You must not know who I am, because if you did, you’d give me access without having to pay to play.

Heit & Cheri take on this axiom via discussions about the urinating Marines, radiologists cheating on med school exams, practicing medicine without a license, McCain’s gaffe endorsing Obama, Virginia ballot controversy shutting out GOP primary candidates, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and John Huntsman, Buddy Roemer’s GOP debate blackball, Mississippi governor Haley Barbour’s controversial pardons, Stephen Colbert’s super PAC, ATM thieves, curing cancer by coughing, and a transplanted heart that kept on ticking after being dropped on the ground during transport.

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Tunnel gang targets cash machine
Thieves tunnel under cash machine
Gang spends 6 months tunneling for ATM
Something the Lord Made
Transplant team drops heart on way to hospital (VIDEO)