It is utterly insane that Palestinians must beg Israel for $100 million owed to them for taxes collected on their behalf. Israel is pissed about the Palestinians successful bid for admission to the UN’s cultural agency (UNESCO) as part of a bid for statehood. In retaliation, they chose to withhold the tax revenues they rightfully owe to the Palestinian Authority as punishment for what they perceive as an attempt to circumvent negotiations directly with them.

This is yet another reason why the Palestinian Authority should not be subject to Israel for anything. This is an egregious abuse of power and a violation of the agreement between the two sides. Palestinians rely on that money to provide a host of services to their people.

But how’s this for irony? Guess who is in danger of NOT getting paid? How about it’s the security forces that actually work to prevent attacks on Israelis!

Good going Israel…

Source: Israel continues withholding on $100M in taxes owed to Palestinians