Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction (MASCA) sets out to investigate the popular misconception that marijuana is a non-addictive, non habit forming substance.

Despite the fact that it is illegal, the ever-growing debate over whether marijuana should be legalized always tends to graze over one of the very fundamental questions of such a proposal – can people get addicted to marijuana?

MASCA takes us on an intimate journey through the life of David Goldenkranz, a 22 year old marijuana addict, who finds that the odds are stacked against him in his quest to stay sober.
Society sees it as a recreational pastime, his friends ridicule his attempts to quit, but David finds himself engulfed in a world of misery that despite his greatest efforts, he can’t seem to find a way out of.

Through a series of different view points, including pro-legalization advocates and former marijuana smokers who have entered into recovery, MASCA seeks to provide a comprehensive opinion on an issue that many fail to realize is a mounting epidemic.

Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction, is not a film intended to tackle the decision of whether or not marijuana should be legalized; it is not a film to debate whether marijuana is inherently an addictive substance; it is simply a film that is intended to raise society’s awareness of our own misconceptions by allowing us to take a closer look at something that many of us have either considered a harmless herb or the heathen devil weed.

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