November 17, 2011

Idiocracy Is Already Thousands Of Years Old


The most widely accepted idea I can think of–as it is appears–is the myth that democracy is the apex of a structured and civilized society. This is to say that it is indisputable that the world, down to its communities, should be formed and maintained around democracy. It is difficult to find an instance of anyone openly speaking in opposition of democratic movements or structures. Thus, the dogma of this era is “democracy is good, no questions asked.”

What is democracy to you?

The following is a short definition I provided in response to the question above:

“1 person, 1 vote… That is to say that I, not someone a majority I may not be a part of has chosen, make the decisions for me… I vote on EVERYTHING that is being debated/decided if I so choose…”

Only I should be allowed to make decisions that will affect me. So, if I happen to be part of a minority, I should not be forced by the existence of a decision by the majority to adhere to the choices of the majority. Some may say that democracy entails circumstances in which a majority makes decisions, while simultaneously upholding the rights of the minority. This notion is a complete contradiction.

In the previous scenario, the majority tramples on the rights of the minority simply by voting away minority rights. If a voter’s choice land them among the minority, their rights have already been trampled upon, because another group of people decided, via their own vote, what is right or wrong for the minority group.

Even with the existence of a representative democracy, the individual does not make their own decisions. First, the individual may be a part of that minority whose representative was not elected to represent them. Second, the representative chooses one way or the other, based upon what she decides. Third, even if the representative based her decisions on the major sentiment of the group she represents, the minority in opposition is still forced to adhere to something with which they do not agree.

Is the majority always right?

The dogma of democracy is predicated on the idea that the majority is most qualified to determine what is right or best. Or, it is shrouded in the delusion that the majority should choose the course of society for ALL of society, even for those who disagree. Either way, those who detract from popular sentiment are forced, through laws backed by violence, to live in a society they had no real hand in shaping–besides the fact that they were on the wrong (unpopular) side of the vote.

When democracy goes wrong

There are many examples that point out flaws in the myth of the supremacy of democracy, but there are a few crucial and less crucial examples we can consider. For instance, if you gather for movietime with a few friends and your choices were between Pootie Tang & Napolean Dynamite, how would you feel if forced–due to being of the minority vote–to sit through either of the movies you find as horrible and annoying? And this begs the question, “How do the choices arise in the first place?”

Nevertheless, if a movie you feel is great was included in the choices and was not picked by the majority, would you feel fine sitting through the one chosen that would be simply painful to watch, only because the majority would rather watch one of the ridiculous films? Furthermore, if the US wars on Iraq or Afghanistan had gone to a public vote, would war have been avoided?

Democracy respects misinformation

The fact is, the majority of people are often wrong. The public are often led by misinformation. There is no evidence to support the idea that a majority of people would select the best course of action for all people.

The push and argument for democracy is only to have individuals feel as though they have some power over the forces controlling their lives. Ironically, it is true that the majority the invidual may not be a part of–under democracy–is the force controlling their lives. It would be nice to believe that a mob has the ability to constantly and effectively create change to or remain on the course of justice and logic, but what unknown said is true:

Democracy: Where any two idiots can outvote a genius.

All it takes is a little encouragement to coerce the masses to vote against their own interests, including their own rights and liberty. It’s sad that geniuses are of the minority, yet everyone else feels equal to one when it comes to something as important as humanity.

About the Author


  • Democracy is based on the premise that you have all information needed to make an informed decision. when you are not privy to all information or that information is being withheld from you, then by definition you no longer live in a democracy. If You are being told what to think and how to think, and what thoughts are acceptable, then you live America. America is not a democracy, it's a Republic.

  • Matter of fact, I take that back, America is a plutocracy disguised as a republic and always has been for most of it's history.

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  • Heartbreaking!  I just could not imagine how concerned and then horrified to learn that your kid has been murdered all because he walked in the rain.  

  • Shareese Dixon

    The photo that the 1st witness on the scene took of Trayvon has hit the web.  Trayvon’s arms are not spread as indicated by George several times as he asked the witness to help him to restrain a lifeless Trayvon.  Apparently the witness knew he would capture some evidence against George or he would not have taken the picture and withhold it for almost a month only to turn it over during his 2nd interview.  I think this is what his nervous laugh was about as he pulled it up on his computer.   I do believe that this gentleman had more to say and does not believe George for one second.

