Are you “nye eve” of voting? By the way, a “nye” is a flock of birds (phesants), and that’s exactly how people tend to behave when it comes to voting–they simply flock with their team and don’t deviate. Just one day left until the elections, and it is evident that so many people are naive about the voting and political process that leads to the election of a president. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory Heit & Cheri use these last hours before the election to discuss election-related issues.

Topics discussed include a prediction on who will win the election, whether your vote counts, 2000 election, two-party political system, the popular vote, voting for the lesser of two evils, a segment by Daniel Coffeen on voting, political theater, voting online or by email, the skyrocketing Black unemployment rate, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Heit & Cheri discuss that there’s only one day left until the election tomorrow.
  • Heit & Cheri both agree that Barack Obama will win, although the media tries to make it look like it’s a close race–it’s not. If Obama doesn’t win, it’s time to start an investigation.
  • Discussion about Liberals questioning the voting machines in Ohio and Florida not allowing the early voting to continue. Mention of the folklore of elections about Ohio determining the next president in elections.
  • Discussion about whether it is possible for Mitt Romney to win if he doesn’t win Ohio. A representative from his side says it is possible, but he doesn’t want to find out how.
  • Discussion about the sheer number of campaign ads.
  • Discussion about an email Cheri received from Barack Obama telling the recipient to pass the following video along to people who don’t think their vote counts. They try to use the 2000 election and the fact that it came down to 537 votes to convince people that their votes count. Furthermore, they are basically blaming the people who thought their votes didn’t count, thus didn’t vote in the 2000 election, for Al Gore losing to George W. Bush tat year.
  • What would have changed the election is if George W. Bush’s brother Jeb wasn’t the governor of Florida at the time. What would have changed the election is if Katherine Harris, Florida’s Secretary of State who ultimately certified the awarding of the electoral votes to Bush wasn’t also heading up Bush’s campaign in the state. 537 votes would not have made a difference when they had already decided who would be president–not Al Gore.
  • If the U.S. elections were based on popular vote, the 2000 debacle never would have happened. More discussion about this in Episode 063: Caressing The Polls.
  • Either you wanna go with the Electoral College, or you want to reform things. You can’t have it both ways.
  • Discussion about the domination of the two-party system.
  • Discussion about the possibility of Mitt Romney winning the popular vote as a result of displaced people in New York and New Jersey.
  • The more money you have, the more chance you have to get more money. The two party system had been around for so long that they continue to be popular.
  • Discussion about voting for the lesser of two evils.
  • Third parties don’t usually make the ballot because they don’t have the required five percent of the vote to make the ballot. Heit makes a comparison between two-party politics and the music industry.
  • Discussion about an ad for Romney that was made by a guy, Thomas Peterffy, who is an immigrant who claims to be from a socialist nation. He makes a faulty case for why he plans on voting Republican on November 6th.
  • He is basically saying that America’s success came from capitalists who wanted to make profit. However, he fails to mention that these profits were made via free slave labor on the backs of African slaves. Yet, he talks like everything these capitalists earned was by their own hand, fair and square.
  • He is basically saying that you should be praising these capitalists for their hard work.
  • Cheri questions whether his accent is real, because this ad is clearly supposed to remind us that the American dream is alive and well. It is also to make it seem like voting in this election is voting for one of two ideas, when in the end, both parties are in favor of the same exact classist structure.
  • Discussion about how Obama continues to highlight the middle class and ignore the poor. Don’t help the people who need it the most, help the tiers above the worst off people. There are a lot of well-meaning people who have been so brainwashed that they are completely wrapped up int he political theater.
  • Heit & Cheri have discussed how they feel about voting, both on the show, and in their song “Get Out The Vote,” which has a new video:
  • Daniel Coffeen discusses the issue of voting. He suggests that the danger of this election (and others) is that it presents voting as an ideological battle–a false dichotomy. Both of the front-runners are at the whim and mercy of the corportocracy. In his view, voting is a symbolic act that makes us feel like something is happening.
  • Something is on the line, but it won’t be settled by the vote. People still choose to rationalize their choice to vote though, even if they are only doing it symbolically. People seem to think that voting for one of the two front-runners is a form of ideological expression.
  • Discussion about how people who don’t vote are often viewed negatively. This is all part of the tactics used to pressure people into adherence to the system.
  • There are a lot of really smart people who are all caught up in the political theater that tells us that it is a battle of good vs evil, or less evil vs more evil.
  • There are people who believe with every fiber of their being that this is the case, but it is simply not true. People are investing their emotional currency in this election, when the front-runners are really batting for the same team.
  • How do people think that voting for a commander-in-chief is going to bring about the changes they want to see. This whole thing is done to make you feel like you are a part of the process.
  • black unemployment rate

  • Discussion about Obama taking the Black vote for granted.
  • Discussion about the skyrocketing Black unemployment rate.
  • October’s job report was released, and while the national rate (7.9 percent) and all other groups remained about the same, Black unemployment actually increased by about one percent, from 13.4 percent in September to 14.3 percent in October.
  • How do you explain this away, or do you just ignore it? Something had to happen for these numbers to jump like that in just one month.
  • Masses of Black people are supporting Obama, yet he has not addressed the staggering unemployment rate among Blacks. And, this rate doesn’t even include the under-employed or people who have fallen of the unemployment rolls and never found a job.
  • If this were any other group, he would have been in the Rose Garden announcing a new policy for that group. He doesn’t have to do it because the Black vote for Obama is not on the line.
  • Some Blacks will even try to shut us up for mentioning this.
  • Discussion about a picture that claimed that if the unemployment rate were calculated like it was during The Great Depression, the current unemployment rate would be about 24 percent.
    unemployment rate
  • A lot of emphasis is placed on Barack Obama because Mitt Romney is not really a factor. Lots of people talk about Mitt Romney, but people don’t criticize Obama for the same things.
  • Discussion about how people criticize Obama and still vote for him–like Cornel West.
  • The state of New Jersey is allowing some of the people misplaced by Hurricane Sandy to vote via email and fax. If you can make an exception for this, then people should be able to vote online across the board. This would actually be cheaper, and they could afford to accommodate more ballot measures.
  • The election process is good for the politician’s economy. This way of voting is more of a tradition than anything else. We have voting machines now, so there is no need to stay in the stone age. The process for voting ought to evolve as technology evolves.
  • If you want real progress, you’ll change with the times.
  • Discussion about how old school rapper ESG mentions Twitter and other new technologies in his songs. He is changing with the times.
  • Discussion about whether Heit & Cheri will ever vote again. They wouldn’t discount participating on a local or state level in the future. It’s all about finding what you think will assist in your long term strategy of where you want to see things go. The issue is that participating helps to make government the go-to for resolution of issues.
  • There will only be one music show this week on Thursday. Tomorrow’s show will be dedicated to the election. Be sure to check out the live blog of the election night results right here on
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