UPDATE: We have created a new site, which will house all of the original files related to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Please go to the Witness Interviews Page to hear the entire audio of multiple interviews released to the public by the Florida State Attorney’s Office.

The latest files to trickle out to the media from the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case include audio of the witness statements. We have compiled the full audio for you, along with a summary of each recording, so that you can listen to the evidence of the case and make heads or tails of it for yourself. Among the available audio are interviews with Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, George Zimmerman’s father, George Zimmerman’s co-worker who accused him of racist taunts, and multiple interviews with witnesses and the paramedic who called the time of death on Trayvon Martin and treated George Zimmerman on the scene.

If you are interested in this case, please do not rely on the media to tell you what’s in these recordings, listen and decide for yourself!

Witness #8 Interview (Female Friend Of Trayvon Martin):

The interview was conducted by Florida Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda. The girlfriend says that Trayvon told her that a white man in a car was watching him from a car. He said that the man watching was on the phone. Trayvon said that he was going to start walking. Phone hung up and she called him back. He said the man was still watching him. He put his hoodie on because it was still raining. She told him to run to his dad’s house. He said that he would run. She heard Trayvon running and could hear the wind. Trayvon said that he lost the guy. Then, he told her the guy was coming closer to him. She heard Trayvon say “Why you following me for?” An old man said, “What are you doing around here?” She called Trayvon’s name and he didn’t answer. She said someone bumped him, and she heard the phone drop. She could hear a little bit of sound. Trayvon was saying “Get off, get off.” Then, the phone hung up. She called him back two or three times. She states she has guilt about the situation.

>>Listen to the interview of Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend<<

Robert Zimmerman Sr. (Father of Accused) (Male):

George Zimmerman’s father says that the yells for help is George Zimmerman. He believes everything he hears in the news is false. George cooked dinner for his wife and goes to the store the same time every week. He states his has nothing to do with neighborhood watch. It is a nice area, but they have had numerous burglaries. If several Asians had broken into the place, then he would have paid attention to Asians who he didn’t recognize. He mentions head injuries and a broken nose. He is disturbed that what he hears in the media is false. He says he listened to the 911 tapes and the voice he heard calling for help is absolutely his son. He says George sounded like he was not just yelling, but was screaming for his life.

>>Listen to the interview of George Zimmerman’s father (Robert Zimmerman Sr.)<<

Witness #1 Interview (Female):

She says she was in the kitchen cooking, door closed and window half open. She heard a noise that sounded like a kid making a weird noise. She looked out and couldn’t see anything. She went to the door and saw figures and arms and couldn’t make out anything more. She saw her neighbor come out at the same time, who she says told the figures that he was going to call 911. She went back to turn the stove off, and she heard the shot go off. She said she went upstairs and told her sister that she thought someone out there was shot. She also mentions her niece who was in the home and didn’t see anything. She said they saw police a while later.

Investigator on tape asked if her story was consistent with what she stated before the recording. She mentions that she was asked if she knew George, and she says she talked to him a couple of times. That interviewer at that time (not the one on tape) asked her if she thought Zimmerman would have done this, and she said “no.” She says he was always fine with her.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #1<<

Witness #3 Interview (Female):

Witness #3 says she had upstairs windows open and heard someone screaming for help, but couldn’t tell who it was. She identifies the voice as a man. She peeked out of her blinds and saw a guy on top with a white t-shirt. She couldn’t make out anything other than the white top. She says she called 911 after that. She states the sound of the voice screaming sounded scared. While she was on the phone with the lady dispatcher, she heard the gun go off. She identifies the location as being behind her house. She says the only thing she saw was the white shirt–no race, no color of other clothing, nothing else, because it was too dark. She says she saw the police arrive, and they were “like 5 seconds too late.” She says she was confused, because she now knows there was, supposedly, nobody in a white shirt. She then says, “The guy in the handcuffs had on a hoodie, didn’t he?” The interviewer (male) then says, “We are only concerned with what you indicated you thought you saw that night.”

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #3<<

Witness #6 Interview 1 (Male):

When he first walked outside, the Black guy was on top while they were wrestling. He could tell this because the guy on the bottom was a lighter color. The witness was looking out the window and yelling out the window telling them to stop. After the incident, he saw other people out there with flashlights. The guy who had been previously on top was lying face down in the grass. The one who had been on the bottom had his hands in the air. The guy who did the shooting said, “I shot the other guy in self defense. My gun is on the ground.”

