Join Heit & Cheri for a discussion on the U.S.’s thirst for murder and violence, as illustrated by the Obama Administration’s approach to ‘The War on Terror,’ Libyan bombings, drone strikes, Guantanamo Bay detainment, murder of U.S. citizens, nuclear proliferation and the celebration of Bin Laden’s death.

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Music/Audio Credits:

“FOX Lies!! Irresponsible Media! Barack Obama Pastor Wright” (YouTube.Com/TRINITYCHGO)
“Thanks Ray Ray!” – South Central (Movie)
“Try Not To Cry” – Sami Yusuf feat. Outlandish
Barack Obama on bin Laden: The full “60 Minutes” interview (60 Minutes Overtime)


SEGMENT 1 – Obama, Iraq War and Afghan War

SEGMENT 2 – Drones, Gitmo Bay, Anwar Al-Awlaki Murder and Wikileaks

SEGMENT 3 – Libyan Invasion and Nuclear Proliferation