In the week since the death of Whitney Houston, a lot of things have transpired–the speculation over what led to her death, the Grammys, the public mourning of a music legend, the anguish felt by her daughter Bobbi Kristina, mother Cissy and other family and close friends, the speculations on whether ex-husband Bobby Brown would or wouldn’t attend the funeral (he did both), countless TV documentaries with names like “Death of a Diva” and “Remembering Whitney Houston,” the images of rousing tributes at the funeral, and the dramatic moment when the silver and gold casket was hoisted to the shoulders of pallbearers as Whitney’s voice sang I will Always Love You, etching a final moment into all of our memories.

But, in the end what does it all mean? How have these events–the life and death of Whitney Houston–affected us both individually and collectively? What will we take away? In this video, Heit & Cheri tell a story of life and people. They tell their own story, along with commentary on life through the death of Whitney Houston.