What is a “wildflower”? What exactly is a “broken home”? These terms bring to mind beauty, strength, and environmental fortitude. The wildflower sustains itself from what is available to it. Its very survival is a success story in “making do,” yet it is no less beautiful than the highly cultivated rose. Would we say that a wildflower comes from a BROKEN home? Why then do we refer to, more often than not, loving homes of certain struggling single parents as “broken”? Broken implies wrong, or needing to be fixed. What is there to be “fixed” when you have love and are making do?

On this musical episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri explore the beauty of wildflowers juxtaposed against the idea of broken homes via their commentary and analysis of “Wildflower” by CeeLo Green and “On Coming From A Broken Home” by Gil Scott-Heron.

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Segment 1

  • Mention of the song “Tuesdays and Thursdays” by the Hot Boys. The song is about how the cops harass people on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Discussion about CeeLo Green being accused of sexual assault in a sushi joint. It sounds like some woman he was dealing with made the accusation. At first, she made it sound like they didn’t know each other well, but it turns out that they had been seeing each other. Green denies the claims.
  • Discussion about CeeLo Green’s new Christmas album.

Song 1: “Wildflower” – CeeLo Green

All it takes is the moonlight
And as long as the weathers fair
Reacts through a river
Romance by the evening air

A fragrance on the flesh
This is who she is, don’t apologize
You are to awe her
But you’ll only have be beautiful in the beholder’s eye

Wonderful wildflower
Open up, let me see
Ooh, sexy hints in seasons
Share your sunshine with me

Oh, the picture is perfect
A keepsake ’cause the occasion’s rare
It’s a poetry in motion
I’m just proud to say that I was there

To pull her out of the ground
Standing out in the crowd, oh my, how she’s grown
Hold her with both my hands
And put her right on the table when I get her home

Wonderful wildflower
Open up, let me see
Ooh, sexy hints in seasons
Share your sunshine with me

Show those pretty colors, baby
Show them all to everyone
Everybody’s got a
Little light under the sun

Wonderful wildflower
Open up, let me see
Ooh, sexy hints in seasons
Share your sunshine with me

Wonderful wildflower
Open up, let me see
Ooh, sexy hints in seasons
Share your sunshine with me

    ceelo green pussy cat

  • The best thing about CeeLo Green is his willingness to be unique. Who else sits there with a parrot on his shoulder, petting a pussy cat in wild costumes?
  • The beat makes you wanna move your body and bob your head. The song also makes you wanna smile.
  • Heit’s favorite part was the hook.
  • Cheri likes that this is a unique way to talk about a woman–not the main run-of-the-mill song.
  • The thing about a wildflower is that it’s not a rose, but still has beauty. To say that sexy is in season, is that the blossoming of the wildflower is an indicator that sexy is in season.
  • The double entendre of the sexual references also makes the song interesting. It is a sexy song without being so obvious. CeeLo delivers the song in a very carefree manner.
  • This song has an old school feel to it, and actually the entire album, “Lady Killer,” is like this.
  • CeeLo Green is in his own category–his own genre.
  • Discussion about CeeLo Green’s work on the show “The Voice,” and how good he is as a music mentor.
  • Discussion that the bad thing about these singing competition shows is that the mentors want to change the artists to make them a star, and how this infringes on the artists’ expression. A really good mentor can help the artist enhance their talent without trying to change them solely for the sake of marketing.
  • Discussion of the assumption that people who make music as a means of expression are seeking to be famous. This is not necessarily true.
  • Cheri’s favorite line was, “Hold her with both my hands and put her right on the table when I get her home.” She likes it because of the sexual reference. It’s hot!
  • When you think about a wildflower, it’s roots are deep and you would probably have to hold it with two hands to pluck it from the ground. Also when you hold something with two hands you’re being careful with it–a delicate wildflower.