  • Lika564

    The new judge has heard one SYG hearing. The judge determined that she did not believe the defendant. The jury found him innocent within a month. The difference is that one of the assailants was using a glass table top and his brother was with him. The judge has to determine guilt from preponderence of evidence. There is that. GZ leaving his vehicle and not remaining at his vehicle even after the suggestion of the non-EM operator. That makes him the aggressor. That takes it to trial. What the jury determines has to determine is if the state proved the defendant’s guilt beyond every reasonable doubt. I think, if the jury is dealing with this as a separate case from their own experience(s) or any other biases, what they will see is that this case is different from the one the judge lost. Trayvon did not have a glass table top to throw at GZ. He had only his fists. He was not a professional boxer or fighter. He did not use his tea can or skittles. If George was really worried about being hurt, he would not have “squirmed” to get off of the concrete and onto the grass. He would have fought back. He did not fight back because he was not the victim at any point. He was the aggressor but we’ll have to wait and see how the jury views it. Prayerfully, people will see TM the same as they saw the homeless guy against the 2 brothers and rule against GZ.

  • Lika564

    I’m listening to the 2/27 – 12:05 a.m. tape. Listen to how perky, coherent and very clear headed for a guy who almost “die[d] tonight”. Tape #3 at 3:50 was all I had to hear to be convinced it was murder and not self-defense. “he yelled out for help.. and I shot him.”

  • Guest

    I meant Tape #3 at 3:50.

  • 1. The EMT testified that George nose did not look like it normally
    looked… WTF does that mean how would he know how boy George’s nose
    normally looks?.. it might be stretch but I found that strange.

    I’m gun man myself so I would question whether boy Georges gun was all
    ready in the fire ready mode (off safety one in the chamber) this
    DEFINITELY requires two hands. I thought that was illegal. Not sure what
    Florida laws are now but when i lived in Jville that was illegal i

    3. George based on his 911 call clearly was not looking
    for an address EVEN when asked several times he could not provide
    one…. the reason being that he was on the dog walk perhaps and
    definitely not looking for and address. Oh and not frustrated about
    giving one. quite the liar are we baby G.

    4. Finally until challenged George say the Trayvon was scream and also does
    not recognize his own voice and had to be told it was he … I thought that was major screw up by Serino although felt like he got a lot of good on this guy.

  • one last points…. Boy George states that his car lights were partially lighting the walk way although, he states he turned off the ignition and took the keys with him. He goes on to say the lights stay on for some unspecified amount of time then go off.. I would definitely get a make and model of his vehicle and inquire as to how long or if this is possible and under what condition do the lights stay on or go off. something something something something just a’int not rightttt (shout out to Keith Sweat). Once police arrived on the scene where exactly was his truck parked and why was it not impound or photographed at the the time.

    Last this is a perfect example of how fucked up this country is , not talking about Baby G we know he’s fucked up, I mean the resident who did not even look or try to see who was screaming, correction for the most part not all … or turn on the patio light; it could have been anybody!! A child being abducted or whatever!! not to place any major blame on them but damn please grow some phucking nuts!!!

  • Lika564

    In the first tape, he had already lost track of time. He asked if it was the 21st. Huh?

  • Lika564

    re: Recording #4 – was Det. Serino just messing with GZ or was there a video, photo or something else on TM’s cellphone or was there a video that GZ was not aware of in the subdivision that caught this on tape? I guess the answer would be there wasn’t or this case would be closed with GZ admitting guilt.

  • So.. George can fight off an undercover ATF agent but not a 17 year old kid he had to shoot him. George Zimmerman is a liar and going to a Florida prison for a long time.

  • clifford715

    He really lied on the dispatcher on the aud and vid tape.

  • Jaime Andres Pretell

    All audio is gone?

