking into my twitter.

    My hick and zimmerman fit the bill for narcissist, not me. Riley hamilton, the buffoon that ruined my management job even threatened me with brass knuckles from 30 yards away.

    I was called sensitive too by boss who would join in on hillbilly remarks about my non existent accent. I was called idiot even though I did the programming, ANC other guy did easy shot.

    U must also be racist

  • palinpeople

    Hey moron, calling him a dope smoker and ignoring zimmermans real crimes, temper, aggression and the fact that zimmie ur molester hero was on two anti pyschotics that make u violent and aggressive, makes u look fucking stupid.

    Admit u hate blacks more than molesters and don’t breed. World has enough trailer trash.

    Zimmie a friend has a book, parents ask for donations, zimmie sells autographs, dad has ebook for sale, and Robert makes blatantly racist remarks and charges for interviews.

    U end reality check or u need to learn what the word manipulate means.

    Zimmie is narcissist just like zimmerman.

  • Creepy-Ass-Cracker

    Because Jeremy DOES NOT say “he warned him he’d shoot him” during Jennifer’s 911 call at the 1:30 mark

  • Miss T

    He does say “he warn me he would shoot him. People hear what they want to hear.

  • L.A.M

    That dude lied several times. The only reason you can’t see that, is because you don’t want to. You can clearly just go and look up for lies. But you didn’t attempt to.

  • paul cuzz

    Its plain that he says “get more interior” which makes sense since there was a shooting right outside.