Song 2: “On Coming From A Broken Home” – Gil Scott-Heron

I want to make this a special tribute
to a family that contradicts the concepts
heard the rules but wouldn’t accept
and women-folk raised me
and i was full grown before i knew
I came from a broken home

sent to live with my grandma down south
when my uncles was leaving
and my grandfather had just left for heaven
they said and as every-ologist would certainly note
i had no strong male figure right?
But lily Scott was absolutely not your mail order room service type cast black grandmother
i was moved in with her; temporarily, just until things were patched,
til this was patched and til that was patched
until i became at 3, 4, 5,6 ,7, 8, 9 and 10
the patch that held lily Scott who held me and like them 4
i become one more and I loved her from the absolute marrow of my bones
and we was holdin on,
i come from a broken home
She had more then the 5 senses
she knew more then books could teach
and raised everyone she touched just a little bit higher
and all around her there was a natural sense
as though she sensed what the stars say what the birds say
what the wind and the clouds say
a sensual soul and self that African sense
and she raised me like she raised 4 of her own
and i was hurt and scared and shocked when lily Scott left suddenly one night
and they sent a limousine from heaven to take her to god, if there is one.
So i knew she had gone; and
i came from a broken home

  • Cheri says that she can relate to how he talked about the love he had for his grandmother–the same love she had for her grandfather to whom she was very close.
  • Discussion about how his move was supposed to be a temporary situation. These things always start off as “temporary.” Perhaps because if we knew that it would be permanent from the start, it would make coping with the reality of the situation much more difficult. As you become acclimated, temporary to permanent is not always such a bad thing.
  • Discussion about visiting relatives you don’t know for the first time–they are complete strangers.
  • Discussion about how Scott-Heron delivers the line, “Until I became at 3, 4, 5,6 ,7, 8, 9 and 10.” His delivery makes you feel the passage of time.
  • Cheri liked the following lines because they reminded her so much of her grandfather:

    the patch that held lily Scott who held me and like them 4
    i become one more and I loved her from the absolute marrow of my bones
    and we was holdin on,
    i come from a broken home
    She had more then the 5 senses
    she knew more then books could teach

  • Discussion about the fact that everything cannot be written into books. Some of it comes from that natural sense that Scott-Heron speaks of.
  • Discussion about musicians who use that “natural sense” in music, and don’t know how to read music.
  • Discussion about how Heit & Cheri developed this podcast using their natural senses. It never followed the established rules for what a podcast should be.
  • Discussion about how people pursue things that aren’t really their talent. For instance, how people can learn the technical aspects of playing music, but there is something extra that the great performers have–a natural sense.
  • There are probably some things that you just have to have within you to do; perhaps even the revolutionary spirit as well.
  • Mention of Whitney Houston as an example of this phenomenon.

And so my life has been guided
All the love I needed was provided
And through my mothers sacrifices I saw where her life went
To give more than birth to me, but life to me
And this ain’t one of the clich├ęs about black women being strong
Cause hell if you’re weak, you’re gone
But life courage determined to do more than just survive
And too many homes have a missing woman or man
Without the feeling of missing love
Maybe they are homes that are hurt
But they are no real lives that hurt without reach
But not broken
Unless the homes of soldiers – stationed overseas
Or lost in battles or broken
Unless the homes of firemen, policemen, construction workers,
seamen, railroad men, truckers, pilots
Who lost their lives – but not what their lives stood for…
Because men die, men lose, they are lost and they leave
And so do women …
I came from what they called “a broken home”
But they ever really called it “a house”
They would have known how wrong they were
We were working on our lives and our homes
Dealing with what we had, not what we didn’t have
My life has been guided by women
But because of them – I am the man.
God bless you mama – and thank you.

  • Discussion about being from a “broken home” is something that is only applied to a certain segment of the population. Nobody ever says that children of fallen servicemen, police men and the like come from broken homes, as Scott-Heron notes in his lyrics.
  • Discussion about the constant external judgement assessing peoples’ circumstances. So many decisions are made for people on the basis of an outward assessment, not knowing what they are talking about.
  • Even though Scott-Heron talks about being from a broken home, he’s speaking from the external view of his circumstances.
  • Discussion about the way he ends the song.
  • Gil Scott-Heron samples Kanye West’s song, “Flashing Lights,” featuring Dwele. West became great, partly, because of his samples, so for a legend like Gil Scott-Heron to sample Kanye West is a great tribute. If you know know who Gil Scott-Heron is, check out “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” and “Whitey’s on the Moon.”
  • Discussion about Kanye West and his relationship with his mother, Donda West. He might have been considered to have come from a broken home as well.
  • Discussion about the lines, “And through my mothers sacrifices. I saw where her life went. She gave more than birth to me, but life to me.” Some people think of giving life as giving birth, but it’s so much more. Life is who you are.
  • Discussions about the sacrifice mothers and fathers make to raise their children–in time spent and doing things to sustain them. This is where their time goes.
  • His grandmother had a natural sense that allowed her to be guided through life. She was a “wildflower,” growing and living off of what she had, not concentrating on what was missing.