Smiling faces sometimes tell lies, and don’t tell the truth. This is why you’ve got to read between the lies to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not–fact from fiction.

Heit & Cheri begin the show in an uncharacteristic way–no joking, just straight talk about their disappointment in the way the media and the public have both dropped the ball on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case–and news reporting in general. The media has failed to provide the truthful insight and information we all need, and the people (in large part) have failed to take any initiative to seek the truth. So many people aren’t reading and searching, just clicking “like” and making one-word comments.

Other topics discussed include, a conservative website whose readers are running circles around leftists in their research and participation in the dialogue about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, George Zimmerman’s ex-coworker who recounts his racist behavior on the job, an examination of George Zimmerman’s history of racial profiling, and how you can help Axiom Amnesia support free thinking.

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Segment 1

  • Last Thursday, the Florida State’s Attorney Angela Corey’s office did a document dump of discovery files in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The information included documents, photos, videos, and audio from the case.
  • Heit & Cheri noticed that there were a lot of hits on the site (coming from a particular conservative website) to listen to the audio of the 9-1-1 calls and to view other documents.
  • The conservatives are doing a lot of research on the case. They have even tracked Trayvon’s girlfriend’s social network accounts to check the accuracy of statements made regarding her activities.
  • We need some of the people who are Axiom Amnesia listeners to do more participation and critical thinking. Listen to the audios and watch the videos, so that we can help each other find the truth.
  • The mainstream media and Black media have not done this level of research, despite having the resources. They don’t go through all of the information first hand–they just write stories based on what other outlets say.
  • If all you’re doing is following NewsOne and other so-called Black outlets, then you…
  • Everything that the media has released on the case is highly doctored, edited, and has spin.
  • People say they don’t have time, but they make time to do other frivolous activities.
  • We had the discovery documents for less than an hours and had found more and reported more than the mainstream media on the case.
  • We think that there is a high probability that Zimmerman is not going to be convicted for the murder of Trayvon Martin–for a number of different reasons. We need the time to comb through all of the documents and other media.
  • It is obvious when you read some of the mainstream sites that they didn’t go through the information. They have cherry-picked things and will repeat the same stuff over and over, with their own slant.
  • The mainstream is using a lot of out-of-context sound bites and quotes. They are completely ignoring the biggest bombshells of this case.
  • The things that the aforementioned conservative website brought up were factual–even if you disagree with the conclusion, the facts that they brought up are undeniable.
  • People who may be in opposition to the racism and the bigotry that we are seeing from many conservatives need to get their stuff together. The readers and viewers are not commenting and engaged in critical thinking.
  • We still believe that Trayvon Martin should not be dead today, but we have an obligation to look at everything for what it is–not what we WANT it to be. Just because it might not be what you want to hear does not make it any less factual.
  • An example of this is how some people immediately rejected the video in which Heit & Cheri explained that George Zimmerman did not have any gunpowder residue on his clothing and that there was DNA from at least two other unknown people found on critical evidence.
  • There are many gigabytes of information that will be released in this case, but we need a way to disseminate this information to you. Please sign up for the email list to stay abreast of the developments in this case.
  • Don’t reject facts simply because you don’t want them to be true. We’re not saying that we know exactly what happened, but the main story in the media is not as clear-cut as they are leading people to believe.
  • The media’s job is to control public opinion via their reporting. They take a headline and they keep repeating it as the programming. For instance, how they reported over and over about Trayvon having TCH in his blood. Those on Zimmerman’s side touted this for days, as did the media. Now we see those on Trayvon’s side trying to say that a sleeping aid Zimmerman took caused him to become violent and murder Trayvon. Both of these approaches are dead wrong.
  • We have a wealth of information on this case, and you need to check it our for yourself.
  • Let us know what you think about the case.
  • Many of the comments on the video about the multiple DNA found on the evidence, were, “wow” or other one-word responses.
  • Some people say they don’t want to put things out in public for fear of judgement and retribution. The conservatives are pushing their agenda and are unafraid. Their voices are being heard, while some of those scared to speak up are being silenced.
  • Much responsibility for the lack of information falls on the media–the Black media in particular. We deserve better.
  • If you are in the position where people rely on you for information and insight, you have a responsibility to look at that information before you present it. Instead, what we have is the Black media regurgitating the mainstream media’s news. This is not good enough. They need to start doing more footwork.
  • If Heit & Cheri can do this on a volunteer basis, then the mainstream media and Black media (that are paid to do this), can do a better job of giving us the information we need.