  • Kevin Rae

    George Zimmerman couldn’t give a proper description of where he was in his own neighborhood though he lived there for years. George Zimmerman tells a different story with regards to how he fell afer being punched in the face. On the Feb 26 and 27, in one he says he fell back after being punched the other statement by him indicated he fell forward. There are a ton of inconsistencies that I haven’t yet explored. George Zimmerman fact he killed Trayvon Martin unnecessarily by following him and confronting the teenager. The teen was on his way home and because George Zimmerman decided this child was up to no good phoned the police on the non-emergency number as he was trained, and to call 911 if there was an actual crime taking place. George Zimmerman knew that no crime was taking place and acted like an unofficial enforcer of the law by suspiciously following a young man of 17 or 18 with no agenda but to return with Ice Tea and Skittles. But George Zimmerman’s agenda was to stop and fight crime where ever he thinks it maybe. He certainly thought that Trayvon was up to no good acting suspiciously supposedly looking at houses although George Zimmerman also said Trayvon was walking calmly down the street. “They always get away” that is what he told the dispatcher, Trayvon was one of them in this instance and is characterized in Zimmerman’s mind as one of those that cause crimes even though there was no evidence of a crime existed. Still George Zimmerman could not let go that another one of those (criminals) is getting away. Trayvon that night did nothing illegal he was characterized in an eager law enforcement wannabe’s mind as some criminal that he called the police though no crime happened, but Zimmerman was not going to let go, he wants to make a difference. Well he did he killed a child of 17, 18 he told the dispatchers that he was a teen 17 or 18 Zimmerman later characterizes him as an adult in later statements to mediate his complicity in Trayvon’s death. George Zimmerman ruined alot of lives that night Trayvon and his family, friends, etc, ruined his own life and his family. George Zimmerman is not the person you want to watch over you. What if he thought you were doing something suspicious and confronts you and he’s carrying a firearm, I’d rather have the police protecting me. They have to have training and special skills to enforce the law and they take an oath to uphold the law not be judge, jury and executioner, when there is a police involved shooting an officer is not allowed back in the field till he is cleared though internal investigations. Old George doesn’t need that just make up the rules as he goes along. He said he was trained to look for suspicious persons by Neighborhood Watch but you’re not supposed to carry a firearm or a weapon let alone confront suspicious persons but to observe and notify police. I am sick of this man and his evil righteousness that blinded him from seeing that he killed over no crime. Is suspicion enough to lead to the death of someone so young. By the way the last thing on Trayvon’s mind was probably to get into a fight and die that night. At least George Zimmerman brought the right weapon to settle a fight. R.I.P. Trayvon our hearts are with you. George Zimmerman, you can go to Hell.

  • 1cubsfan

    why did they give date as FEB 22?


    Listening to these interviews a second time, after several months, a lot more really stands out about the discrepancies in GZ’s statements. A couple things that I hadn’t thought of before except in passing really don’t make any sense at all. How can TM allegedly be hitting GZ over and over, banging his head on the ground repeatedly and yet GZ never attempts to pull his hands off his head or grab them. GZ’s and TM’s hands are remarkably unscathed for a fight in which GZ said he was in fear for his life. Why aren’t there at least deep scratches or marks on TM’s hands? I’d think the first thing someone would do if another person was banging their head into the ground would be to pull at their hands, trying to get them to stop.

    Singleton asks GZ about the style or length of TM’s hair but he says he had a hoodie on. In all this rolling around and fighting, his hood stayed up the entire time? Including when he fell off GZ after being shot? This was the cleanest, smoothest, alleged “fight for life” that I’ve ever heard of and I’ve encountered quite a number of them when I was in the E.R. as a Nurse Practitioner. I never would have believed GZ’s fairy tale if he had told me the same thing if I knew the other person had been killed by his gun. The line about how “I unholstered my firearm in fear for my life as he assured me he was going to kill me” conveniently covers the self-defense angle but far too “neatly” IMO. This also came from a defendant who claims he never heard of the SYG law. GZ is either telling a blatant lie or he’s fucking stupid. In this case, both reasons appear far too often.

    • RockyMissouri

      Excellent questions..!


    Found another discrepancy tonight in GZ’s initial statement when compared to the others. At approximately 15:30 in the first tape, he says that he felt TM’s hand brush against the side of his chest, reaching for his firearm, then he says that as TM banged his head again, he pulled out his firearm and shot him. In order for TM to be banging his head as GZ claims, he’d have to use both hands so when did he change his mind about going for GZ’s gun? There is so much bullshit in this story that the more I listen to the discrepancies in these tapes the more furious I become. Damn, it shouldn’t take anything more than an alert jury and prosecution to convict this guy.

    At the police station and during the re-enactment, he says he gained wrist control and had hold of TM’s wrist and had time to aim and shoot the gun in order to not hit his own hand. HUGE discrepancy, IMO. Especially since I’d think the initial story would be the most likely to be true, IF he ever told the truth, which I don’t believe GZ did.

    In another version, GZ says that TM was smothering him immediately prior to shooting him. So which one is it, George? You’re going to have a difficult time on the witness stand trying to figure out which story to tell and answering to all these many lies you’ve told. I’m looking forward to seeing BDLR tear your ass to pieces while you arrogantly believe you can sell your bullshit to the jury.

