During coverage of Israel’s current rash of violence against the people of Palestine in Gaza, the mainstream American media frequently makes the claim that “Hamas started this fight.” They point to Hamas launching rockets into Israel over the past months as evidence of this.

Take this and similar claims, with the implication of how Israelis are victims of Palestinian violence with a grain of salt–or even as outright lies. The fact is that the conflict started way before Hamas was founded in 1987. The current conflict is part of decades of violence facilitated by the ancestors of those now known as Israelis who decided to settle in, and subsequently take over and occupy, lands where Palestinians had lived for centuries. This became official in 1947, when Israel became a recognized country, but the occupiers descended on the land prior to that.

THAT is what started this fight. Now, when it comes to the latest rounds of violence. Once of the biggest issues, besides the obvious occupation of Palestine by Israel, is the blockade–no products in or out–that Israel instituted on Palestine. They are preventing the move of much-needed goods in and out of the Gaza Strip–everyday needs like toiletries and food. The only exception is humanitarian aid, which is also subject to the discretion of Israel.

This blockade MUST be lifted for the sake of the literal and economic survival of the people of Palestine. We talk more about this in Episode 079: Max Out Yo Credit, Then Don’t Pay It of The Axiom Amnesia Theory with Heit & Cheri.

In the meantime, please share your thoughts on the current conflict between Israel and Palestine. Who do you think is responsible for the continued conflict in Palestine? Do you think that a ground war is imminent?