Jonesboro, AR Police are claiming a man, Chavis Carter, who was sitting in the back of a police car after being searched by officers committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with his non-dominant hand. Yes, this sounds very absurd, to say the least, but there are many people who buy this police narrative and condone the actions of individuals with badges whom have a total disregard for human life.

No matter how anyone tries to twist this story, all signs point toward a police officer shooting and killing yet another unarmed Black male. There is no need to explain how it is practically impossible to shoot yourself in the head with both hands cuffed behind your back. There’s no need to expound on the intensity of police searches of persons of color, making it impossible to have possession of a gun after the search AND while in the back of the police car.

It doesn’t take “further investigation” to determine who had a firearm in the proximity of Chavis Carter as Jonesboro police claim is required to figure out who killed Chavis. The investigation is not an investigation at all; it is a mission to concoct a story that will exonerate the police department of all wrong doing. It’s what happens every time an unarmed person is executed by corrupt police departments. When they say “investigation,” they mean “coverup.”

But, this cannot be covered up, without the help of the public. In the past, law enforcement would attempt to justify their inhumane, brutal acts by claiming they believe they saw a weapon. In those instances, the weapons were wallets, cellphones, and similar non-lethal possessions. Then, they moved to “I thought he was reaching for a weapon.”

Next, the explanations moved toward claiming some sort of a struggle. With the struggle narrative, the idea of a weapon being involved was removed, and it made it seem fair and justified to the public that apparently unarmed people deserved death.

Now, we have entered the age of simple execution. This is the classic example of “boiling the frog.” Slowly, law enforcement agengies have been dragging the public into total compliance and acceptance of open murder. Now, they simply shoot unarmed people in the head while in their custody. Accepting the absurd police narratives of super contortionists hiding guns in their anus gives way to future incidents of police officers simply walking through neighborhoods and shooting anyone whom they can label “criminal” or “bad” after the fact.

And Chavis is not the first person to be shot in head while in a squad car. Alton, IL police claim Stephanie Hicks of committed suicide while being driven to a St. Louis hospital in early July 2012. Police claim Stephanie wrestled a firearm away from the officer, and shot herself in the head. Stephanie’s mother, Robbin, argued that it didn’t make sense that her daughter would commit suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head, but the local media went on a crusade to twist the mother’s words to say “side of the head“. But in the video below, you can clearly hear Robbin Hicks saying “in the back of the head.” So, yet again, agencies and media successfully persuaded the public into accepting the stories of officers with little question.

Even with these, and the many more examples, we can easily access, today, of police officers flexing their powers to brutalize and kill us, plenty of people default to police accounts as “the official story” or true. But, it only makes sense to question the people who have something to hide–the police officers. The dead, the poor, the people who do not have the resources or ability to broadcast their messages to tens of thousands to milions of people whom sit on their couches or lie in their beds have a difficult time getting (or impossible since deceased) their sides of the story out. It is up to us to not fall for the okie doke of the people with loudest voices or a claim of authority. If they can sell us a story as ridiculous as suicide by head shot after being searched while handcuffed, they can sell us nearly anything. Don’t allow the society to become a land of fairy tales where the villains are heroes, and victims of brutality and murder are perpetrators of their own despair, brutality and death. A badge doesn’t equal right and just, especially when they shoot you in the head for nothing.