Everyone’s heard the saying “pride goes before a fall,” and national pride is no different. Economic power is the name of the game as nations allow their pride to guide their decisions. All of the decisions made in the name of love of country on the part of the government have economic interests. In the end, however, that national pride will go before the fall.

On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri discuss nations’ quest for power and control. Topics discussed include West African bloc to commit 3,300 troops in a Mali, lifting the U.S. embargo on Cuba, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, an update on the Afghan Massacre/Staff Sergeant Bales pre-trial hearing, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about plans for the West African bloc to commit 3,300 troops in a Mali battle plan.

    (Reuters) – West Africa’s regional bloc ECOWAS agreed on Sunday to commit 3,300 troops to help recapture northern Mali, part of battle plans that will be sent for United Nations approval by the end of November, the group’s chairman said.

    The troops would mostly come from Nigeria, Niger and Burkina Faso, but other West African countries and two or three non-African states may also contribute forces, Ivory Coast President Alassane Outtara told reporters in Nigeria’s capital.

  • Why are they asking the UN for permission? Because they cannot make decisions on their own while trying to gain acceptance from the Western world. Meanwhile, the larger countries don’t give a damn about UN approval.
  • The U.S. will unilaterally invade sovereign nations and ask questions later.
  • Obviously there are economic interests in why they are complying with the West.
  • Discussion about letting nations solve issues on their own, without third-party intervention.
  • Discussion about the leadership of Mali gaining control by coup. There is a problem when you have an established power that has been in control for so long, and their adversaries don’t want this.
  • It would be nice to see these countries give a middle finger to the West.
  • For many of these countries in a crisis mode, it is difficult for them to form a long term plan while trying to put out fires.
  • Discussion about the World Bank making sure that countries remain in deep debt to them as they fund both sides of wars.
  • Why don’t the countries within the geographic area solve their own problems? Why don’t some of the Muslim countries help Palestine? Because they are all under the control of the West. They see what is happening, don’t like it, but are unwilling to lose favor with the nations that are in control of the world.
  • Discussion about the U.S. embargo on Cuba. It started in 1960 and became even more stringent in 1962. It’s been in place all this time.

    But this week’s overwhelming international censure of the U.S. embargo against Cuba — a 188-3 vote of condemnation by the U.N. General Assembly — was a sobering reminder of how little has changed between the Cold War adversaries despite President Obama’s 2008 campaign vow to end half a century of ideological standoff. – LA Times

  • Measures put into place by Western countries–like these embargoes–are used to say that the political or economic system in that country doesn’t work. Actually, what’s happening is these nations are being blocked from economic stability by other more powerful nations that basically cause them to become economically isolated.
  • The U.S. cannot be pressured to lift their embargo on Cuba though. They do what they want, as do other large and powerful UN nations.
  • Discussion of the sanctions against Iraq and Iran, and the effects on the people. It’s the people who suffer and die, not the heads of state. They are trying to get the people to revolt against the leaders because of the terrible conditions caused by economic sanctions, but people die in the process.
  • Essentially the United States has conspired against Cuba to prevent and pressure other nations not to trade with them.
  • Mention of Michael Moore’s documentary, “Sicko,” where Americans actually went and got free health care in Cuba.
  • Much of the hostilities people around the world have against Americans have to do with the foreign policies of the nation.
  • Discussion about the Israel and Palestine conflict.
  • U.S. tax dollars go to fund bombing babies in Palestine.
  • Discussion about tomorrow being Thanksgiving.
  • Black Friday has moved to Black Thursday. It’s all about money.
  • Discussion about how every Thanksgiving people who are anti-Thanksgiving come up with their pitches for not celebrating with family because of the bloody history of the holiday. Of course they will be posting nonstop on Facebook and Twitter about this.
  • Don’t pass up a chance to hang out with your family
  • Discussion about the latest in the case of Staff Sergeant Bales, who is accused on single-handedly murdering 17 Afghan civilians–mostly women and children.
  • In a recent pre-trial hearing, an investigator testified that witnesses say that they saw other soldiers there when the killings took place. Of course, we already told you that others were involved in the massacre back when it occurred in March. There is no way that he was able to travel those distances between two separate villages, with full gear on foot, as was originally reported:
  • Why has the mainstream media been ignoring it all this time? Why do they want to pin it all on one person? Because it was an actual operation–the entire unit decided to go and kill some people. It is an official operation because of the authority those people in charge had to act on behalf of the Army. They have a certain level of responsibility that allows them to act in an official capacity.
  • It was actually the wife of one of the men who was murdered in the massacre who said that there were multiple men present. One even prevented her from following as they hauled her husband from the home and shot him.
  • When the massacre occurred, the villagers reported seeing and entire unit of soldiers who appeared to be drunk. They also reported seeing helicopters.
  • Reports are now suggesting that Staff Sgt. Bales was illegally using steroids and alcohol. He was also on anti-malaria pills, which have documented side-effects of violence.
  • They don’t want to listen to Afghan witnesses. They don’t care. The investigators didn’t even make it there until weeks later to interview the witnesses!
  • Why doesn’t Bales just tell the truth? Because it would make him look crazy. Besides, he would still be implicated. He was also in a leadership role.
  • The U.S. doesn’t need to be in Afghanistan any longer. Of course they are actually trying to negotiate staying beyond 2014.
  • Please read our coverage of the Afghan Massacre. These villagers had fled when the occupation started, but they returned to the area after being assured that it was safe.
  • Nobody cared what happened to these 17 people, but people are up in arms about the U.S. Ambassador to Libya who was killed.
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