It’s time for folks to realize that the Democratic Party is not for the people. Yes, there are always a few who go against the majority of the party, but being that “democratic” is in the name of the organization, majority rules. Thus, a majority of the Democratic Party wants it to be more difficult for certain labor unions to form.

The people elected those in the Senate to represent them and their interests. So, any decision handed down would be a vote or decision that represents the people’s interests. In supporting the Democratic Party, supporters are backing the decisions made on their behalf.

Most democrats–or anyone aligned with a particular party–dare not to step away from their allegiance to a group in which they identify. They are actually part of the body that makes up the whole that we call “the Democratic Party.” Since voters continue to identify with and be counted among part of a party that passes laws, the voters registered as Democrat have their own hands in making the decisions and deciding the votes of lawmakers. Yes, YOU too are Anti-Union–not just Republicans or conservatives.

The Senate passed a Federal Aviation Administration bill on Monday that includes an anti-union measure bitterly opposed by labor groups.

The bill, which modernizes America’s air traffic control system and funds the FAA through 2014, was fought over for four years, leading to a partial shutdown of the FAA last summer because of anti-union measures added by the Republican-controlled House.

It passed 75 to 20, with a majority of Democrats backing it.

Among the controversial provisions were changes to labor law for rail and airline workers — backed by the airline industry — that would count anyone who did not vote in an election for a union as voting against it, making it much more difficult to certify attempts to organize new unions.

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