In the aftermath of the 2012 elections, it seems like it was all about a “bans and drones race.” Voters chose to ban things like affirmative action and physician-assisted suicide, while Obama flew drones in Yemen soon after his reelection was sealed. None of this, however, deterred Puerto Rico from hoping to be the 51st state of these United States of America.

Topic discussed include Veterans Day, Obama flying drone strikes in Yemen the day after the election, Oklahoma approve affirmative action ban, Puerto Rico wanting to become a state, Massachusetts banning physican-assisted suicide, Texas talking about seceding from the union, a 2012 electoral map vs. Civil War map circulating on social media, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about the observation of Veterans Day.
  • Cheri wishes Heit a happy Veterans Day after he mentions that she didn’t tell him yet.
  • Heit & Cheri will honor Veterans Day by discussing the B.S. perpetrated by the military for the purposes of advancing corporate and government agendas.
  • antiwar

  • Discussion about Obama ordering drone strikes in Yemen the day after he won reelection.
  • The American people support this as evidenced by them voting for one of the two main parties in U.S. politics.
  • Discussion about the mentality that the United States should be the third-party directing the discussion between other nations.
  • People say that they are anti-war, but their actions say otherwise. They should just admit that they support killing babies.
  • Discussion about Oklahoma voters approving a ban on affirmative action in a ballot measure last week. They are doing this to try fight off lawsuits resulting from affirmative action conflicts.
  • This move makes discrimination more acceptable.
  • If you subscribe to the idea of capitalism, and you own a private business, you should be able to hire whom you want.
  • Discussion about “minorities” who don’t agree with affirmative action. We cannot say everything should be equal while not completely leveling the playing field. The haves have what they have through the forced labor of slaves.
  • Discussion about how right wing news media talk about about how whites are losing their grip on the country.
  • Discussion about how people who have “made it,” and were beneficiaries of affirmative action have the nerve to act as if everything they received is on the basis of their own merits. Justice Clarence Thomas is an example of this attitude.
  • Discussion about Puerto Rico wanting to become a state. They would like to become the 51st state. They would be required to pay federal taxes.
  • It would be a great learning experience to witness the process to become a state.
  • Discussion about the debt versus the deficit.
  • Discussion about Massachusetts banning physican-assisted suicide. People have a right to decide when they have had enough of life under. This is the right of the individual.
  • Discussion about the hypocrisy of the GOP being pro death penalty and anti-physician assisted suicide at the same time.
  • You should check out the documentary, The Suicide Tourist, which details the story of an American with ALS, who travels to Europe fir an assisted suicide.
  • This ballot measure for the Death with Dignity Act actually came down to who had the most money to campaign for/against physician-assisted suicide.
  • The bottom line is that you cannot take your life when you want to.
  • The vote on the measure was 51% to 49%.
  • Oregon and Washington are the only two states that allow physician-assisted suicide.
  • Texas is talking about seceding from the nation because of Obama’s reelection.
  • Discussion about an election map vs Civil War map that is making the rounds on social media:
    civil war map
  • The parties support the same basic ideas, but the point is to imply that the blue states are not racist, and are better than the red ones.