Chicago gun violence has found its way to Axiom Amnesia’s doorstep. On the morning of 8/26/2012, Rashad Pratt, Cheri’s brother was murdered in Chicago under suspicious circumstances. Rashad was found in his vehicle by police moments after being shot on the corner of 91st and East End in Chicago. Right now, this is basically all we know, and we need your help finding out what happened to Rashad.

WE ASK THAT ANYONE WITH INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO RASHAD TO PLEASE COME FORWARD AND CONTACT US. Rashad Pratt matters. His is NOT just another statistic of Chicago gun violence. Please support our efforts to find out what happened to him.

Heit & Cheri have spoken continuously about the issue of violence in Chicago being ignored because of whom the victims are–typically young, Black or brown males. 56 shootings in a single weekend is significant, yet those who seek YOUR votes don’t care enough to address it–from Obama down to Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel. Do not be fooled that this couldn’t happen to your family. Listen as Heit & Cheri discuss Rashad Pratt’s murder, how it’s affected his family, friends, and loved ones, and understanding Chicago’s gun violence in the broader context of society’s responsibility to our communities.

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Segment 1

  • Cheri explains that her brother, Rashad Pratt, was murdered in Chicago gun violence on Sunday, August, 28, 2012. Rashad was found by police in his SUV on 91st & East End in Chicago at about 2:58 a.m., apparently within minutes of being shot.
  • If anyone has information regarding the murder of Rashad Pratt, please contact us. Call the Axiom Amnesia Hotline at 202-446-1886, or visit the Justice for Rashad Pratt page on Facebook.
  • Rashad leaves a devastated family, friends, and loved ones behind. His young daughter, Amora, who was his entire life, no longer has a father.
  • Discussion of Chicago gun violence, and the lack of response from those responsible for addressing the issue–politicians who want your votes.
  • Rashad’s murder took place within a block from Cheri’s parent’s house.
  • Cheri answers whether this incident has made her rethink her stance on the violence in Chicago.
  • Discussion about the fact that so many people don’t care about the lives of Black and brown young males.
  • Cheri discusses more about Rashad’s murder, and that he will not be allowed to be just another statistic. On Episode 039: Class Workfare, Cheri has expressed her concern for both of her brothers’ safety, as young Black males living in Chicago.
  • Heit recounts growing up in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where the violence was rampant. He discusses his close friend, who was killed by Las Vegas Police under questionable circumstances.
  • Society has become so jaded with hearing about violent deaths. People see a name, a picture, but the loss is not real to them. But, when it is someone you know, someone who you love, it is the worst feeling ever.
  • Cheri discusses the devastation her family is experiencing right now–devastated by a single bullet.
  • Discussion about the bond between Rashad and his daughter. Her life will never be the same.
  • Cheri explains how a friend of hers wrote a story about Rashad, not knowing that he was her brother. She was writing about his story, because Rashad Pratt mattered to her without knowing that it was her brother. Rashad matters, and so do all of the other victims of violence in Chicago and elsewhere.
  • Just as we have covered the cases of Trayvon Martin, Dane Scott Jr., James Harper, Chavis Carter, and other victims of violence, WE WILL DEDICATE OURSELVES TO FINDING OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO RASHAD PRATT. BELIEVE THAT!
  • Cheri answers whether Rashad’s murder has made her rethink her stance on gun rights.
  • Discussion about Barack Obama’s protection when he came to Chicago during the height of violence to attend Valerie Jarrett’s daughter’s wedding.
  • The same weekend Rashad Pratt was murdered, Chicago police claimed to be having a crackdown on crime, yet it was the bloodiest weekend of the year.
  • People should be allowed to protect themselves.
  • Discussion about Stephin Wilkins, who was shot and killed during an attempted robbery, as he and his girlfriend sat eating in the car.
  • People committing robberies are banking on their victims not having a weapon to protect themselves.
  • Discussion of Obama’s mention of weapons in the hands of criminals at the 2012 National Urban League Conference in New Orleans.
  • Barack Obama’s failure to speak out about the issues affecting the Black community, all while taking the “Black vote” for granted. As long as Black people, brown people, and poor people continue to support him (and other empty-promising politicians like him), things will continue to be the same.
  • Barack Obama does not care about Black people, because if he did, he’s be speaking out about the issues the community faces.
  • What good does it do to have an initiative for Black colleges, if the kids don’t make it to college? What good is health care if the acute situation of violence goes unaddressed? What about changing the conditions in which people must live?
  • Politicians have the poor people fooled into believing that they are like the politicians, on the same level. Discussion about the lies politicians tell just to get votes.
  • Discussion about the criminalization of young, Black and brown men. These young men are purposely tracked into the prison category.
  • Discussion of criminalization of gang “associations.”
  • In this country, just looking a certain way makes you guilty.
  • Discussion of the personal responsibility of the individuals who commit crimes versus the social responsibility the community, and those responsible for the community.
  • Discussion of the Empire State Building shooting, and the fact that the police shot all of the innocent bystanders who were hit. Police have personal responsible when it comes to shooting people.
  • Discussion of the social responsibility of the media and celebrities when it comes to the culture of excess.
  • Discussion of Barack Obama making the statement that he is not the president of Black Americans.
  • Cheri and Heit give their take on what they think would be a fitting consequence for the person responsible for the murder of Rashad Pratt, and crime and punishment in general.
  • Someone has to be the conscience of the society, so we will step up to the responsibility.
  • Please help us find out what happened to Rashad Pratt. For more information, please visit Justice for Rashad Pratt on Facebook.

Audio Credits:

“Tryna Hold On” – Heit The Great & Lil Joe aka Street Joseph
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Cheri Elaine