This morning Florida college students are rallying outside the Seminole County criminal courts building to urge the prosecutors in the State Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges against George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who murdered Trayvon Martin. As you already know, the Sanford Police Department failed to arrest Zimmerman after murdering the unarmed 17-year-old he pursued while the child was walking to his the home where he was staying with family in a gated community.

The students, all dressed in black, held signs and chanted, “Arrest Zimmerman now! Arrest Zimmerman Now!” Hopefully, the State’s Attorney’s Office will do the right thing and hold Zimmerman accountable.

In addition, the Sanford Police Department needs to be fully investigated for their role in attempting to cover up the murder and make it appear as a self defense case, when the 911 tapes clearly indicate it was murder.

College students rally at courthouse for Trayvon Martin

arrest george zimmerman for murdering trayvon martin

investigate bill lee and the sanford police department for misconduct in the trayvon martin case