The elites know that if you give the masses a leader, the delusions will set in. They’re experts at making you believe they’re the best at managing society and the lives of the people.

This week, Heit & Cheri take on the axiom that people need leaders, and continue the discussion with topics including whether Whitney Houston’s death was an Illuminati sacrifice, 9/11 conspiracy theories, social and monetary systems, and other topics.

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Segment 1

  • We’re Always Looking For Leaders: Jiddu Krishnamurti – How people are always searching for leaders in every area of their lives, how freedom is limited by handing power to a leader to make decisions you should be making, and rationalization of the choice to blindly follow leaders.
  • Examples of how people give a pass to politicians and other leaders, such as Ron Paul and Barack Obama, whom they latch onto after agreeing with a single philosophy. For instance, how Ron Paul is a blatant racist, yet he still has plenty of Black supporters who follow him because of his stance on the legalization of marijuana and his position on the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • The expectation that a single leader should fulfill the need for leadership in all domains.
  • Following the leader underscores the idea that most people lack confidence in their ability to reason effectively and make good decisions.
  • We don’t give people in our everyday lives any credibility, yet will buy the bill of goods sold from a leader who is perceived as being better than or not like us.
  • The notion that brilliant people should automatically become leaders–if you have a talent, then you should be out front leading people with that talent.
  • We don’t allow our view of others to change and evolve as they grow–they remain stagnant in our perception of them. For instance, how a parent or sibling only sees you in one light–as a brother, son, sister, or daughter.
  • We place values on roles and titles. For example, “that’s Emmett Smith, the great running back,” but the guy from down the street is just Joe.
  • Superhuman expectations we place on leaders and how it leads to great disappointment in them when they slip up and shatter the delusion.
  • Gravitation toward structure and organization in group settings because people want to avoid “anarchy” at all costs. We need people to tell us how to work together because we are not socialized.
  • What if we raised children with the idea of leading themselves, rather than the parent leading every aspect of their lives? Willow Smith is a great example of this.
  • People always want examples of a system or idea that works. This discredits the ingenuity of man’s mind, and you’re limiting yourself to what’s tried and true.
  • People are afraid to fail, so they don’t want to experiment or use trial and error with solutions.
  • Favoring system modification over completely doing away with systems, ideas or processes that don’t work.
  • Judging the effectiveness of leaders by them never doing anything wrong.
  • Repealing laws instead of stacking up new laws. If the law isn’t significant enough to be enforced, why have it?
  • Discounting things because it’s never been done before. This axiom needs to be challenged because it limits growth.

Segment 2

  • Products whose brand name becomes synonymous with the type of product itself. Examples include Xerox, Band-Aids, and Jello.
  • The surprising popularity of the Steve Urkel article about the symbolism of the geek in popular TV.
  • Axiom Amnesia’s first quickie documentary, Life Through Whitney Houston’s Death, which was based on Heit’s original article when her death was first reported.
  • Heit & Cheri’s theory on the Illuminati connection to Whitney Houston’s death.
  • People’s obsession with the Illuminati, and reflections on Heit & Cheri’s original discussion on the Illuminati.
  • Some people try to relate every public event to an Illuminati conspiracy.
  • 9/11 conspiracies and the role that the “tin-foil-hat-wearing crazies” had in discrediting expert opinions who came forward and posed legitimate questions about the events of September 11th.

Segment 3

  • Disappointment in Melissa Harris-Perry’s first two shows on MSNBC.
  • People watch cable news shows in order to glean talking points that will allow them to appear smart during “water cooler” conversations.
  • Commandeering other people’s ideas and then presenting them as your own to a different audience. People use this as a tactic to establish themselves as more intellectual. Meet the face of pseudo-intellectualism–it’s the new “black.”
  • Cheri’s newest catch phrase, from the movie Drumline is “Hit ’em with a little Flight of the Bumblebee.”
  • The Chapelle Show skit with Anthony Berry, who says “Holla, Holla, Holla.”
  • The old comedy movie, Airplane! scene, where the mother from Leave it to Beaver, Barbara Billingsly speaks jive.
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