Are we living in a “post race all” world? Well, we already know the answer to that question–hell no! Now that the election is over, and it’s been determined that we will have four more years of Barack Obama as president, join Heit & Cheri as they give you all post-race details of yesterday’s election.

Topics discussed include, an update on Senate and House races, who was the big winner besides Obama, state of the GOP, Allen West and Michelle Bachmann losing their seats, popular vote vs. Electoral College count, campaign finance, state ballot measures, legalization of recreational marijuana, legalization of same-sex marriage, voting against Obamacare, Obama’s election night speech, women who are in love with Obama, Romney’s concession speech, mainstream media’s role in crafting a dramatic presidential election, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Now that the election is over, what will change? We still have the same president, Democrat-controlled Senate, and Republican-Controlled House.
  • Now that the election is over, we will be able to cover other stories of interest.
  • Heit thinks it comes down to four more years of ignoring Black people. Cheri agrees that things will probably continue as they have. The only different factor is that Obama doesn’t have to worry about getting reelected.
  • Recall when Obama was caught on an open mic saying that he will have more flexibility in his second term?
  • Heit thinks that Paul Ryan came out as the big winner. He gets the national stage, plus he was reelected to is congressional seat. He wasn’t very visible in this election. Cheri is not so sure that he was the big winner. She thinks that Obama was the big winner.
  • Heit makes the point that even if Ryan doesn’t run for president in 2016, he will have more power and influence in Congress.
  • The GOP is going to have to make some decisions about how they are going to get into the White House again.
  • Mention of how Allen West and Michelle Bachmann lost their seats in Congress.
  • Discussion about the popular vote. At the point when Axiom Amnesia called the election for Obama, Romney was still in the lead for the popular vote.
  • Discussion about how the media was withholding the calls for the states in order to draw out the drama of the election.
  • Discussion about the unfair attention and influence of the swing states. This attention does help to make the race more exciting.
  • The electoral vote count was a landslide for Obama, but the popular vote was much closer–almost neck-and-neck.
  • How would you feel if Romney won the popular vote and Obama won the electoral vote? This would be the reverse of the 2000 election.
  • People who supported Obama said they didn’t care about the popular vote, but these same people probably cared a lot about the popular vote back in 2000.
  • Discussion about what would happen if the U.S. president was elected via popular vote.
  • Discussion about the third-party showing in the election–it was horrible! It might be best for the third-parties to combine so that they can place better in the election. Right now, they are all divided. They really need to get at least 5% so that they can get federal financing.
  • It cost Obama about $1 billion to win the presidency, and it cost the GOP about $1 billion to lose the presidency. If you factor in money from both Congressional races and the presidential race, about $6 billion was spent. We really have to reexamine campaign finance. Something must change.
  • Cheri would be an advocate of having a spending cap on campaigns. Of course, there will always be candidates and others who will spend their own money on campaigning.
  • Discussion about stupid supporters of these candidates.
  • It is absurd that some Obama supporters expect other Blacks to support Obama just because he is Black and we are Black. They can’t even describe why they think he is worthy. Their talk is all based on Obama worship. It’s a real problem when a person tries to explain why they voted for a particular candidate, and they cannot discuss anything beyond generalities like, “I like him” or “He’s good for the economy.”
  • Discussion about the middle-aged Black women who are actually in love with Barack Obama. They envy the relationship between he and Michelle. They fantasize about being the focus of the adoration between he has for Michelle:
  • Discussion about people saying that Barack and Michelle are their favorite couple.
  • Discussion about the fiscal cliff. With a lame duck Congress, the Republicans are not going to want to bend. This will be Obama’s first test after reelection. What will he do? Well, there were clues in his election night speech.
  • Discussion about the ballot measures in various states.
  • Discussion about legalization of recreational marijuana use. Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana via Amendment 64, and Washington legalized recreational use of marijuana via Initiative 502. Oregon voted “NO.”
  • This is a battle between the religious and people who are not–people who believe that you should be able to do as they wish with their bodies. This is an issue of control.
  • A death penalty ban did not pass in California.
  • Alabama, Florida, Montana, and Wyoming voted on limiting Obamacare. Florida said “NO,” and Alabama and Wyoming passed it.
  • Voters in Maryland and Maine passed same-sex marriage, while Minnesota refused to ban same-sex marriage.
  • California voted to reform the controversial “three strikes” law.
  • Axiom Amnesia provided an entire day of live coverage.
  • Romney finally gave his concession speech after holding out for a while over conceding Ohio to Obama.
  • Romney’s speech was quite gracious. It was a big blow to lose after trying to be president for six years. It looked like he was crying before. Perhaps the delay on the speech was really to give himself a chance to pull himself together.
  • Discussion about the candidates being emotionally and physically tired after the grueling campaign schedule.
  • It is done! We have four more years of Obama.
  • This race was NEVER close, and we’ve been telling you that all along. It was, however, a good performance by the mainstream media…