We all know that the world is ending in 2012, so Heit & Cheri decide to take a glimpse into what the new year will bring.

Lyndon Baty’s avatar, which allows him to attend school and Google’s driverless vehicle are among the topics discussed. Heit & Cheri also make some special predictions for the year 2012.

The last segment of the show is dedicated to more serious current event topics, such as the escalation of war rhetoric with Iran, the U.S. accusation that Iran is responsible for the 9/11 attacks, the death of Kim Jong Il, and the latest on Iraq since the departure of U.S. troops.

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Music/Audio Credits:

“The End Of The World” – Lupe Fiasco
“Mothership Connection (Star Child)” – Parliament
“People Get Ready” – The Impressions
“Open Up The Sky” – Shy Child
The Axiom Amnesia Theory with Heit & Cheri


Driverless car: Google awarded US patent for technology
U.S. Offers $10 Million Bounty for al Qaeda Financier in Iran
North Koreans weeping hysterically over the death of Kim Jong-il