Segment 2

  • Discussion of George Zimmerman’s ex-coworker, who was a Middle Eastern man who had run-ins with George. The interview in its entirety is also available on our website. See Witness #22.
  • According to the witness, George targeted him with racist taunts because he was the new guy, and George wanted to fit in with the other coworkers.
  • The group already didn’t like the Middle Eastern because he had experience and better sales performance. They felt entitled to do better than him.
  • This sense of entitlement to be the best and achieve the most reminds Heit & Cheri of a scene from the movie “Gifted Hands,” in which the teacher rants about how the other students should have done better than fatherless Black boy.
  • Witness stated that his mentor said that George was good at his job, and had caught on to the work quickly. As such, he told the witness to ask him or George if the witness had any questions. As a practical joke, Zimmerman made the witness perform menial tasks, then embarrassed him in front of other co-workers for complying with his instruction. He says Zimmerman referred to him as a “fucking moron,” and he did comedy skits about him on the job on multiple occasions.
  • Zimmerman got off on making fun of the new employee and abusing his authority as a trusted adviser in the workplace.
  • Remember that Zimmerman identified as a white male before the shooting. He is capable of being racist against his and other races on the basis of those with whom he prefers to identify.
  • Zimmerman made fun of the witness and his accent, saying lines from “Ahmed the Terrorist“. This went on for days and days. The witness submitted a letter of complaint to the company after making a verbal complaint to the manager about Zimmerman’s behavior.
  • Zimmerman attached this guy’s accent to terrorism. So when you hear about Zimmerman possibly racially profiling, it’s not hard to believe.
  • He sees a Middle Eastern man, and calls him a terrorist. He sees Trayvon and calls him a “Fuc*ing coon“. See the connection?
  • The witness said that the taunting got so bad that he felt violent thoughts against Zimmerman. George Zimmerman mocked his accent and made reference to terrorism regarding his background. Zimmerman did comedy shows and jokes about Middle Easterners in reference to the witness while on the job. He constantly called the witness a moron and stupid.
  • It seems like the whole work environment lacked cultural sensitivity. It was probably very isolating. There was no respect for diversity.
  • Zimmerman wanted the attention as the leader of the group, which is why he continued to pick on his coworker as a form of entertainment.
  • Zimmerman would not have made fun of “the white guy.” He seemed to target non-whites.
  • Zimmerman’s frivolous 911 calls were to report suspicious Black men. Same thing with his targeting of the coworker–he wasn’t going to respect a “terrorist”. Of course, the United States has programmed many people into believing that terrorists are all Middle Easterners.
  • The managers asked if the witness thought Zimmerman was just playing. The management had a talk with Zimmerman and it didn’t do any good.
  • Zimmerman was trying to provoke the Middle Eastern coworker into exploding on the job, which would lead to termination. Zimmerman felt threatened by the new guy.
  • He says that George Zimmerman was fired because he called the company hotline excessively. He had a history of filing complaints against managers and how things were run in the store. He was making these complaints to Human Resources.
  • Remember Zimmerman’s 911 calls?
  • Zimmerman was probably making the complaints to HR in his attempt to be promoted. He wanted to be in charge. He felt he should be in charge.
  • The people who view Zimmerman as a great guy either have a similar racist ideology, or they gained from his harassment.
  • Remember Frank Taffee, Zimmerman’s friend, who said in an interview with Soledad O’Brein that the neighborhood robberies had been by Blacks. He felt that Zimmerman was correct in his approach.
  • After Zimmerman was fired, the managers told him that HR said the guy was nothing but trouble and to get rid of him. He said that Zimmerman would be extremely professional to your face. He says that Zimmerman is a very convincing guy, and the witness said that Zimmerman’s rebuttal to the managers calling him in about the witness’ complaint made him almost doubt himself–as if to say, perhaps he had misunderstood Zimmerman.
  • Discussion of George Zimmerman’s letter to a program he wanted to be admitted to. He brings up his father as a judge, and says he has respect for law enforcement in his explanation of his criminal arrest record.
  • Discussion of Zimmerman’s apology to Martin’s parents.
  • Is he saying he thought Trayvon was possibly armed? How could he think he was armed when he had been following Trayvon and Trayvon never pulled a weapon before the physical altercation.
  • Zimmerman got exactly what he wanted with the apology. He was released from jail on bond within days.
  • Heit & Cheri explain that they think Zimmerman will not be convicted because the evidence as presented in the media is not what is on the full audio of the witness interviews and other documents.
  • Please leave us your feedback on this case!
  • Heit & Cheri can no longer fully support Axiom Amnesia alone. The State’s Attorney charged media outlets for access to the original discovery documents in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Axiom Amnesia needs your help to keep the site up and running, and to pay the fees associated with obtaining documents related to cases we’re covering.
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  • Our promise to you is that we will release all the documents made available to us, provided we have the ability to process and serve them on our site. We believe that infomration should be free to all who want to access it. We need your help to ensure that it happens!

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