Have you ever spent time debating government? It’s important to consider all forms of government in order to come up with your own conclusion as to which, if any, is the best. We often hear words like “democracy” and “communism” thrown around in the course of election season, but do you really understand what they mean? On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory with Heit & Cheri, reveal who they will and won’t be voting for, and have an informative discussion on different types of governments.

Topics discussed include whether Blacks support Obama because he’s Black, Black pride vs white pride, voting issues, types of governments, term limits, reasons not to vote for Obama, reasons not to vote for Romney, and the second presidential debate of 2012.

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about whether Blacks support Barack Obama because he is Black.
  • Cheri admits that one of the reasons she supported and voted for Barack Obama was because he was Black.
  • Cheri explains that when Barack Obama first decided to run in 2008 that she initially thought Hillary Clinton had a better chance of winning. In time, however, it became clear that Barack did a better job of selling himself.
  • Heit & Cheri reveal that they won’t be voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. They won’t be voting for Jill Stein either…
  • Cheri explains that she decided not to to cast a symbolic vote simply because she’s Black and a female.
  • Discussion about the fact that it takes more than just a Black candidate for the majority of Blacks to vote for them. At this point, it would require that the Black person also be a Democrat.
  • Heit & Cheri have decided to cast a vote against the government and their representative rule.
  • Voting on the federal level doesn’t solve the majority of issues facing the masses. The things that affect us the most are taking place locally.
  • Cheri says that she gave Obama her vote the first time around, and he missed the mark.
  • Discussion about a quote that Heit posted on Facebook. It discussed the idea that Black pride was the outgrowth of being treated as less than human, whereas white pride has racist connotations.
  • Having pride in a race that has the socioeconomic advantages over others is being prideful of that structure that makes these advantages possible while standing on the backs and necks of other oppressed people. The upward mobility is coming at the expense of people who were victims of oppression.
  • The idea of Black pride was to reject the notion that Blacks were worthless.
  • Discussion of a clip of a Romney supporter who called Obama a communist, yet couldn’t explain what a communist is:
  • While people are cheering for their political team, they just take the talking points, and many times don’t know what they mean.
  • Discussion about the different types of government.
  • What is a democracy? It’s a form of government in which the decisions are made by all people and the majority rules. You can have a representative democracy, somewhat like the U.S, where the Congress votes on issues on behalf of the people. In a direct democracy, you’d have one vote per person, and all people would vote on all issues, with the majority ruling.
  • What is a republic? It’s basically any type of government where the government is mostly subject to the people. This could be a representative democracy or other forms of government. The concept of a republic can overlap with other forms of government. Supposedly the government answers to the citizens, such that they are accountable. Unfortunately, the consequences of not answering to the citizens must also follow a process through the government.
  • What is a monarchy? Typically, the monarch is in power and the voice of the people didn’t put them there. They are also typically in power until they die. As with other forms of government, there are different types. Actually, this same thing could occur in a representative democracy.
  • Discussion about whether term limits are a good idea. Term limits help to get some fresh ideas into the government, but it also would limit people’s time in office if they had great ideas and were doing a good job. In addition, there’s a learning curve for the newly elected person. Perhaps a longer term could help to resolve this.
  • One drawback is that newly elected officials are “shown the ropes” by people who are already in office, thus perpetuating the old ways.
  • What is an elective monarchy? It is actually a form of democracy in which the monarch is actually elected by the people. Sounds a lot like the United States, huh? The elective monarchy points to a dictatorship of a few.
  • On a smaller scale, the U.S. Congressional representative is an elected monarch.
  • Did you know that in some states you don’t have to actually live in the congressional district you represent?
  • The constitutional monarchy is one in which the power of the monarch is limited by having a constitution in place. An example is the U.K, where the Parliament and prime minister make the decisions on ruling the nation. The monarch reaps the benefits of these decisions.
  • What is communism? It would basically be more of a direct democracy without the individual rights to control property. The majority rules, but there is great sacrifice of the individual for the majority. With communism, a single political party often dominates for a long time. A comparison in the United States is times when there is a president and Congress from the same party.
  • Discussion about the downside of the democracy–majority rule. The minority is always subject to the majority, and this is a major drawback.
  • What is a dictatorship? It’s basically when you have a person in charge who dictates what is gonna happen in the country. Many times it is the result of the military takeover of the country. You still have a small group of people who have a say in decisions and can present ideas to the dictator. There must be a significant military presence to force people to stay in line.
  • Can a person be happy living under a dictatorship? Sure they can. All it takes is for the dictator to provide the basic things to keep their people satisfied.
  • The obvious issue with dictatorships is that the rest of the world operates on a different system of government, thus excluding and always wanting to change their governments.
  • Discussion about what real freedom consists of.
  • It is possible to have conditions in a dictatorship to be better than in a democracy.
  • It is wonderful to talk about all of these different forms of without making a value judgement that one is better than the other.
  • Discussion about why Obama can’t have Cheri’s vote. She feels that he failed to make mention of the things that are greatly affecting the Black community–things like Chicago gun violence. Because he is rich and high profile, he’s not subject to the things faced by everyday people.
  • Discussion about Obama finding the time to call into Michael Yo’s radio show and discuss the feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on American Idol. The host is a fool for asking that question, and Obama is a fool for entertaining it.
  • Obama is just trying to show the people that he’s down and hip.
  • To add insult to injury, Obama uses Jay-Z in an ad to give him more street credibility. Discussion about the ad.
  • Obama wants to show you an exception to the rule–people him and Jay-Z–like their status is attainable by most people. That is a lie.
  • The ad doesn’t say anything except that people have hope and see possibilities simply because there is a Black face in the White House. That is apparently the only consolation.
  • Who was worse, Obama or George W. Bush? Cheri sees Obama as worse because she expected more of him. He was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That makes him more dangerous than Bush, who was obviously a war monger.
  • We don’t hold it against Obama for being in the wars that were there when he took office. We do hold him responsible for what he did after.
  • It is utterly disrespectful that it’s the one and only Black president of the U.S. who starts invading countries in Africa.
  • Discussion about Black women being in love with Obama.
  • Whatever “they” are gonna do for the next four years will be done regardless of who is elected.
  • Imagine if Mitt Romney used a drone strike to kill an American citizen. There would have been outrage!
  • Discussion about Blacks owing it to ourselves to be critical of our leaders in order to ensure that they are working for our benefit.
  • Discussion about Obama not addressing Chicago gun violence. If Chicago has a problem, then the nation has a problem.
  • Obama won’t talk about stop & frisk either. So, what he doesn’t speak on is an indicator of his priorities.
  • Discussion about the promise of 40 acres and a mule to Blacks.
  • General Sherman made the order, and it is not a myth, as some people believe.