>>Listen to the interview #1 of Witness #6<<

Witness #6 Interview 2 (Male):

He didn’t have his patio door open. He could only hear the helps with all doors and windows closed. He says he couldn’t tell who was yelling for help. He thought it was the person on the ground at first because his logic says that the person on the bottom would be the one yelling for help. He says he truly couldn’t tell who was yelling help. It was too dark. He didn’t see how it started or how it ended. He only saw when they were in an altercation on the ground.

>>Listen to the interview #2 of Witness #6<<

Witness #12 Interview (Female):

She heard a howling sound, then she heard “help.” She doesn’t know who was saying “help”. At first she couldn’t see anything, because it was dark. A guy was on top of another, then she heard the shot. She couldn’t see any faces or clothing. After comparing the pics on TV, she thinks it was Zimmerman who was on top because the bigger guy is the one who was on top.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #12<<

Witness #13 Interview (Male):

He said he didn’t see the actual incident. He went outside after the shooting. George Zimmerman was out of breath and “acting like he had just gotten his butt beat.” He asked Zimmerman if he needed him to call 911. He states he called Zimmerman’s wife while he was being cuffed and explained what was happening. Zimmerman blurted out, “Just tell her that I shot someone.” He says Zimmerman was very matter of fact–like it wasn’t a big deal.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #13<<

Witness #14 Interview (Male):

The witness states he saw someone lying on the ground who couldn’t get up. It looked like they had on a red shirt. He was outside while walking a dog. The person on the ground was yelling “help.” He says he only looked for a few seconds and only saw one person. He didn’t see how it happened. He didn’t see why he was yelling for help. He thought because it was wet outside that Zimmerman had fallen and broken his leg or something since it was wet outside.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #14<<

Witnesses #5 and #16 Interview (2 Females):

Female 1 was in the kitchen and she heard someone like a young boy crying. F1 and her friend heard a gunshot. She walked out to the porch. It was very dark, and most of the houses hadn’t turned on the light. F1 saw two people–one on the floor and the other person on top of him pressing on his back. There is another woman who is correcting her. F2 was also outside and saw the shot guys foot moving. He was face down on the ground. Another person was standing over him, feet on both sides of him with his hands on his back. She heard a whining cry. The first woman said she asked the man what was going on. The guy who was on top of the other guy didn’t answer her. After that he stated that he had just called the police. F2 said that little kid was so skinny compared to the other man. F2 said there was no fighting at the time of the gunshot. F2 said that the fight started way down the way, but they had made their way behind their home at the time the shot was heard occurred. Both said that they heard one shot, but it was unclear whether another shot had taken place beforehand.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #5<< >>Listen to the interview of Witness #16<<

Witness #17 Interview (Female):

She said she heard some screaming outside while she an a male companion were watching TV. She heard a male definitely yelling help, but it sounded like they were running toward them yelling help. The male with her went to the patio window and opened the blinds. It was dark and he didn’t see a whole bunch. He, then, opened the window/door and yelled “hey stop it and said he was calling 911″ she told him to come in and call 911. She crawled toward the stairs (she was crawling because she is on crutches). She heard the gunshot while she was crawling upstairs. She called the neighbors while calling 911, and they were on the phone with 911 too. The man with her said, Oh my God! Someone is lying on the grass!” Then, he told her the police were there. She says the voice calling for help was definitely male. She didn’t look out until after when they were doing CPR on Trayvon.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #17<<

Witness #18 Interview (Female):

She thought she heard loud voices outside while she was upstairs in her bedroom. She didn’t hear voices for about 10 minutes or so, and then heard them again. She couldn’t see anything at first, then saw two men on the ground and someone calling for help from her window. She remembers hearing the pop noise. She thought she heard more than one pop. She then called 911. She saw a larger man standing a couple of feet from a body. She couldn’t see any faces. She couldn’t hear what the people were yelling about. She said she saw what looked like a “larger Hispanic man” as the person who walked away from the incident.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #18<<

Witness #19 Interview (Female)-Woman With Dog:

She was going to take her dog out, and she saw a guy lying on the ground moaning when she opened the door. The kid was lying on the ground. She says she saw a gentleman she’s seen before. She says she thought it was an elderly neighbor having a heart attack or something. The guy who lived there (where the body was) said he was going to call 911. She said she pulled her dog back in and put the house alarm on after hearing that her neighbor was going to call 911. She went upstairs, opened a window, she said she hear what sounded like a “pop” sound–a gunshot. She says she doesn’t remember exactly when in the sequence of events the pop sound occurred.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #19<<

