People often say that love is blind, yet accuse the blind of leading the blind. Are these cliches even true? Listen to this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, where Heit & Cheri challenge these and other axioms about the world. Cheri kicks off the show with a discussion about a man who confessed all of his life’s secrets in his obituary. Next, the duo have an in-depth conversation about the most recent updates in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case.

Other topics include, Zimmerman case Witness #9’s sexual assault allegations, media plagiarism, Black media failures, Zimmerman jailhouse call #30 and O’Mara’s alleged knowledge of Zimmerman’s money before bond hearing, conservative website that stole an Axiom Amnesia article, GlobalGrind’s irresponsible journalism, how the Black Media is dead, discussion of this week’s song of the week, “Just Imagine” by Hungry Lucy, voter disenfranchisement as a result of felon voting laws, Scranton mayor cutting pay of city workers to minimum wage, Obama pension bill, Germany men’s only parking spots, equal work for equal pay, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about a man named Val Patterson, who decided to make confessions about things during his life in his obituary.
  • First, he confessed that a receipt mixup at his college led to them sending him a PhD in the mail. He never actually earned the degree that he used to gain entry into his career. We supposed that the degree wasn’t actually required for his career. Apparently he was able to learn everything he needed to know from on-the-job training. He also confessed to being banned for life from a few theme parks, placing stones in a geyser, and stealing a safe.
  • Discussion of the release of almost 150 jailhouse calls between George Zimmerman and different people.
  • Discussion of Witness #9 accusing George Zimmerman of sexual assault. This witness is actually his cousin. She also said that Zimmerman’s family likes Black people only if they act white.
  • Discussion of O’Mara’s filing for Judge Lester to recuse himself from the case.
  • According to Witness #9, Zimmerman’s mother wanted him to marry a white woman.
  • Discussion about Witness #9’s testimony about Gladys Zimmerman’s racism seemed somewhat unbelievable. The witness actually said that Zimmerman’s mother said, “I am a racist.”
  • Discussion about the relevance of Witness #9’s testimony.
  • Discussion about whether the sexual contact alleged was inappropriate at the ages of six and eight.
  • Cheri recounts a story of how two of her childhood friends would play “doctor” in second or third grade.
  • Discussion about the mental capacity of minors, and how this plays into the inappropriateness or level of accountability they have for actions as alleged in the Zimmerman case.
  • Mark O’Mara questioned Witness 9’s testimony, saying that she tried to sell her story to “People” magazine.
  • In call #30, Zimmerman says that O’Mara was aware of $37K the Zimmermans had from website donations prior to the bond hearing, in which he claimed that the Zimmermans were indigent to the court. Mark O’Mara denied these accusations.
  • Zimmerman was on the phone too much, running his mouth. He is the one who has implicated his own attorney.
  • Continued discussion about the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case. Discussion about the implication that the state and/or the court had access to the recordings on which O’Mara is said to have known about the $37K.

Segment 2

  • Continued discussion about the idea that O’Mara also knew about Zimmerman’s money.
  • Discussion about a conservative website stealing Heit & Cheri’s entire article, and placing it up on their site.
  • It seems like so many sites feel comfortable with stealing other people’s content with no attribution–misrepresenting other peoples’ ideas as their own. Plagiarism.
  • Discussion about the conservative website, and how their commentary tends to differ significantly from our commentary. They tend to be more pro-Zimmerman, that he was the victim and that his account of the events were true. They also tend to think that the other side has questionable characters, yet they didn’t want Zimmerman’s character issues to be exposed.
  • Discussion about GlobalGrind and their lies. Discussion about how GloablGrind uses Justice for Trayvon Martin Facebook Fan Page to funnel potential ad-clickers to their site.
  • Discussion of Calls #24 and Call #30, in which Geore Zimmerman says that Sean Hannity would be willing to pay Zimmerman’s court costs if he agreed to use Jose Baez as his co-counsel.
  • Discussion of the problems with GlobalGrind’s plagiarism. They are attempting to portray themselves as a primary news source, when they copied much of the story from Frances Robles’ stories on the Miami Herald’s website.
  • Furthermore, GlobalGrind lied about having listened to all of the calls, when we know that only 30 calls of the 145 calls were available on the site at the time when he supposedly listened to all 145 calls.
  • Discussion about the Black Agenda Report’s article, and how Mr. Dixon wrote a previous piece on Black Agenda Report about how the Black media is dead.
  • Discussion of the importance of the role of the media when it comes to the dissemination of information to the public. If only people knew how to use the media to their advantage…
  • Listening to the song of the week, “Just Imagine” by Hungry Lucy.

Segment 3

  • Discussion of the song of the week, “Just Imagine” by Hungry Lucy.
  • Heit thinks that the production of the song is wonderful.
  • Cheri thinks that the song puts her in the headspace of questioning life.
  • The song makes Heit think about how amazing life is, and about existence. It makes him ask the questions to which there are no certain answers.
  • Cheri’s favorite line is “we cannot hide from anyone, all I want is legacy.” She likes this because in many ways, life consists of hiding in one way of the other. The second part of that line reminds her of the “Denial of Death.”
  • Heit’s favorite line is “Do you believe that love is all we need?” This is because he questions this statement and it’s something that people always say. Is this what existing is all about.
  • Cheri thinks that we would need to be able to define love before we could answer such a question.
  • Heit recounts a discussion where people say that you cannot love anyone else until you love someone else, and the circular reasoning that abounds in that arena.
  • If you make things sound good, then people will love it.
  • Discussion about how different George and Robert Zimmerman spoke depending on the environment.
  • Discussion about voter disenfranchisement as a result of felon voting laws. In most places, you cannot vote while in jail, bit in others you can vote against without. 5.8 million people in the country are unable to vote because of their criminal records.
  • Blacks are disproportionately affected by these laws, with 1 in 13 Blacks of voting age being unable to vote–almost eight percent of Blacks cannot vote.
  • In Virginia, Kentucky, and Florida, 20, 22, and 23 percent of Blacks cannot vote in the state.
  • People should be able to vote regardless of incarceration or felony status. People argue that they shouldn’t be able to vote anyway.
  • Discussion about how the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania’s mayor slashed city workers’ pay to $7.25/hour for a period of time. The mayor cut the checks of all city workers, including his own.
  • Discussion about how Obama slid in a reduction in the amount that companies have to pay into pension into a recently signed bill.
  • Discussion of Germany’s men-only parking spaces. Is this fair?
  • Discussion of the idea of equal work for equal pay laws that people have tried to pass over the years. More laws don’t stop people from participating in undesirable behaviors.

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