  • WhatisJustice

    Recording 4- GZ says his didn’t know the guy at the bar was ATF, but I read the LEO’s account and he said he identified himself to GZ beforehand. Just another lie!

  • oldsoldierboy

    On recording #1 Zimmerman said Martin was casually walking looking at all the houses. On recording #6 Zimmerman said Martin was walking looking into the houses. Criminals don’t casually walk while looking into houses especially when in a strange neighborhood which was the case for Martin. There’s a lot of inconsistences but why would Zimmerman need to get out of his car to look for a street sign in a neighborhood and near a house he had to call about in the past. This is a place he has been a neighborhood watchman in for several months. He had to know that neighborhood like the back of his hand by this point. Doesn’t make sense at all.

  • tom.

    jesus, where did he get 100k from?

  • oldsoldierboy

    GZ is lucky I wasn’t lead investigator because the most important question to ask is why GZ claimed his flashlight was not working when the detective proved that it was (listen to recording #3). GZ tracking TM down with his flashlight off (which was in his hand during the confrontation (listen to recording #5)) is validation that the element of surprise was still on his side. It’s also the best way for a calculated cold blooded murderer not to be seen while on the prowl. If GZ was out just to prevent crime, he would have turned his flashlight on after TM allegedly ran away. The best way find someone who’s hiding in the dark is to turn the light on. If the flashlight wasn’t working as GZ claims, he would have put the worthless POS back into his pocket. Why continue to hold a flashlight in your hand that doesn’t work? The descriptions GZ gave in the non-emergency call are bogus. GZ CAN’T DESCRIBE THE RUN BECAUSE THERE WASN’T ANY RUNNING. Nobody runs from a man while he’s still sitting in his truck on the phone. TM was walking home from the store. He wasn’t on his way home from a burglary or some other crime. He had no reason to run. In GZ statement at the police station that night he made no mention of TM running at all (verbal or written) even though in the non-emergency call he claimed TM ran not once but twice. No way GZ could have forgotten TM was running if TM really ran away. Yet still GZ can’t describe the run. I believe TM never realized GZ (probably with gun out & flashlight off) was behind him until the confrontation. This explains why TM apparently stopped to answer Rachel Jeantel phone call (see timelines) and never went all the way home. GZ went through a lot of planning before this murder. Even taking the time to set up in front of his buddy Frank Taaffe’s house. GZ had his mind made up that the next one wasn’t going to get away.
    The timelines:
    7:09:34 non emergency call
    7:10:32 Coming towards me
    7:10:56 Coming to check me out
    7:11:39 Shit He’s running
    7:11:46 Opens car door
    7:12:06 TM answers girlfriend incoming call
    7:12:50 I still see my truck
    7:13:11 I don’t know where this kid is
    7:13:40 Ends non emergency call
    7:15:40 Words, Scuffle
    7:16 Phone call ends
    7:16:45 Gunshot

    • JCUBE

      I agree Zimmerman is a big fat lier. But it is possible that he was telling th truth that his flashlight wasn’t working at that point when he said so in the 911 call, as if you listen closely you can hear him banging on it trying to get it to work. I do think TM did take off running around the building which is why Zimmerman gets his butt out of the truck to follow and is running himself. I wish they would have pulle dhis text records as I feel he may have contacted someone via text while on the phone with 911 to have someone head to the back enterance. It is odd that he never had his phone checked until nearly a month later, by then he could have anything wiped off the phone. I also wouldnt be surprised if Zimmeramn had access to the clubhouse video’s that night and saw Trayvon walking to the mail box and that is why he was out, to see what he was up to. He knew the contact that night of the guy in charge of the servalence and was even given his phone to get the #. Horrible police practice!!! His day will come. His Daddy can’t cover his butt anymore everyone knows who he is!! And his kind can’t stay away from trouble.

