Staying connected–it’s the thing that we as humans desire, delight in, but also find challenging at times. Whether talking about technology or romance, staying connected is a multifaceted concept that Heit & Cheri address head on in this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory.

Topics discussed include technology used as an extension of a person’s mind, how technology influences the way we communicate, intimacy versus impersonal communication, call waiting, generational fads and dress, hip-hop culture, American obsession with youth, men in skinny jeans, sacrificing comfort for fashion, metrosexual males, changing norms of masculinity, male birth control pills, how children impact lifestyles, axioms related to maturity, life sacrifices, the ideal life, maintaining culture and traditions, propensity toward predictability and order, illusion of control, foundational beliefs, group politics, BBC TV show Survivors, individualism versus collectivism, societal norms and etiquette/manners, honesty in personal relationships, the lies we all tell, personal image as related to beauty and fashion, peacocking, getting a whiff of other people’s “madness,” sensory memory, giving your mate what they want, forced gift-giving, and sacrifice and communication in romantic relationships.

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“Hip Hop Lives” – KRS-One & Marley Marl