Witness #20 Interview (Male):

Around 7pm, while watching TV, he heard a scuffle in the grass and he thought someone was getting jumped in the backyard. He said “they” got on the phone with 911. He went to get a knife from the kitchen and heard pops. He heard “helps” about 20 times and didn’t hear it anymore after the “pop.” They waited to hear police outside, then went outside to see what was goin on.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #20<<

Witness #21 Interview (Male) Homeowner President:

Interviewer asks if the witness was aware of a homeowners meeting on 9-22-2011, specific to a neighborhood crime watch. The witness says that it was his first act as homeowner president. He said he met George Zimmerman because he was trying to get residents’ signatures to start a neighborhood watch with the Sanford Police Department.

Interviewer: As a result of the meeting, what if any responsibilities were given to George?

George was the committee chairman. He says George was organizing the neighborhood watch on his own. He didn’t tell the witness why he was interested in setting up a watch program. The witness emphasized that they were only supposed to watch. He said that there were no complaints about George Zimmerman. He said everyone seemed to think he was doing a good job.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness 21<<

Witness #22 Interview – Zimmerman Ex-Coworker (Male):

3/22/2011 9:20 a.m.

He knows Zimmerman as an ex-coworker. They worked together 2008/2009. Zimmerman was already employed when the witness began to work there. He says he is Middle Eastern and the work environment was unwelcoming. Zimmerman noticed that other employees didn’t like him, so Zimmerman chose him as a target of bullying to prove himself to other people.

Witness stated that his mentor said that George was good at his job, and had caught on to the work quickly. As such, he told the witness to ask him or George if the witness had any questions. As a practical joke, Zimmerman made the witness perform menial tasks, then embarrassed him in front of other co-workers for complying with his instruction. He says Zimmerman referred to him as a “fucking moron,” and he did comedy skits about him on the job on multiple occasions.

Zimmerman made fun of the witness and his accent, saying lines from “Ahmed the Terrorist“. This went on for days and days. The witness submitted a letter of complaint to the company after making a verbal complaint to the manager about Zimmerman’s behavior.

The witness said that the taunting got so bad that he felt violent thoughts against Zimmerman. George Zimmerman mocked his accent and made reference to terrorism regarding his background. Zimmerman did comedy shows and jokes about Middle Easterners in reference to the witness while on the job. He constantly called the witness a moron and stupid.

The witness feels like Zimmerman was trying to fit in with the clique and targeted him for that reason. Since the witness was the “new guy,” Zimmerman found him an easy target for entertainment. The managers asked if the witness thought Zimmerman was just playing. The management had a talk with Zimmerman and it didn’t do any good.

The witness says that Zimmerman never threatened him with violence, or put his hands on the witness. It was immature behavior, with racial overtones.

The witness says that Zimmerman would have never messed with Trayvon if he was a big guy. He mentioned that their job hired a new guy who had been in the military, and George Never bothered that guy. He says that George Zimmerman was fired because he called the company hotline excessively. He had a history of filing complaints against managers and how things were run in the store. He was making these complaints to Human Resources. After Zimmerman was fired, the managers told him that HR said the guy was nothing but trouble and to get rid of him. He said that Zimmerman would be extremely professional to your face. He says that Zimmerman is a very convincing guy, and the witness said that Zimmerman’s rebuttal to the managers calling him in about the witness’ complaint made him almost doubt himself–as if to say, perhaps he had misunderstood Zimmerman.

>>Listen to the interview of Witness #22 – George Zimmerman’s ex-coworker<<

Lead Paramedic Interview (Male):

They got a call for two people initially. They arrived and saw the victim lying on grass, and police were doing CPR. Their heart monitor showed no activity, and they called the death on the spot. He was basically flat-lined. After making the call, they packed up and left that scene. They, then, treated Zimmerman while sitting in the police car in handcuffs. They evaluated him and found a cut on the back of his head, and they cleaned up. Zimmerman made no statements about how he got the abrasions. The wounds had stopped bleeding. The laceration on the back was about one inch by one-half inch. Zimmerman’s nose was swollen, and he had abrasions on his cheeks and face.

>>Listen to the interview of the responding paramedic<<