Here’s some news we think you should be aware of for today, April 29, 2012:

  • Are These Dish Sponges Racist Or Not?
  • Clinton Says Obama Took More Honorable Path In Killing Bin Laden
  • Will Romney Pick A Female Or Minority VP Running Mate?

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    Are These Dish Sponges Racist Or Not?

    Lot’s of people are claiming that these dish sponges are racist, but we don’t think so. The only way these would seem like they’re reinforcing negative stereotypes is if you view afros or natural hair on Black people as a negative thing. The funny thing is that nobody’s making any noise about how the items are to be used. Perhaps our afro is large, but should it be used to wash dishes? What’s the message here?
    racist sponge

    Clinton Says Obama Took More Honorable Path In Killing Bin Laden

    In a campaign ad, Bill Clinton says that Obama took “the harder and more honorable path” when it comes to his assassination of Bin Laden.

    It doesn’t matter how you feel about your enemy, but there is little honor in shooting someone in the face.  Hire the president to kill people.  If your vote is based, entirely or partially, on whether someone will kill people for you, then Obama should indeed be your choice.  

    Just tally up the number of people, ‘guilty’ or otherwise, killed by the Obama administration in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc.  And, if that’s not enough, tally up the number of his own citizens who he’s assassinated on your behalf. The fact is the Obama camp knows that Americans love blood and death.  So, a vote for Obama is more of what want, death and destruction of human lives.

    Interestingly, the ad is basically saying that if you want “enemies of the state” killed, then vote for Obama. Of course, we know that Romney is likely to be no different than Obama where foreign policy and other major issues are concerned. Forget about voting for the lesser of two evils–guess that leaves it better to vote for none of the “evils”.

    Will Romney Pick A Female Or Minority VP Running Mate?

    romney ayetteToday, Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire will hit the campaign trail with presidential candidate Mitt Romney. While we don’t know a great deal about this freshman senator, some suggest that her appearances with Romney are some what of a tryout for the VP slot.

    There are those who think that Sarah Palin messed it up for future women to ride on the GOP presidential ticket. However, we’re not convinced of that. Our guess is that Romney will need either a female, a Latino, or a Black as his running mate if he is expected to be viewed as a viable candidate for the presidency, because right now Mitt has serious relatibility problems as a rich White man.