On this Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about love and what it looks like–or at least what people think it looks like. After all, we’ve already established that people tend to pay more attention to what things look like than the actual reality. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri don’t just stop at discussing attention to the ideals of love. They also shed light on our selective attention to things, based on what we expect to see, and attention paid to those in need.

Topics discussed include Valentine’s Day, the latest on the Chris Dorner case, Dorner’s wallet being found twice, the Sheriff lying about them intentionally burning down the cabin, reports that Dorner’s mother ate chips and salsa while watching shootout coverage, whether Dorner was a narcissist, Marco Rubio’s famous swig of water during his speech, selective attention tests–missing the big picture, judging romantic interests by their looks and the looks of their actions, Valentine’s Day customs in school and at home, giving people money and gifts arousing suspicion, giving money to beggars who appear to be drug addicts or alcoholics, addiction as a health issue, drunk drivers being criminalized, how much control people really have over their additions to drugs and other things, people with mental health issues benefiting from the recent push for mental health treatment related to gun control, being honest about people driving after drinking, the way judges treat people in court, and more!

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Segment 1

  • Discussion about Valentine’s Day.
  • Discussion about the latest in the Christopher Dorner case.
  • The police apparently found Dorner’s wallet twice. They originally said that they found his wallet and other belongings near the Mexican border:

    Dorner allegedly attempted to steal a boat in San Diego and, after subduing the captain, said he was taking the vessel to Mexico, according to an affidavit filed with a criminal complaint in federal court in Los Angeles. Dorner is accused of telling the captain that he could recover his boat in Mexico.

    “The attempt failed when the bow line of the boat became caught in the boat’s propeller, and the suspect fled,” according to the affidavit by inspector U.S. Marshal Craig McClusky.

    After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner’s wallet and identification cards “at the San Ysidro Point of Entry” near the U.S.-Mexico border.
    Source: LA Times

  • Now they say they found his wallet in the rubble of the cabin–the cabin they burned down on purpose.

    The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said charred human remains were found in the rubble where Christopher Dorner is said to have been cornered Tuesday. “We have reason to believe that it is him,” sheriff’s spokeswoman Cynthia Bachman said.

    A wallet with a California driver’s license bearing the name Christopher Dorner also was found, the Associated Press reported, citing a law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation but declined to be named because of the ongoing probe.
    Source: USA Today

  • burned cabin

  • How could an in tact wallet with readable identification be found in this burned building?
  • Discussion about the Sheriff saying that they did not intentionally burn the cabin down, but the police scanner audio of the incident says different:
  • Here’s what the Sheriff had to say:

    San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon on Wednesday denied that California police had intentionally set a cabin on fire with fugitive ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner inside.

    “I can tell you that it was not on purpose, we did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out,” he said at a press conference. “The tear gas canisters that we used — first off we used a presence when we showed up, a cold tear gas, then the next tear gas was pyrotechnic, which does generate a lot of heat. We introduced those canisters into the residence and a fire arose.”

    Police scanners captured officers saying “fucking burn this motherfucker” and “we’re gonna go forward with the plan, with — with the burn” on Tuesday as they engaged the quadruple murder suspect.
    Source: Raw Story

  • Actually, they didn’t burn it down to get him out, they did it to burn him to death.
  • Further discussion about the lies told in this case. They will probably let the case boil over for a few weeks.
  • Discussion about Black blogs reporting that Dorner’s mother was eating salsa and chips while she watched the shootout coverage on TV. It is a shame the way they are harassing Dorner’s family.
  • Discussion about Sandra Rose talking about Dorner and his mother possibly being narcissists. She is a nurse in addition to being a blogger.
  • Discussion about whether Dorner’s actions point to him being a narcissist.
  • Discussion about people continuing to talk about Marco Rubio’s famous swig of water during his speech.
  • Discussion about selective attention tests. We discovered discussion about these tests related to a study of radiologists. The idea is that they spend so much time focused on looking for cancer on scans that they might miss the big things going on in the scan. In the study, they embedded a picture of a gorilla and most of the radiologists missed the gorilla while looking for cancer on the scan.
  • You can test your own selective attention ability at The Invisible Gorilla’s website. In these tests, you are instructed to do a task, meanwhile something in the video is changing. You’ll be asked whether you noticed what changed. Most people don’t catch these changes.
  • The main idea of the selective attention phenomenon is that you will see what you are looking for (if it is there). If it’s not there, you won’t see anything, even missing the other big things going on.
  • Discussion about how we need to take the media with this same understanding–that we are being directed to look at certain things and ignore (or not see) other things.
  • Discussion about judging people by their looks and the looks of their actions. It’s important to look beneath just the looks of a person and the looks of their action. For instance, on Valentine’s Day people will be checking to see who bought what for whom–and making judgement on the basis of these things.
  • Discussion about Valentine’s Day customs in school and at home–the heart candies and mini greeting cards. School teaches kids how to be good consumers and capitalists. they teach you how to count change and be a cashier.
  • Discussion about giving children who are strangers money. Heit explains how he gave some kids a dollar. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but in this day and age it is a shame that being nice to people arouses suspicion.
  • Discussion about people feeling the need to announce every time they do a good deed.
  • Discussion about giving money to beggars who appear to be drug addicts or alcoholics. If they need, why are people trying to judge what they think the person will do with the money.
  • Cheri discusses a situation where a man who was asking for money for food threw away the food when she gave it to him.
  • Heit discusses a situation where a guy who was a crackhead told him a story about saving a woman from driving drunk. But, it was when the man showed him a deformed hunk of flesh on his stomach that Heit and his friends decided to give the man money he was asking for to buy crack. Actually, they may have saved someone from being knocked over the head and being robbed because they gave him the cash for his hit.
  • Discussion about people who are in chronic physical or psychological pain that self-medicate.
  • Discussion about addiction as a health issue. Why is it a crime under the law? Of course, if you have money, you are less likely to be treated like a criminal because of actions related to your addiction.
  • Discussion about drunk drivers being criminalized.
  • Discussion about how much control people really have over their additions to drugs and other things.
  • Discussion about the spotlight on mental illness related to gun control, which will in turn possibly provide the much needed services for people who have mental health issues.
  • How many people have driven after having had an alcoholic beverage? If people were being honest, they would admit that they have driven after drinking.
  • Discussion about it being illegal to drink and drive, regardless of the legal blood alcohol limit you have.
  • Discussion about shutting up and getting an attorney after being accused of a crime.
  • Discussion about the way judges treat people in court.
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