      • oldsoldierboy

        Thanks for the reply but theres a few problems with what you think happened. 1. Zimmerman had two flashlights. If one wasn’t working, common sense tells me he probably would have used the other one. I listened to his NEC with earphones and didn’t here any tapping. I’d appreciate it if you would give me a point of reference. 2. You apparently believe Zimmerman got out of his truck at the T while I believe he got out of his truck at the clubhouse. Problem with your version: East Pool Hall video at Discovery Clubhouse catches someone walking past the east exit door with a flashlight on around the time Zimmerman would have gotten out of his truck. That person could have only been Zimmerman. On recording #4 at around 9:50 Det Serino bluffs Zimmerman saying There’s a possibility that whatever happened is on video tape”. That apparently raised some red flags in Zimmerman’s mind as to what Det Sernio may have seen or will see on the clubhouse security videos. The following are the answers Zimmerman gave later that day at the scene when they questioned him as to where he was at at different points of the NEC (Recording #6)”: At :41 of NEC, GZ: “He’s starring at all the houses and now he’s just starring at me”. Detective: Where are you at right now? GZ: I’m at the clubhouse. At 1:03 of NEC, GZ: “He has his hands in his waste band”. Detective: Where are you at now? GZ: “I think I’m still at the clubhouse. At 1:13 of NEC, GZ:”I believe he’s a black male late teens”. Detective: Have you moved yet? GZ: I don’t think so. At 1:25 of NEC, GZ: “He has something in his hands. I don’t know what his deal is”. Detective: Are you still at the clubhouse? GZ: I don’t remember. REALLY? At 1:46 of NEC, GZ is giving the dispatcher directions. The detective finally forces his hand: You’re definitely not at the clubhouse are you? GZ: No. Detective: Are you all moving? GZ: No, I was PARKED where I could see him. Translation: I’m still at the clubhouse. Better hurry up GZ because after you finish giving the dispatcher directions you got three seconds to drive to the T before you get out of your truck. At 3:20 of NEC, Dispatcher: “What address are you parked in front of? GZ: I don’t know. It’s a cut through. REALLY? If he’s really at the cut through, there are several houses with an address right there in front of him. Instead he resorts to giving out his home address and we know he doesn’t want to do that. Why? My belief is because he’s not at the T (i.e. cut through) but instead is at the clubhouse. Lastly, even with earphones on, you never hear him put his truck in drive. You never hear the sound of his truck moving. You clearly hear when he opens his door and when his truck beeps warning him that his keys are still in the ignition. This also seems to indicate that he never moved his truck from the clubhouse until after he ends the NEC.

  • Jay

    peep out the words, “suspect” “torso” “on my persons” “restrain”(police jargon) then he says the suspect sat back, how could he have sat back after he was shot????

  • AtticusFinch

    It’s hard to comprehend how an unarmed, 17 year old boy could have been shot and killed without an arrest or at least an investigation. This looks rigged from the start, especially considering GZ was not tested for drugs or alcohol. And as so many very intelligent people here have already pointed out, how could GZ have been the one screaming while he was being “suffocated?” Those are the screams of a terrified child. I so hope that those 5 mothers on the jury can empathize with Trevon’s mom. She lost her son. I so hope that they can see all the holes, inconsistencies and lies in GZ’S testimony.

    I started 2 neighborhood watches and my memory is crappy, but the one thing I clearly remember easily 30 years later is: Don’t pursue. Don’t follow. GZ was stalking this boy. I was glad to hear Serino emphasize that Trevon was a boy, that he only had a bag of Skittles.

    I wonder if the jury was allowed to hear these statements; I certainly hope so. Keep in mind, also, that Zimmerman’s father is a judge who would have prepped him well and told him what to say. He noted that GZ’s injuries did not measure up to what GZ was saying. If it was raining so much, as gz emphasized, why was his jacket bone-dry and most of all, why wasn’t there a mark on it from being pummeled on the sidewalk and the grass? Serino points out that there were no marks on Trevon’s hands to support the “beating.” In hearing these statements, there is little doubt in my mind that it was a terrified child screaming for mercy.

    When he stated he didn’t know that he had shot Trayvon, (and the screaming stopped immediately after the shot), he then spread out Trayvon’s arms and he still doesn’t know that he shot him? Trayvon was limp by this time, silent, unmoving. All during the hours of interviews, there is not a shred of remorse coming from GZ–even if he thought that Trayvon was a robber, he was later told that he had shot an innocent, unarmed boy and there is still no remorse, no regret. Not one word or thought of empathy for the family.

    If there is not a conviction, at least of manslaughter, I will take to the streets in protest. Rodney King was only treated roughly and was not killed and there were so many serious riots.

    Rioting is not the answer, but protest will surely follow an acquittal. I hope that we have come a little farther than rioting and violence because that serves no purpose and sets equal rights back, but a lot of my friends and I are ready to hit the streets to protest injustice if GZ is acquitted.
    Let’s all hope that justice is served in this really tragic case.

