The Mississippi Supreme Court upheld Former Governor Haley Barbour’s pardons of almost 200 people, in a 6-3 opinion. They stated, “we are compelled to hold that — in each of the cases before us — it fell to the governor alone to decide whether the Constitution’s publication requirement was met.” This means those people who were released from prison remain free to move on with their lives.

In Episode 016: You Must Not Know Who I Am! of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discussed the Mississippi pardons controversy. Former Governor Haley Barbour was criticized for his pardons of about 200 people, including convicted (but not necessarily guilty) killers and 10 people who were still in prison at the time.

In the following video, Heit & Cheri discuss the Mississippi Supreme Court’s decision:


Mississippi Supreme Court rules Barbour pardons valid