As Black History Month continues, Heit & Cheri take on more issues related to African Americans.

Topics discussed include NYC shootings of Black Men, White Buffalo Firefighters awarded $2.7 million in bias case, affirmative action, Black assimilation into mainstream culture, Axiom Amnesia Awards, Movie of the Year: Castaway on the Moon, Song of the Year: Rich Man’s World by Immortal Technique, independent films and music, speaking English in America versus immigrant languages, prejudice against immigrants, immigrants with businesses in Black neighborhoods, how foreigners view African Americans, Black entertainers as entrepreneurs, White entertainers who sound “Black,” Joss Stone, Christina Aguilera, Adele, how people only read news headlines and don’t read the entire article: “You haven’t even read it!,” how immigrants know more U.S. history than natural born citizens, Baby Blue Ivy and the ridiculous obsession over her pics, Whitney Houston’s death, denial of welfare benefits to U.S. citizen children whose parents are undocumented, bias toward wealthy celebrities, nepotism, whether Black Republicans are like runaway slaves, Greek austerity measures, what’s good for the economy is bad for the people, and the notion of Black Leaders.

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Audio Credits:

“Rich Man’s World (1%)” – Immortal Technique
“Never Scared” – Chris Rock
Weak” – Brittany/Red Swagg Entertainment via YouTube
Read a Book (Dirty Version)” – BomaniD via YouTube


White firefighters are awarded $2.7 million in bias case