Let’s talk about “the REAL negative deal”. People spend a lot of time talking about being “positive” (rather than “negative”), whilst giving very little thought to the subjective nature of their own accusations of negativity. You say you want positive stories, but is avoidance of what you label “negative stories” addressing the issues that will help to change the circumstances? On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri address their decision not to candy-coat their cultural criticism and political commentaries. They also illustrate the need to deal with issues of race and class head on, as illustrated by current events.

Topics discussed include a picture of a Huff Post Live host (who has a law degree) interviewing a cat, whether a college degree is a necessity for credibility, a book of “African American Firsts”, how the mainstream version of history doesn’t account for the accomplishments of non-Europeans, criticism of CNN and MSNBC for the lack of diversity in their lineup, whether it matters that there is a lack of Black and brown representation in media, Black media needing to step up its game, politics of Michael Baisden leaving radio, people wanting “feel-good” messages, discussion about people who say “You’re too ‘negative’! Why don’t you concentrate on some ‘good’ stories?”, people have the mindstate of looking to others to control and guide their emotions–telling them what to think and how to feel about various issues, schools placed on lockdown because a man with an umbrella was thought to have an assault rifle, Cedric the Entertainer explaining how Black folks run when they see other folks running, what we’re giving up in the name of “security”, Axiom Amnesia being a DIY operation–Heit & Cheri do EVERYTHING that it takes to deliver Axiom Amnesia’s content, and more!

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Segment 1

    huffington post

  • Discussion about a Huffington Post photo that they tried to make a meme out of. It’s a pic of one of their Huff Post Live hosts (who has a law degree) interviewing a cat. This is really a commentary on them and the fact that they are full of it…
  • Apparently you need a law degree to get the job so that you can interview a cat. This is true of most of the “new school” group of news pundits. They have to be “accomplished” or be the recipients of nepotism to be allowed to share their ideas on TV.
  • Discussion about going to school to gain enough credibility to explain that you don’t need a degree to be credible.
  • unless you have a specialized need–doctors, nurses, ets.–then you don’t need a degree. If you can pass comprehensive exams to show you have the knowledge to
  • African American Firsts

  • Discussion about a book that Heit & Cheri picked up from the library that discusses about 600+ pages of African American Firsts.
  • Societal “standards” are the mainstream (white) standard, so it is considered a great accomplishment when Blacks achieve something first–or even at all, given the historic and present obstacles.
  • Mention about how the media and news networks are all white.
  • Discussion about how the few Black and brown faces on national news programs are being pushed out on CNN and MSNBC.
  • Discussion about how the accepted, mainstream version of history doesn’t account for the accomplishments of non-Europeans (generally speaking)–it is told from the perspective of Europeans. As consequence, we have American history that leaves out many contributions from the people who were already present here when Europeans came over.
  • The “founding fathers” are not the forefathers of the majority of Blacks and browns in the country–on the contrary, they were the slaveowners and “masters” of our forefathers.
  • Discussion about not being so socially self-centered–giving no though to people who don’t fall within your group (whether you’re talking about gender, race, class, etc.).
  • Discussion about the criticism of CNN and MSNBC for the lack of diversity in their lineup. We are told that these changes were motivated by ratings.

    Several commentators have recently noticed that, for all of the turnover in cable news these days, one thing is constant: the faces being shuffled around all seem to be white.

    CNN chief Jeff Zucker recently toasted Jake Tapper, who has just started his show on the network, as “the face of the new CNN.”

    Richard Prince, the veteran journalist and longtime campaigner for diversity in the media, took to his “Journal-isms” column and wondered, “Why Is the Network’s ‘Face’ Invariably White?” Television critic Eric Deggans also chimed in with a column entitled, “Cable News Is Still Unbearably White.”

    Prince and Deggans have a point: CNN, which recently let go of its most high-profile anchor of color, Soledad O’Brien, replaced her with a white man, Chris Cuomo. In the afternoons, Wolf Blitzer gave up one of his hours to another white man, Tapper. Though Zucker met with both the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalist to try to address their concerns, there has been no overt sign from CNN that it is considering bringing on any more anchors of color. A CNN spokesperson pointed to the network’s recent hiring of Pamela Brown, George Howell and Alina Machado as a sign of its commitment to diversity, though none of them will be anchoring shows.
    Source: Huffington Post