  • Theresa Glover Radke

    I think he is guilty of first degree Murder, I think he was setting the stage by saying all the right things “He’s checking me out, he’s coming to me, he’s reaching into his waistband” And NOBODY can convince me he doesn’t say “FUCKING COONS” .. this guy is disgusting and if he walks I will lose all faith in our Jury system.

    • oldsoldierboy

      I concluded long time ago that the descriptions in the non emergency call are bogus. The preplanning GZ put into this is something to behold that’s for sure.

      • So Sad

        I also question why he asks the first guy who comes out to call his WIFE and let her know he shot (or killed – there’s some dispute) someone, but didn’t want the guy to call the police?? If in your TOTAL incompetence and ineptness as a neighborhood watch captain you were unable to give the dispatcher one address in an entire 4 minute call to tell them where you or the “suspicious” person was, WHY wouldn’t you want a homeowner to call them back and give them the address to where you have the SUSPICIOUS person contained, especially if you claimed to not be sure if you actually shot him and spread his arms apart to keep him for going for your weapon? Yes, he was just making sure that Trayvon had NO chance of telling what really happened!

  • oldsoldierboy

    This verdict is proof that Florida law is dangerous on many levels. Not only does it give murders the green light to kill, it also gives sexual predators the right to pursue teens and attack them under the name of self defense and fear. It gives people the right to profile and confront people for absolutely no reason at all. People with mental and physical disabilities are definitely in danger because their mannerisms could be considered suspicious. We need to continue the fight to have these laws repealed but most importantly we must get involved in our communities and when you hear someone screaming for help don’t just call 911 get out there and help.

  • Guest

    Is there any documents on this site that shows what he was drawing in call#2 of the map out f what happened

  • oldsoldierboy

    Here is extra analysis to support my belief to what I feel happened that night. On recording #4 at around 9:50 Det Serino bluffs Zimmerman saying There’s a possibility that whatever happened is on video tape”. That apparently raised some red flags in Zimmerman’s mind as to what Det Sernio may have seen or will see on the clubhouse security videos. The following are the answers Zimmerman gave later that day at the scene when they questioned him as to where he was at at different points of the NEC (Recording #6)”: At :41 of NEC, GZ: “He’s starring at all the houses and now he’s just starring at me”. Detective: Where are you at right now? GZ: I’m at the clubhouse. At 1:03 of NEC, GZ: “He has his hands in his waste band”. Detective: Where are you at now? GZ: “I think I’m still at the clubhouse. At 1:13 of NEC, GZ:”I believe he’s a black male late teens”. Detective: Have you moved yet? GZ: I don’t think so. At 1:25 of NEC, GZ: “He has something in his hands. I don’t know what his deal is”. Detective: Are you still at the clubhouse? GZ: I don’t remember. REALLY? There isn’t but so many places he could be. At 1:46 of NEC, GZ is giving the dispatcher directions. The detective finally forces his hand: You’re definitely not at the clubhouse are you? GZ: No. Detective: Are you all moving? GZ: No, I was PARKED where I could see him. Translation: I’m still at the clubhouse. Better hurry up GZ because after you finish giving the dispatcher directions you got three seconds to drive to the T before you get out of your truck. At 3:20 of NEC, Dispatcher: “What address are you parked in front of? GZ: I don’t know. It’s a cut through. REALLY? If he’s really at the cut through, there are several houses with an address right there in front of him. Instead he resorts to giving out his home address and we know he doesn’t want to do that. These are additional reasons why I believe GZ is not at the T (i.e. cut through) but instead is at the clubhouse. Lastly, even with earphones on, you never hear him put his truck in drive. You never hear the sound of his truck moving. You clearly hear when he opens his door and when his truck beeps warning him that his keys are still in the ignition. This also seems to indicate that he never moved his truck from the clubhouse until after he ends the NEC.

  • jazzy

    These are large amounts of money so im pretty sure the people who donated are all racist in disguise. They had no evidence that this guy killed in self defense but automatically sided with zimmerman because he killed a black child. Im willing to bet if GZ killed a 17yr old white boy he would not have gotten the same praises he is receiving. White America enjoys when blacks are killed just like they did when the racist, KkK cops enjoyed lynching, beaten and abusing blacks and they ultimately destroyed the black culture.

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  • Shareese Dixon

     I believe this to be true as well.  The picture the guy with the flashlight took, the same one that called George’s wife, has hit the internet.  Trayvon’s arms were not spread out to the sides???

