Are you nothing but a sacrificial fraud? Do you make sacrifices for the sake of the group, all the while posing as something or someone whom you’re not? In this episode, Heit & Cheri will help you to rightly divide fact from fiction where the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of groupthink is concerned.

Topics discussed include Rick Santorum’s announcement that he’s dropping out of the GOP primary, Angela Corey’s announcement that there will be no grand jury in the Trayvon Martin case, challenging the idea that the system is greater than any individual in the system, the effectiveness of old school Civil Rights tactics–marching and rallying, Mary J. Blige’s crispy chicken commercial, Black stereotypes, and more…

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Segment 1

  • Rick Santorum’s drop out of the GOP primaries. He was the number one contender to Romney.
  • Will Santorum end up being Romney’s running mate?
  • The issue of religion in the GOP race with Mitt Romney being a Mormon.
  • Why it makes no sense to choose a “leader” on the basis of religion affiliation.
  • All politicians lie during campaigns.
  • Barack Obama’s “hot mic” gaffe, where he says he will have more flexibility after his reelection.
  • Santorum’s move will allow Romney to focus solely on Barack Obama and the general election.
  • If Romney wins the 2012 election, he will continue on with the Barack Obama policies, just as Obama continued Bush policies. Hopefully then, people will see the B.S. for what it is and start to have some sensible discussions.
  • The problem is that people still want leaders. We need to challenge this idea.
  • What makes Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in a better position to lead and have my best interests at heart?
  • People’s pessimism about themselves is why they think they are not good enough to lead themselves or others.
  • We’re taught that we are either something or nothing based on your pedigree–what degrees you hold, where you come from, etc.
  • The contradiction that the judicial system trusts “regular people” to make the correct decision about sometimes highly technical topics, yet those same regular people shouldn’t be involved in discussions about the economy, healthcare, and other everyday topics.
  • We are taught that the system is greater that us as individuals.
  • Challenging the idea that the system is greater than any individual in the system.
  • Groups serve to advance the ideology of a few within the group. The individual sacrifices their individuality for the sake of the group. The group doesn’t care about the lowest common denominator, because if they did, they wouldn’t set it up where some people don’t have a voice.
  • When a political group gives you your political education, it consists of whatever the leaders have determined is good, true and right. This is totally against the notion of freedom.
  • Challenging the idea that it is wrong, selfish and other negative attributes to be an individual with your own thoughts.
  • Why do we have it in our head that we must sacrifice something in order to have that which we should have anyway? We shouldn’t have to sacrifice to have the right to exercise our rights.
  • Attaching to groups diminishes the individual’s capacity to maintain freedom.
  • The primary interest of any group is to maintain its own existence.
  • The propensity toward groups originates with the “denial of death.” People want to leave a legacy that will live on beyond that person’s physical life.
  • The sacrifice is that people give up this life here in exchange for the most abstract idea that people can think of–the afterlife, heaven and hell. There is something in the human psyche that wants to believe that the end of this life is not the end of our existence.
  • People are willing to sacrifice themselves because they believe they are nothing. People preach individuality, but at the same time advocate attaching oneself to a group–this is a conflict.
  • We should be mindful of the sacrifice of ourselves in group situations and get away from the idea that self-sacrifice is always desirable.

Segment 2

  • Discussion about a guy who chose to cut his finger off instead of cutting off his wedding band. What an idiot!
  • The Dream Defender’s three-day-forty-mile march. The march was related to the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.
  • What does marching actually accomplish in terms of the actual goal? If the purpose is press and attention, then you can do something to attract attention. Everybody is aware of the Trayvon Martin situation, so what’s the point here?
  • The march is something of the past that was effective, so they try to apply the same tactics today. Unfortunately, people are not taking into account the difference in circumstances. As such, to march and rally is the default response to perceived injustice–the “cookie-cutter” solution.
  • The conditions, technology, people, culture, outlets and other variables are different than during the Civil Rights era. As such, the approach MUST be modified to account for this change in the variables.
  • Discussion about Angela Corey’s decision not to have a grand jury in the Trayvon Martin case. She called off the grand jury because they would have had to make a decision, and the government is purposely trying to delay the decision in order to let things die down.
  • The people will eventually stop marching and the focus on the case will die down.
  • If it is clear that Zimmerman should be charged, why isn’t the decision out right now? The family’s attorney should be putting pressure on Angela Corey to file charges.
  • Has someone put pressure on the family by suggesting that they would be responsible for any violence that ensues resulting from their expression of outrage?
  • George Zimmerman has a new website where he’s trolling for donations.
  • Protesters blocked the door to the Sanford Police Department. Why were they even there? They don’t have anything to do with the case moving forward in terms of making a determination on whether there will be a trial. Perhaps they should have thought about relocating to Angela Corey’s office or something more productive.
  • When you have many groups sending a bunch of different messages, it diffuses the original message, which was supposed to be justice for Trayvon Martin. Wearing a hoodie and buying candy and drinks does NOTHING to advance the cause of justice for Trayvon.
  • The hoodie and Skittles statement has become a meme, just like Lt. Pike and planking.
  • Discussion about the use of the word “nigger” by news commentators and others.
  • If the word “nigger” carries so much weight, then it needs to be said. Not saying it takes aways the connotations, the pain, the feelings associated with the use of the word. Why should we shy away from conveying the full meaning behind the repercussions of the use of this word?
  • The Mary J. Blige crispy chicken Burger King commercial and related fallout. Many Blacks felt that the commercial was offensive because it reinforced negative stereotypes.
  • A discussion of how many Blacks find Heit “suspicious” when he wears his hoodie and the hypocrisy of people all of a sudden trying to act as if they don’t pigeonhole people by their dress.
  • Discussing the hypocrisy and foolishness behind opponents of sagging pants.

Audio Credits:

“Obama tells Russian PM After Election I Have More Flexibility 3/26/2012” – via YouTube
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