Apparently a group of millionaires decided to pull a publicity stunt by storming Capitol Hill and demanding that they be charged more taxes. If the ultra-wealthy care about the poor, they wouldn’t suggest that additional taxation would actually help the masses. Here’s why…

Increasing taxes on the wealthy will not improve standards of living for the masses

You won’t fully understand the rationale for why additional taxation of wealthy will not bring about the relief that the masses so desperately want and need unless you understand how money works — how it is created and disseminated. The key principle is that money is created by The Federal Reserve Bank at a debt to the US Government, which is passed on to the citizens. For a quick lesson on this, I recommend that you watch the five minute video, Money – How it gets created out of thin air, linked in the Sources section below.

The basic idea is that taxation is part of a slave system where the government forces the citizen — under the threat of violence and other negative repercussions — to pay into the slave system. Consequently, asking for equitable taxation is like asking to be an equal slave, rather than seeking freedom from slavery altogether. For more detail on this, I recommend that you watch the five minute video, An Open Message to the 99%, linked in the Sources section below.

Given this, the example of millionaires demanding to be taxed more equitably to the masses will accomplish absolutely nothing. And, these millionaires knew this when they stormed Capitol Hill with their nonsense.

Warren Buffet says…

Since even Barack Obama loves to quote billionaire, Warren Buffet’s opinion, I’ll take a page from his book. Remember, this is a billionaire telling you how the wealthy get over. The following is an excerpt from a Politifact article in which they investigated taxes paid by millionaires versus an average worker:

“Here’s how it’s possible that Buffett paid a lower tax rate than his employees. Basically, most of Buffett’s income comes from capital gains and dividends, income from investments he makes with the money he already has. Income earned by buying and selling stocks or from stock dividends is generally taxed at 15 percent, the rate for long-term capital gains and qualified dividends.

Buffett also mentioned that some of the ‘mega-rich’ are hedge fund managers ‘who earn billions from our daily labors but are allowed to classify our income as ‘carried interest,’ thereby getting a bargain 15 percent tax rate.'”

This basically tells us that the wealthy, in general, give up a smaller percentage of their income than do the middle class and poor masses. Even if they are taxed a larger percentage, it’s still no real sacrifice compared to what a middle class or poor person makes to meet tax liabilities.

How the rich could help if they really wanted to

If millionaires and billionaires really wanted to help poor people or others who are struggling financially, they would give more directly to the people, instead of acting like the “trickle down” effect will allow the flow of funds to reach those who need it most.

If the wealthy really wanted to help, they would work to do away with this system of inequality that keeps the majority of people with the slave master’s foot on their necks.

Any concession they make willfully, they make with the knowledge that it is no real sacrifice on their part. At the same time these concessions placate the masses who view it as a victory, however small. The wealthy already know all of this, which is why they continue to offer crumbs and scraps from their grand table as if we should all be thankful.

If you are happy with scraps and crumbs, by all means, lap them up as you feel that warm tingle of gratitude in your belly for what the “master” has done for you today.

If you are happy as a slave sent to eat in the kitchen among “the help,” without having your own place at the table, continue to ask for your shackles to be lengthened by a link or two. At the end of the day, you are still a slave.

As for me and mine, we say FUCK WARREN BUFFET!

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