Have you ever noticed that people are crazy for solutions, but they often look to others for the answers? As always, we at Axiom Amnesia make it clear that it is not our role to decide what your solutions should be. On this episode of They Axiom Amnesia, Heit & Cheri continue to challenge every individual to decide which way they should go. Of course, it is good to discuss solutions and ideas, but not with the pretense of looking to others for the remedies to our own issues. We should all be actively involved in the resolution process.

Today, Heit & Cheri tackle the notion of three very different solutions. Topic discussed include Chicago Public Schools paying parents to pick up their child’s report card, being your child’s partner (rather than their dictator/boss), Oklahoma’s “open carry” gun law that took effect November 1st, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about whether The Axiom Amnesia Theory schedule will stay daily, Monday through Friday. Please give us your feedback!
  • This is the first show in a while where there is no election discussion.
  • We should talk about Back Friday every year.
  • Discussion about the Holiday Solutionists show that we recorded last year. It was one of the top shows. Please be sure to check it out.
  • Discussion about Chicago Public Schools’ new program that will pay parents $25 via a Walgreens gift card for coming to pick up their childrens’ report card.
  • Will this move actually make parents be more involved, or will it just be a transaction?
  • You cannot legislate and motivate people to be who you want them to be.
  • Perhaps this was a move to show an earnest attempt to get parents involved.
  • Typically parents must pick up report cards at least twice per year.
  • This is just a band-aid on the problem. The underlying issues that facilitate low parent involvement is never addressed by paying parents.
  • Walgreens being involved helps them look good and it brings revenue to the corporation. Since people will probably make sure to spend the entire gift card, they are going to spend more than the amount of money on the card.
  • Discussion about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel trying to suddenly appear to care about the children. He’s made it clear with some of his actions, that he does not care about the inner city youth.
  • Discussion about Jada Pinkett Smith claiming that she is her children’s partner and doesn’t dictate what they should do.
  • Discussion about their daughter Willow’s creativity. She can afford to be creative and free, because the consequences of not fitting in are not the same for her as a rich child as they are for a poor or middle class child.
  • The Smith kids are already stars, so her eclectic style is actually an asset in the entertainment field.
  • Some psychologists say that Willow needs therapy. She needs therapy because she dresses in a certain way? Right…
  • Sometimes the need to survive creates a different set of expectations which don’t allow the person to fully express his/her individuality.
  • Psychology is placing itself in a moral position to get people to adhere to the status quo. Individuality and being free is something that is not favored.
  • Jada thinks that by emphasizing individuality, the children are empowered.
  • This instills in children that their ideas matter. It gives them the confidence to be different.
  • Discussion about people who feel that being your child’s friend.
  • Discussion about the importance of parents listening to their children.
  • Dictatorial parents are basically prepping children to be dictated to–followers–for the rest of their lives.
  • Discussion about how parents’ fears lead to them trying to overprotect the child and not let them be in charge of their own life.
  • Discussion about Oklahoma’s new “open carry” gun law that went into effect on November 1st.
  • Discussion about how open carry laws in California were changed in response to the Black Panthers openly carrying guns while trying to make sure that everyone knew they had weapons and would defend themselves in response to aggression or attempted intimidation by others. This was a way to curb the intimidation by others in these settings. Now the trend seems to be moving back to open carry.
  • Imagine what it would be like to see regular citizens running around town with a gun on their hip.
  • Police officers carry their weapons openly in order to show that they have the upper hand and are the more powerful in the situation.
  • If you know that there is a chance that a person may be armed, you will be less likely to confront them.
  • Discussion about the criteria to conceal or open carry weapons.
  • People with mental health issues and sometimes felony convictions are often barred from legally owning and carrying guns. Just because you haven’t been caught or diagnosed doesn’t mean that a person is “fit” to carry a gun. A person could be quite skilled at eluding an accurate assessment of their eligibility concerning carrying guns.
  • Discussion about open carry of guns in the military.
  • Many of the things that bring about legal trouble disproportionately affect the poor. They don’t have the same opportunity to resolve the issues because they have no money.
  • It is probably a good idea to know whether a person is carrying a gun.
  • Knowing that a person may have a gun makes picking and choosing your battles more critical.
  • It will be interesting to see how these laws work out in Oklahoma.
  • What do you think about having an open carry, but a person choosing to still conceal it. Perhaps they want to maintain the advantage of knowing they have a gun, while others don’t know.
  • If someone has a gun, people have the right to decide if they want to be in the midst of that person.
  • Further discussion about conceal and carry vs. open carry of weapons.