  • Does it matter that there is a lack of Black and brown representation? Not really, because the ones who were on the news were still speaking from the rich, white male perspective for the most part.
  • Discussion about TJ Holmes (ex-CNN anchor) and his new show on BET being canceled in record time.
  • Discussion about Black media needing to step up its game. Writing articles from secondary sources, rather than doing any real journalism on their own. They aren’t doing anything more than the average person can do by simply reading articles on mainstream sites and writing their content based on that.
  • Discussion about Dr. Boyce Watkin’s video on “Why Michael Baisden Was Able to Negotiate Like a MAN and Not a Little Boy” prior to his exit from his radio show.
  • It seems like Baisden wants to be on the radio, but his negotiations didn’t work out. Watkins tried to spin it as he is okay with not being on the radio because Baisden knew he could go on to other things. If he wanted to be independent, you don’t need to try to negotiate with these corporations.
  • With all of the different show formats available, who are people still trying to get deals? Radio makes it much more easy to reach listeners, versus podcasting and other formats.
  • Discussion about how Michael Baisden was reportedly locked out of the studio after his negotiations fell through.
  • If you are no longer working for a company, why would you think that you would have continued access to the facilities?
  • These corporations do not love the personalities. They just love the money the personalities make for their stations.
  • Discussion about how Smiley & West’s show was removed from multiple stations because of their criticism of Obama.
  • Michael Baisden was an Obama cheerleader. Nevertheless, even if you are pushing the agenda that the corporations love, it won’t save you when they view you as getting out of line.
  • Discussion about how radio companies view complaints against their personalities.
  • When it comes to any form of infotainment, the corporation will impede upon your ability to speak freely. The trade-off is that you get money and support from the corporation.
  • Many Blacks will boycott Black shows who speak out on issues in ways they find offensive–like criticizing Obama, and will support others who don’t have their interest in mind.
  • Discussion about people wanting “feel-good” messages.
  • Discussion about people who say that Axiom Amnesia is “too negative”. Apparently, to tell the truth is to be negative.
  • “You’re too ‘negative’! Why don’t you concentrate on some ‘good’ stories?”

    The world is full of people who will give you the rose-colored glasses, and who will lie to you and put candy-coating on every little thing. That’ just not what we do here. We have too many things that have to talk about that need to be addressed to focus on that. We’re telling it like it is in our area of concentration. – Cher

  • It’s funny what people characterize as “negative”.
  • If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Why do we need to focus on the things that we are not looking to change? If you’re thinking about getting your house remodeled, and you decide that the kitchen and bathroom need an overhaul, do you constantly talk about the bedroom you’re perfectly satisfied with? No! You focus on the things that need to be changed… Why is that so hard to understand?
  • We have a finite amount of time to talk about these issues (2.5 hours per week). We are talking about specific issues that need to be addressed, keeping in mind that there is a finite amount of time for discussion.
  • People like it when the police look for things that are wrong. If you’re doing it in a good way–so you can correct it–people view it differently.
  • Our mindsets determine how we interpret this information. When Heit & Cheri hear this information it’s a motivation for change. It motivates them to research, learn more, and hep others to understand the issues better.
  • The problem is that people have the mindstate of looking to others to control and guide their emotions–telling them what to think and how to feel about various issues. Lead yourselves…
  • Discussion about when leading yourself goes wrong. A guy was walking down the street with an umbrella, and people reported that he had an assault rifle. This is indicative of this heightened sense of alert after the heavily publicized mass shootings.

    A typical Tuesday morning for 42-year-old Michael Di Marzo quickly became a citywide multi-jurisdictional manhunt for him and what witnesses thought was a assault rifle in his hand.

    Three schools were locked down and delayed as police scoured the area by ground and air, looking for a man described by a teenage tipster as wearing black clothes and a ski mask.

    It wasn’t realized until hours later what was believed to be something along the lines of an AR-15 or AK-47 was more of a AU-15: a 15-inch compact “assault umbrella.”

    The “ski mask” was a pulled-up black turtle neck sweater paired with a black watch cap.

    Di Marzo had no idea he was at the center of the hunt as he continued about his day March 12, visiting his mother, who had been suffering from complications with diabetes, and doing errands around town.

    He took his usual bus routes through town and returned home around 2 p.m., walking the rest of the way through his east Olympia neighborhood.

    That’s when he noticed a helicopter overhead.
    Source: The Olympian

  • Why did they lock down the schools? Perhaps they wanted to protect areas where there were large amounts of people–protect the innocent among us.
  • Discussion about making our lives a living hell because something happens every once in a while. What are we giving up for this false sense of security? Rest assured, if someone is heavily armed, the few security guards will be no match.
  • Discussion about Cedric the Entertainer explaining how Black folks run when they see other folks running.
  • We should be asking ourselves what we are giving up for what we think we are getting? We want guarantees where there are none, but the world doesn’t work like that.
  • You want the positive stories, but you are unwilling to think the best of a person. You want a positive story, but you’re “negative” yourself. You want us to make you feel better by candy-coating our content. Give yourself whatever positivity you’re looking for.
  • Discussion about Axiom Amnesia being a DIY operation–Heit & Cheri do EVERYTHING that it takes to deliver Axiom Amnesia’s content. They put in more than full-time hours doing the work that doesn’t even feel like work. We are completely independent media.
  • Discussion about how most people who start blogs and podcasts quit within a few months.
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