Segment 2

  • Although Obama stepped up his level of aggressiveness, there was no clear winner of the debate. Romney started off trying to have a repeat performance of the last debate, but the moderator wasn’t having it. At one point she had to tell Mitt Romney to sit down.
  • Before the debate, both sides were concerned about Candy Crowley asking followup questions. She could give them a hard time if they tried to skirt issues.
  • Romney basically took Obama’s position on everything except taxes and assault rifles.
  • There were a couple of moments where it looked like Obama was ready to snap on Romney, especially when the discussion on Libya came up.
  • Neither of them really addressed the issues of the poor–as usual. They talked about middle class jobs and college educations.
  • Discussion about Romney mentioning China’s cheating ways when it comes to trade and their currency.
  • They really focused a lot on the middle class. Obama tried to distance himself from Romney, so that the people will view Obama more like them.
  • Maybe by the third debate Obama and Romney will actually fight like Celebrity Death Match.
  • It seems like the audience members didn’t really write their own questions.
  • Discussion about the Black guy who asked Obama why he should get his vote. Obama said that he has kept all of his commitments.
  • Mitt Romney has changed debates from here on out because of the how aggressive he was in the first debate. Then Biden’s performance!
  • It would be cool to see a four-way debate between the presidential and vice presidential candidates–round table. Axiom Amnesia will host one in 2016!
  • Jill Stein was arrested for trying to enter the debates.
  • Obama mentioned the word “Chicago” in the debate, so maybe he will mention it in more detail before the election–yeah right!
  • Obama will not talk about race, poverty, drones, and a host of other things of importance.
  • The last debate will be held on October 22nd.
  • Please take a minute to read the live blog of the second presidential debate and view our photo album commentary on the debate.