  • Questions for Thought

    I fell face first onto a cement sidewalk and broke my nose.  I had two severely black eyes (took over two weeks for the black/blue to go away) and the first couple of days after the fall, my swollen eyes were like slits,  couldn’t put on glasses, couldn’t see, couldn’t read, watch tv, or anything!!

  • Shareese Dixon

    Right, George is so full of crap. His story does not make any sense at all, not that night, the next or now! The police knew that story did not make sense and if George was banged so hard on cement there is no doubt in my mind that a picture of pooled blood laying on the cement would have been one of the photos taken by the authorities. That Osterman helped George concoct this story that clearly makes no sense. George was shown a photo of Trayvon’s hands that tragic evening and is informed that there is ONLY A SMALL CUT ON TRAYVON’S HANDS – there is no blood on them. If you are bleeding so bad that there is blood on 45% of his head as Trayvon banged it and then tried to smother him, there would have been George’s blood on Trayvon’s hands.

    If you straddle someone to the point where they can not get up then it will be next to impossible for George to reach his waist to pull his pistol. The legs of the straddler would along the sides of you and the butt of the straddler would be on your belly. So how is this possible.

    It just confuses me as to why so many want to protect this low-life loser with all he deceptions? The police, EMT, witnesses, his family, Osterman, you name it for some reason they want to ensure that the killing of an unarmed teen minding his business, is justified!

  • Shareese Dixon

    But “know every adult and every kid in his neighborhood”, but what he doesn’t know is the name of the street? He clearly says that he “knew that if I kept walking through, that is the street that I live on”. Not sure how they both missed that. So why are you looking for a street sign? The houses in front of the parked car were the front with numbers on them. There is no way that he should not have been arrested that night based on all of the lies he told just that evening alone. The ultimate insult is when he says Trayvon was “skipping”! Like dude, really, do you think that everyone is as dumb as you are? That baby seen that gun and screamed out in fear of being murdered for no reason. I also did not appreciate how Serino said that he wished Trayvon had run away!!! What the hell, George chased him down because run away is exactly what he was trying to do!

  • michael hairston

    Good catch he almost said after he screamed wow

  • Angela

    What i would like to know is if he is struggling for his life on this wet grass, why does his jacket not reflect this by having dirt stains or grass stains from sliding? Also i wonder why there was no arrest after Serino has obviously already figured that all is not right with his first testimony.

  • Lika564

    He claims TM rode him like a bull, “grounding and pounding” him. Two hundred pound bully who had been at the gym for the previous 5 months couldn’t get the skinny “he-doesn’t-look-like-an-athlete” kid off of him? Someone else mentioned here that they thought he might have been holding his shirt. I believe that is very possible. How does his blood get under the top hoodie? I think the state could have done a better job but I believe there is enough evidence to put GZ in prison this time. There will be no deferred adjudication from this.

  • h.matisse

    Did anyone of you actually listen to all of the interviews? GZ was doing what any American should do. I am a middle aged white male, and I’m sad to read such race associated opinions. A loss of a precious life in TM, and the actual facts of the case should and could hopefully bring us all closer together to change attitudes, and historical thinking. My thoughts and prayers are with both family’s. This seems to me a prefect storm…that just ends in sorrow for all involved. Our maker expects more than this from us all.

  • So Sad

    He says it with the female cop I believe on the first tape on this site!! Bullshit!

  • So Sad

    So if you just witnessed a suspicious looking person who was “casing houses”, running in between houses, staring you down and putting his hand in his waistband, walking past your car, no wait – circling your car and then running away again and you don’t know what his deal is and he looks like he is on something, why in the hell do you get OUT of your car (in the rain and darkness) to look for an address or to see where this person went who had you so concerned that you called it in????????????? You can’t stay in your car and drive down the street to the sign on the corner? That would take what 5 seconds!! You can’t DRIVE back down to the other end of the complex to see if you find this menacing person going back the other way? A neighborhood watch CAPTAIN that can’t remember 3 streets in a complex is SORRY AS HELL!! He only got out because he had that gun an his intent was to use it and that call was made to non-emergency as an ALIBI cause he already KNEW what he was going to do.

  • Robert Riversong

    So nice that you know Zimmerman’s intent. If you can also read my mind you’d know exactly what I thing of you.

