I found something very interesting when interacting with commenters on a Facebook thread on the “Justice for Trayvon Martin” page. The thread was a link to an article about Shellie Zimmerman’s bank account balance at the time of George Zimmerman’s bond hearing at which she testified to being indegent.

Since the article lacked much, in terms of real evidence, I decided to post a link to the documents released by Florida State Attorney Angela Corey’s office so the others involved in the discussion could see the financial transactions for themselves. I read a few more comments, and after writing a response to some of them, I received a popup message saying the thread was deleted. After I refreshed my browser, I realized that the thread was still available, but I had been blocked from contributing to any content on the Facebook page.

It is very clear what occured. The admins of the page are not concerned with justice and truth being brought into this case. Why would anyone attempt to keep people who desire to know more about the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case from accessing relevant and pertinent information? The owners of the page are only concerned with driving Facebook users to the Global Grind website, for the purpose of profit. Thus, the “Justice For Trayvon Martin” Facebook page does not stand for what the title would suggest, rather it stands for profiting from the tragic events of February 26th. Clicking on any link on the timeline takes you to the website Global Grind. They could have very well named the page “Global Grind,” but there is no way they would have been able to amass the nearly quarter of a million likes they have by using Trayvon Martin’s name and death. The Global Grind Facebook page has only been able to accumulate under 50,000 likes through the use of their own name.

Anyone who visit’s Global Grind can surely see what their drive is–and, its definitely not the pursuit of any type of justice. First, a huge, annoying advertisement drops down blaring loud sound. Then, they attempt to barrage the reader with ads from every witch way. Besides, the founder is Russell “Rush Card” Simmons. What is one of the meanings of the slang term “grind” anyway? To hustle. That’s what Russell Simmons has been doing for years, and that’s what that website and Facebook page is about–hustling viewers to line the pockets of a few individuals. They will stop at nothing, and sink to incredibly low levels to make sure they can maintain a life of exess–regardless of how it affects anyone else. This includes creating a Facebook page claiming to demand for justice for a murdered young Black male, to blocking people who simply want to provide information for the purpose of ensuring that justice prevails.

And, just for kicks, here is ol’ Rush Card with one of his heroes, President of Israel, Shimon Peres: