It’s a mad, mad world, and this week Heit & Cheri give you a whiff of it. After months of listening to rhetoric from Ron Paul fans, they decide it’s time to expose their madness in this episode of the Axiom Amnesia Theory.

They also expose the madness in other current events, including the Supreme Court corporate personhood case, the banker’s 1% tip receipt hoax, the 86-year-old man (Aaron Brantley) left on the ground as people walked by after carjacking, Douglas Kennedy charged with child endangerment for trying to take his OWN child from hospital ward, Barack Obama’s campaign contribution emails, the Obamas singing and dancing their way through politics, Barack Obama’s target marketing, and the Axiom Amnesia Facebook poll question of the day. And, in our health segment, Heit & Cheri give a whiff of their own madness with pointers on how to identify a healthy bowel movement.

Ahhh, yes… Take a whiff of this mad world, give us a call at 202-446-1886, and let us know what you think!

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Segment 1

  • The nonsense of the U.S. Supreme Court and their upcoming case on corporate personhood. People want to be able to hold corporations responsible for human rights violations. A corporation IS NOT a person, so why not change the requirements to hold the corporation responsible? That would make more sense than calling a corporation a “person,” and applying the “corporation is a person/corporation is not a person” unequally based on financial advantage.
  • Challenging the notion that forming a corporation is a positive thing because it allows the owners to protect their personal assets.
  • The hoax involving the restaurant receipt where a banker was said to have left a 1% receipt on a $133.53 bill.
  • Aaron Brantley, the 86-year-old man left on the ground as people walked by after carjacking. Commentary on the madness of people not wanting to get involved and letting the elderly man remain on the ground as they carried on with their day as if nothing has happened.
  • Douglas Kennedy (son of RFK, and nephew of JFK) was charged with child endangerment for trying to take his OWN child from hospital ward. The nurses on the ward took on the role of the enforcer of the hospital who acts as the authority over the child. They tried to physically intervene while Kennedy was holding the newborn baby in his arms. Their intervention is what endangered the child, yet Kennedy is the one charged with a criminal act and he will most likely face a civil suit for having kicked one of the nurses in the groin. What madness!
  • American birthing customs being anti-nature and in favor of what the “experts” say is right. We live in a world where we have to be taught to do what should come natural–breastfeeding and childbirth for instance.
  • The idea of mothers not sleeping with an infant because they might accidentally smother the baby.

Segment 2

  • Campaign emails from Barack Obama.
  • Email from Barack Obama’s National Finance Manager, Rufus Gifford, in which he tells this ridiculous story about a person who paid $2 to enter for a chance to have dinner with the president. Who aspires to have a meal with the president? This is foolishness designed to appeal to people who have Gifford says, “you’d be crazy not to give this a shot.” Oh really?
  • Another bill-collector sounding email from Rufus Gifford in which he basically demands to know why Cheri hasn’t donated to the campaign. He then proceeds to ask why she hasn’t donated and wants her to give advice on what would make her sucker enough to donate. Foolishness!
  • Barack and Michelle Obama singing and dancing–entertaining folks when they should be doing other things. Michelle is doing “The Dougie,” meanwhile Barack Obama is singing Al Green songs. It’s about the message that is being sent by these actions, and this is the wrong message. Why should they have to sing and dance–shuck and jive–for likability points?
  • The history of the popular “Dougie” dance.

Segment 3

  • Alvin Green and the phenomenon of name recognition in elections.
  • Ron Paul fans and their refusal to be intellectually honest about who their candidate really is.
  • The fact that Ron Paul is racist and his fans want to ignore that in favor of his talking points.
  • Ron Paul is not about freedom when he justifies slavery by saying that during Civil War times the North should have bought the freedom of the slaves.
  • Ron Paul wants us to be slaves to the corporation with them ruling the land. How is that freedom?
  • The free market was a time of child slavery and and also a time when African slaves were brought to the United States to exploit their free labor. Ron Paul, however seems to have no issue with the free market, and touts it as the best future for the country.
  • Ron Paul is the 1%–a multi-millionaire–who has invested and profits from the system he criticizes. Ron Paul leads the movement for returning to the “gold standard” due to his investments in gold decades ago. If successful, it would ensure everlasting wealth for him and his family, thus leaving them at an advantage in terms of power and influence over others within a “free market.”
  • The connection between what the Confederate Flag stands for and the message it sends when a prominent political figure–like Ron Paul–sees nothing wrong with giving a speech on why the North should have bought the freedom of Southern slaves whilst standing in front of it.
  • Ron Paul’s stance on legalization of marijuana and how some people support him for this stance alone. “I’m voting for Ron Paul–he says I can smoke weed and not get arrested.”
  • Controversial Ron Paul photo that highlights how the message sent in the movie, “The Help,” sends the wrong message.
  • Barack Obama’s target marketing to African Americans, Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, Barack en Español, Jewish Americans, Latinos, LGBT Americans, People of Faith, Veterans & Military Families, Women, and Young Americans.
  • Axiom Amnesia Facebook Poll: “Would You Vote For Your Best Friend?” and challenging the notion that you should determine whether you’d vote from someone who
  • In our health segment, Heit & Cheri give you a whiff of their own madness with pointers on how to identify a healthy bowel movement. Look at it and smell it to keep an eye out for problems!

Audio Credits:

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