The KONY 2012 video has taken the Internet by storm, with over 50 million YouTube views as of today. Since its release, just about everyone, including celebrities, has tweeted or shared the 30-minute video on Twitter or Facebook. In the video, the director Jason Russell calls for the “arrest” of Lord’s Resistance Army leader, Joseph Kony. Millions of people have joined in support of U.S. military intervention in Central Africa as a result, but there is an ulterior motive that people are clueless about–the desire to gain valuable natural resources (oil, gold, etc.) and neocolonial gain over China–the mission of Africom. In the following video, Heit & Cheri of The Axiom Amnesia Theory provide a play-by-play commentary on the original KONY 2012 video. Anyone currently supporting or considering supporting the Kony 2012 campaign needs to watch this in-depth analysis of the tactics used to persuade millions of viewers to join this movement by donating money and sharing the video.