The Democrats and Republicans reached some sort of deal–again. As usual, the Republicans got most of what they demanded while Democrats received what they at least hoped to get–a deal. Thus, both sides win. This time, the deal involves reducing the maximum number of weeks unemployed persons can receive benefits from 99 to at most 73 weeks and drug testing of recipients.

Every time there is an issue brought up on the national level, the debate and exchange is always between two groups/organizations–Democrats and Republicans. There is always some focus on solely those two groups reaching a deal. Can the totality of the American population’s views, ideas, and choices be diminished down to an agreement made by a few people within merely two organizations? I would have to go with hell no. In the United states 40% of voters claim no party affiliation, identifying themselves as independents. So, it is most ridiculous that 100% of all decisions that affect the entire citizenry comes from two narrow-minded focus groups.

In the decision to cut unemployment benefits, how much of the population of the United States was actually involved in reaching this ridiculous deal? No matter how many letters people write–or how loud they are at their marches and meetings–a decision was made by a handfull of men who have slithered their way to the top of either of the two prominant political parties through corruption, greed, dishonesty, and/or antipathy (any combination). Mainting and creating undesirable conditions for much of the population is what catapulted them into the positions at the top of two political parties that have caused more harm around the world than any other party in existance or any existing party anyone can paint negatively with misinformation and slander. The two parties are far worse in its treatment of society than the dictatorial regimes whose actions they pretend to condemn.

We must ask: How many people who will be affected by these measures were allowed to take part in the deal negotiations? The sad truth is that those two parties’ main concern is maintaining power. So of course, no unemployed people were in the room to have some say concerning their livelihoods. Republican and Democratic party elitists have slimed to where they are to be in positions to make life changing decisions FOR others, not to give an ear to the concerns of regular, struggling Americans. As a matter of fact, unemployed people themselves were not even considered when it came down to agreeing as to what would be law; The politicians only care about THEIR jobs–how they LOOK to voters. That is what was considered, but mostly, it was about appeasing other already wealthy and potentially wealthy Americans, and even foreigners who help to line the pockets of American leaders.

Now, the Democrats will go around boasting about how they have reached a bi-partisan deal–attempting to appear as civilized and understand. Meanwhile, the Republicans will stomp around bragging about how they cut unemployment benefits for so many people who need those benefits to survive.

It’s difficult to watch as most people of the U.S. fall for the standard game of American politics. In a time when it is extremely hard for millions of citizens to find gainful employment, there is no way I can see two dominating political parties reaching an agreement to cut much needed assistance for people who need it direly anything good in itself. Congress and whoever else supports it, can take this deal and shove it!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Long-term unemployed workers in states with persisting high joblessness soon would no longer be able to count on unemployment benefit checks for up to 99 weeks under legislation before Congress.

Under this week’s compromise for extending a Social Security tax cut through the rest of 2012, federal unemployment benefits for people who have been out of work more than six months are being scaled back.

If Congress passes the bill and President Barack Obama signs it into law, the current maximum 99 weeks of benefits will gradually fall to 73 weeks by September. For people in all but about a dozen of the highest unemployment states, the benefits will be cut off after 63 weeks.

Democrats had hoped to keep the number as close as possible to 99 weeks, arguing that the benefits are critical for those struggling to make ends meet and provide a boost to the economy. Republicans wanted to reduce the maximum time span for benefits to 59 weeks, saying too many people don’t seriously look for a job until the government checks quit coming.

The agreement would let both parties claim victory: Democrats say they preserved the program for another year, while Republicans claim they won major concessions by scaling back the program.

Source: Associated Press