  • So Sad

    HOW do you get your gun that’s holstered inside your waistband UNDERNEATH your jacket on the right side of your back (look at George’s walk through he did the next day and see where he motions what spot he un-holstered his gun from) if you are LAYING on your back and a 6′ 2″ person is straddling you (his left leg is going to be blocking your right side from probably your armpit all the way down to your mid thigh) and you are able to grab your gun out of its holster with your right hand and be able to place it up against the person’s HEART (while this person is LEANING over you) and is going back and forth between slamming your head into the concrete and covering your mouth and nose with his hand, before the other person can grab it with their left hand AND you are able to get a CLEAN shot (no weird trajectory of the bullet) straight through their heart with all that movement going on during the LIFE OR DEATH struggle, but you FAIL to be able to land ONE hit or bruise on your attacker to knock him off of you? You can’t seriously be buying his story! This is the same individual who tells the cops he can’t go back to the scene with them FIRST thing the next morning for the walk through because he has to go to work and class. WHO SAYS THAT when they’ve just killed someone (in self-defense or not)? And what investors wouldn’t STRONGLY suggest that you might want to go through the reenactment as soon as possible so its still fresh in your mind unless you are in the hospital or under strict orders/care of a physician who says you can’t /shouldn’t go???

  • Robert Riversong

    What is “So Sad” is your highly prejudicial approach and irrational conclusions.

    All those questions were answered during the trial in sworn testimony from expert witnesses, but any armchair fool can try to second guess the police, witnesses, the jury and even logic and common sense – IF they are starting from a place of ignorance and bias and uninterested in finding the truth.

  • So Sad

    OK, I’ll be the “armchair fool”, but I want you to listen to the tapes of HIS call, HIS interviews, video of HIS walk through and HIS written statement and tell me how many different versions come from his OWN words. Also tell me how you can be soooo clear headed after having your head slammed into the ground multiple times to be able to un-holster your gun, and AIM (George’s word from his interview)?? So football players wearing HELMETS can get hit directly in their head or on another part of their body and then their head slams into the ground and they have to be helped off the field or carried, but George can stay so clear headed and focused during this life and death struggle with nothing protecting his head? And why wouldn’t he shoot Trayvon in his left side or even in his stomach, since the gun would have been closer to those areas when George got it out of the holster??? And tell me how George was able to get the gun all the way up in position to cause a contact shot through the heart with the MMA style pummeling that Trayvon was giving him? With all of that going on the gun should have been knocked around a bit at the very least! But you’re correct, George all of a sudden got a burst of energy to “set up” his kill shot in one smooth move! Yeah, but I’m the “armchair” fool??

  • So Sad

    My, my your claws are starting to show, taking it to a personal level huh? Well, I guess I picked up the “mind reading” thing from George, you know, the same way he KNEW Trayvon was up to no good with the “weapon” in his waistband and the burglar tools (skittles & juice)!!!

  • Robert Riversong

    How nice that you’d like to educate me on this case.

    I’ve been actively investigating this shooting for 16 months, have downloaded and read every piece of evidence, testimony and official report, have not only watched the reenactment video and listened to the dispatch recording, but have transcribed every word of that recording with second-by-second times for every statement entered onto a spreadsheet for calculating time spans, watched the entire trial and took copious notes, and have read hundreds of articles on the subject as well as writing several myself.

    In other words, I know this case better than any of the jurors and far better than any of you armchair quarterbacks.

    Even the most skeptical police investigator, Chris Serino, testified that all of Zimmerman’s statements were essentially the same, had no significant inconsistencies and no more than would be expected after a traumatic event, and were all consistent with the evidence and the witness testimony (which is why he thought there was never enough evidence to charge Zimmerman even with manslaughter, but admitted to the FBI that he recommended charges under pressure from black officers in his department in order to avoid a riot).

    If you had paid any attention to the expert testimony in the trial, all your questions are more than answered by people who actually know what they’re talking about.

    You, quite obviously, do not, and are just intent on lynching Zimmerman regardless of the facts.

  • Robert Riversong

    Not that it will make any difference to those, like you, who are not interested in the facts, but Zimmerman CORRECTLY profiled Trayvon because:

    1) he was loitering in the rain at a house that had just been burglarized by a young, black male (it took him 40 minutes to complete the 10-minute walk to the edge of the Retreat, because he was smoking one of his two “blunts”).

    2) he looked like he was “on drugs or something”, which he was according to the toxicology report

    3) he was acting aggressively toward Zimmerman, approaching his vehicle with his hand in his waistband, and

    4) he ran.