“We Shall OverCharge” is the theme of the week, as Heit & Cheri discuss making the move to Google+, use of the term “ghetto” as a pejorative, negative connotations of the terms “black” and “nappy,” standards of beauty and physical attributes, Ron Paul’s assertion that the North should have bought the slaves from the South in order to free them, Newt Gingrich denying that he wanted an open marriage, Rick Santorum advocating assassinations of U.S. citizens and others who work contrary to American “interests,” U.S. sense of entitlement to lead and control technological advances around the world, SOPA/PIPA protest, Internet piracy, Hana Beshara (Ninja Video Queen) arrested, Anonymous’ cyber attacks on FBI, Department of Justice, and MPAA, Megaupload.com taken down, retail politics, Internet censorship and monopolization, Facebook censorship/pay-to-play, rejecting law enforcement applicants for high IQs, the disparity between health care quality with and without insurance.

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