That’s right, no government baby! Of course this is every anarchist’s dream, but most people have a difficult time thinking beyond the programming to imagine how this could be a possible reality for humankind. Here’s the fundamental question: Aren’t we intelligent enough to take on the responsibility of individual self-governance?

On this musical episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri explore the role of government in our lives via their commentary and analysis of “Government Baby” by Don Donnie and “No Government” by Nicolette.

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Segment 1

  • Are you used to the idea of having four more years of Barack Obama? Heit figured that he would have eight years. Cheri wasn’t always sure that he would be elected a couple of years into his first term.
  • Will there be a third term for another Democrat to win in 2016. Will it be Hillary Clinton?
  • Discussion about a comment Heit read that said Bush will be the first president to serve four terms since Roosevelt if Obama is reelected.

Song 1: “Government Baby” – Don Donnie

  • Heit searched all over to find this song, but we could only find the YouTube version. Don Donnie is from Louisiana.
  • One of Heit’s favorite lines is where he says, ” I’m another nigga who ain’t never had shit, but the little bit my Momma could get.” It points to the child’s needs that are being met through subsidies form the government. The need could be because the parent doesn’t or can’t provide the essentials for the child.
  • Don Donnie talks about the government as the solution in this respect, but one thing that the song doesn’t address is the role of the government in things being that way in the first place.
  • The subsidies put a patch on the long terms issue. It’s a temporary solution.
  • Heit also liked the lines, “Excuse my French, but muthafuck Mary Landry. My grandma barely standing.” He likes the play on words. She is a Democrat politician, but she is conservative leaning. She comes from privilege. She cannot empathize with this because she doesn’t have to worry about things that affect his grandmother.
  • Discussion about a Barack Obama supporter who said that we were bitter because we wanted a handout (which he didn’t provide) from Obama and that’s why we criticized him. Because we care about people in a terrible condition, this means we are in that position and have somehow brought it on ourselves. This attitude comes from a position of lacking concern for others.
  • Cheri doesn’t have a favorite line, but likes the overall theme of highlighting that there are people who don’t want to need the government, but they do.
  • His comments are a commentary about people who only look at the world through their lens as a “have” versus being a “have-not.” In the song, he also mentions that it ain’t what he knows, but who he knows. This acknowledges the role of having the proper contacts and connections in order to be successful.
  • Discussion about people who think that they are where they are solely through their own doing without discussing the role of their circumstances and class standing in their success.
  • Heit likes the name “government baby,” because it is like the government is acting in the role of the parent. The baby has no choice about the parent, yet needs the parent to survive.

Song 2: “No Government” – Nicolette

No government is a way of life.
No government means to trust your friends.
I know who I am, and you know who you are.
If everybody knew what they wanted,
There’d be nothing, nothing left.
People would do what they wanted,
And there’d be no government.
There’d be no government,
There’d be no government.
People would do what they wanted,
And there’d be no government.
There’d be no government.
There’d be no government.
People would do what they wanted,
And there’d be no government.
Life is me, tempting, refreshing me,
Making me stretch.
My body is flowing, and happy, and feeling refreshed.
My choices, believe me, are infinite, easy.
Exciting and mystical choices before me.
They tell me my life is a journey in no government.
If everybody lived in their bodies,
We’d have so much, so much time.
Touching would be such a passtime,
And we’d have such lazy days.
We’d have such lazy days,
For we’d kiss them away.
People would worship eachother,
And we’d have loose, lazy ways.
No government is an easy time.
No government is an exciting life.
We work for ourselves and we love for ourselves,
And for government.
There’d be no suffering,
There’d be no government.
The people would see, and let them be,
And we’d have no government.
There’d be no government.
There’d be no government.
People would see, and let them be,
And there’ll be no government.
No government is a way of life.

  • Cheri loves the sound of the music and her voice. There is a strangeness to the sound of the song that makes it unique.
  • Heit loves the way the snares came in at the beginning. He thinks she sounds like Erykah Badu, and Cheri thinks that she sounds like Billy Holiday and Eartha Kitt at times in the song.
  • The overall message seems to be the ideal of no government, both as in the state and in terms of the idea of self governance.
  • The song seems to have two different tones. In the second half of the song, it is as if she is speaking with a sarcastic tone while mocking the things that people who are in favor of government would say about the idea of having no government.
  • Is she saying that government is good or bad? She’s saying that mostly no government is a good idea, but there are drawbacks to it as well.
  • If we are not working towards perfection or the most ideal situation, then we will fall short of the best outcome.
  • Cheri liked the lines where she talks about all of the choices that open up when you are not beholden to government outside of oneself. The choices become more simple when you don’t have to have an external source telling you what to do.
  • Heit’s favorite line was, “No government means to trust your friends.” We talk about that a lot on Axiom Amnesia. People don’t trust themselves and their friends to do what is right, but they trust the things and people they don’t know.
  • We should be able to trust the people we know and not have to be so skeptical of those they know.
  • Discussion about how people put more trust into people they don’t know. You probably have a better chance of convincing a perfect stranger than people you do know.
  • People who know us in other capacities (as friends, family, etc.) tend to see us in those same roles, and have a hard time seeing the validity of our points.
  • Government officials and government are seen as more credible that people in your environment.
  • Further discussion about how difficult it can be to convince people you know.
  • People always talk about how they can relate to political candidates, but they can probably relate much more to people they actually know. They discount the credibility. People probably view the politician as higher on the credibility rung because they would prefer to take advice and direction from someone they feel is further along than them.