“Free movement” is something that isn’t learned–we’re born with it! There’s something inside of us all that feeds the desire to move freely, both physically and ideologically. And, when this right is impeded, it’s like lighting a powder keg that will eventually explode.

On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri challenge you to look beyond the superficial impressions of current events to see what’s really happening with Israel’s recent strikes on Palestine, petitions by citizens from all 50 states to secede from the U.S., Cornel West calling Obama a “Rockerfeller Republican in blackface,” the Petraeus scandal, a new dance called “skitting,” and more!

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about Israel’s strikes on Palestine. One of the heads of Hamas was killed this week. All the news reports tout the “terrorists” who were killed, but what about the innocent Palestinian people who were killed?
  • Israel makes aggressive moves on Palestine, then when they retaliate, Israel tries to play the victim.
  • Discussion about how Israel came into existence, with outside nations sanctioning the move of people into that region and ultimately occupying the inhabitants.
  • Discussion about how you cannot travel freely to anywhere in the world. You are subject to whatever the “gatekeeper” nations say you must do to gain entry. It shouldn’t be this way. These countries are like the troll under the bridge.
  • The whole idea of being subject to the laws of the land is being subject to something that you didn’t agree to.
  • In the Israel/Palestine conflict, while it is unfortunate, the Israelis are paying for the wrongdoing of their ancestors by settling land that wasn’t rightfully theirs–not to mention pushing out the people who had lived there for centuries.
  • Discussion about the enslavement of Blacks in America as an example of this type of rule. Mention of a woman who signed her children on for servitude (post-slavery), in addition to herself, in order to pay off a debt.
  • Discussion about people starting petitions to the government for their states to secede from the United States. The whole idea makes sense actually, given that there is a conflict of principles and people are dissatisfied.
  • Discussion about the logistics of possible secession.
  • Clarification on the misconception that states are seeking to secede–not true. It is citizens who have filed petitions on WhiteHouse.gov, not the states.
  • The people who oppose the secession petitions call the petitioners crazy. However, the petitioners are opposed to the direction the nation is going. Why shouldn’t they express their dissatisfaction. If you don’t agree with the policies of the practices of the nation, then maybe it makes sense to look toward a smaller union as an answer.
  • Discussion about what might happen if Texas seceded and became a territory. There could be some benefits to this.
  • Discussion about the benefits of multiple states seceding from the Union. The country wouldn’t have the same military and political might to commit all the atrocities it does around the world. A decentralized government would have potentially better outcomes in reducing these issues.
  • Further discussion paralleling the government with a big business–the CEO and upper managers are not the ones creating the productivity.
  • People can also decide to secede as a people, not limited necessarily to those within geographical borders.
  • Heit & Cheri agree that the move for secession is more symbolic than anything.
  • It would take more states to secede at once, because if it was only one state, the government would deploy troops to that state. There’d be tanks in the street.
  • Could secession be accomplished without violence?
  • The governors of the states have no incentive to want secession, therefore the people would be fighting both the state and federal governments.
  • Lawmakers who do actually call for secession are just doing it to make people believe that is their stance. It’s basically a marketing tactic.
  • All of the people who are calling for secession are not racists. It’s not all about people being upset because the president is Black.
  • Much of the call for secession has to do with Barack Obama. When it comes to his supporters, they tend to believe that anyone critical of him is a racist or you are a self-hating Black person who doesn’t want to see another Black succeed.
  • Discussion about Cornel West calling Barack Obama a “Rockerfeller Republican in blackface.” Heit & Cheri have made similar comments based on Obama’s policies.
  • There seems to be a deficit in logic on the part of Obama supporters. Much of it is idol worship, but they don’t want to accept the things that he has done. Or, if they do accept it, they make excuses for what he has done.
  • Some people feel that West is angry with Obama for personal reasons, but this doesn’t matter if he is telling the truth about Obama’s policies.
  • Discussion about the hesitance of many Blacks to criticize Obama because he is Black.
  • It doesn’t matter what color the president is if he is making decisions that are putting us all into a worse situation.
  • Mention of the Petraeus scandal.
  • Discussion about the evolution of Black dance as it relates to the recent dance people are doing called, “skitzing,” “skitting,” or “skits.” Check out this video of the group called Real Young Nation doing the dance:

  • The style of dance looks like it evolved from Louisiana jigging and Dallas Boogie. They are acting out the words of the song.
  • Discussion about the evolution of dancing coming full circle from more choreographed dances in the 1980s to more free movements today.
  • The movements are always fluid and smooth as they act out the lyrics.
  • It seems that dance is now back to its roots from way back. It is like you would imagine dance during slave times–free expression by the individual. It contains a lot of the person’s personality and their physical abilities. This is so different than traditional dances like the Waltz. It’s amazing to see people move their bodies this way.
  • The youngsters who people criticize so much are actually doing some revolutionary dances. Heit explains how one of his young cousins told him about the dance the “Beef it Up.”
  • It would be cool if we could have recorded things from our childhoods the way children now have such easy access to technology.
  • We have launched a new podcast called Axiom Amnesia Briefs, which are audio versions of our articles from AxiomAmnesia.com