Sometimes you need to speak up, and sometimes you need to watch your mouth! This not only applies to what comes out of your mouth, but also what goes into it, and its care as well. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri announce a trial of their new Monday through Friday schedule. This means you’ll get your daily dose of the duo’s commentary on a variety of topics.

Topics discussed include New York prison inmates being denied dental floss due to supposed security concerns, Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN on-air slip-up using the word “nigga”, Spike Lee’s replacement by a white director on the James Brown Biopic and more!

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about the new schedule and format for the show.
  • Heit & Cheri are conducting a two-week trial of bringing the Axiom Amnesia Theory to you five days per week, Monday through Friday. Each show will be 30 to 40 minutes in length, with Monday, Wednesday and Friday dedicated to social and political commentary. Tuesday and Thursday will be reserved for music commentaries. Please give us your feedback on the trial schedule and format.
  • Discussion about dental floss being withheld from inmates at New York Prisons.
  • The state says that it might be a security concern for the inmates to have dental floss.
  • Have they balanced the potential security risk against the almost guaranteed risk of not having proper oral hygiene? Of course not!
  • Mention of a previous discussion on Episode 004: Don’t Make Me Eat Your Philosophy, about prisons cutting back on the number of meals inmates receive.
  • They treat people on lock-down like Israelis treat the Palestinians.
  • Use of dental floss is commonly accepted in basic dental hygine:

    Lead plaintiff Santiago Gomez said the jail was “violating inmates’ federally protected civil rights by not allowing inmates access to dental floss, while acknowledging that it will result in cavities if you fail to floss your teeth.”

  • Discussion about the pain of toothaches. Cheri discusses the pain of having her wisdom teeth removed. At one point she was in so much pain in the middle of the night she was contemplating removing the tooth herself at home. She contends that the tooth pain is the worst of any kind of pain.
  • Heit’s experience of wisdom tooth removal wasn’t so bad because he was on Vicodin and watched The Sopranos all day.
  • Continued discussion about the difference between tissue pain and bone pain.
  • Bottom line: Let the inmates have dental floss. This is a health issue. They need to figure out how to make dental floss available for these inmates.

Segment 2

  • Discussion about Stephen A. Smith’s slip of the tongue when he said “nigga” live on ESPN’s “First Take.” Watch for yourself below:
  • He specifically said, “Opening night. Kobe Bryant is going to miss it because, ‘my foot is sprained?’ Are you crazy, nigga please!”
  • There is no doubt in both Heit & Cheri’s minds that he said “nigga.”
  • Some suggest that this would be the second time that Smith slipped up and said “nigga”
    while live on the air. Smith denies the first occasion when he was accused of using the word in reference to LeBron James. He denies that as well:

    Recently, someone incredibly irresponsible has tweeted on numerous occasions I used the “N” regarding LeBron James. That is patently FALSE.

  • Reference to when former GOP presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, made a reference to Blacks as taking money from hardworking Americans via welfare and other social programs.
  • Should Smith even have to worry about losing his job for an apparent slip-up which had no derogatory intent? It’s a commonly used phrase to express doubt or call someone a liar.
  • Whether he will be punished comes down to who is in control of the network.
  • What if the tables were turned and a white guy said the same thing? Heit & Cheri agree that they would have a problem if a white guy had said the same thing. The reality is that who makes the statement matters, and it is interpreted partially based on who says the phrase–right or wrong.
  • It’s not fair that everyone cannot say everything, but that’s the reality. The other reality is that the media has it’s own ideas about what should and shouldn’t be said.
  • What do you think about the “extra animation” that Smith has when he talks? It’s not on the level of coonery, but it is somewhat exaggerated.
  • Heit & Cheri agree that nothing should happen to Smith for the slip-up.
  • Discussion about Smith’s antics giving other cultures a view into Black culture–specifically barber shop-like discussions on sports.
  • Discussion about the dynamic of not being able to be yourself when you go to work–the notion that Blacks and Latinos are expected to assimilate into the mainstream culture in order to be accepted in the workplace. A slip-up is bound to happen when you are put into the position to serve as an actor, rather than be yourself.
  • Everyone should be allowed to report things in their own way and not have to adhere to the social politics. The only people who seem exempt from the expectation of adhering to the news media norms are superstar athletes when they become commentators–like Magic Johnson or Shaq.

Segment 3

  • Discussion about Spike Lee being fired from the James Brown biopic.
  • Spike Lee was replaced by Tate Taylor, the director of The Help.
  • Spike Lee is so invested in Black issues and portrayals of Blacks, that it is a smack in the face that he would be fired. The Help’s director has only directed one movie prior. Plus that movie was the telling of a Black story through a white person’s eyes. The portrayal of the Black women was way off and very stereotypical. It was basically just one step above the mammy character in Gone With the Wind:
    Gone with the wind
  • This is neither a criticism of Viola Davis nor Octavia Spencer as actresses. It’s about the emphasis of a stereotype.
  • It seems like Spike Lee is being blackballed because he refuses to compromise his vision.
  • Spike Lee is a legend, and if you haven’t seen his films, you need to check them out–especially if you are Black.
  • Spike Lee gives critiques and commentaries of Blacks and non-Blacks alike.
  • Lee probably brought his own signature perspectives on race to his direction in the James Brown Biopic, and maybe that wasn’t appreciated. There are those who want the truth in film, and those who want to leave the theater feeling good. Spike Lee tells it like it is. Crossover appeal is probably more difficult with a Spike Lee film.
  • Heit & Cheri just watched Red Hook Summer, and it is evident why people didn’t support the film. The entire movie discusses one of the foundations of Black culture, the Black church.
  • Discussion about the idea that many Blacks talk about supporting Black films, yet there is not enough support of directors like Lee. Who is actually going out to the theaters today for these films? Back in the day Spike Lee movies were packed.
  • If your complaint is that there are too many stories of Black people that are told by non-Blacks, then it makes no sense that you don’t support Black artists.
  • There should be support for the actors and crews as well.