When it comes to interpersonal interactions, the constitution of the relationship–what it’s made of–makes all the difference. How we view others in relation to ourselves is the foundation of our coexistence with them. So, it’s not surprising that when we view others as significantly different from ourselves, we have difficulty relating to them. It is this enmity between “us” and “them” that leaves the opening for self-justified mistreatment of “those people”. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri take a closer look at attempts to use “criminal” status as a justification for denial of rights. They also tackle the challenges of relatability and relationships in this social world.

Topics discussed include the unconstitutionality of felons being prevented from owning firearms, why some states are more popular when it comes to politics and mainstream media coverage, state governors trying to make it to the national stage, politicians and others trying to build their brands for personal gain, the movie “Bourne Legacy”, media using movies to sway public opinion on pertinent issues, wife that bought billboard to expose cheating husband, a father’s arrest for non-payment of child support prompted by him posing on Facebook with money, personal responsibility when having children with deadbeats, the complexities of childcare and financial support after parents go their separate ways, Heit & Cheri’s take on relationships, reality shows, stereotypes, and more!

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    relationship fights over kids
    felons and firearms

  • Discussion about the unconstitutionality of felons being prevented from owning firearms. Just because you’ve been convicted of a crime doeesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to protect yourself.

    A judge ruled Thursday that a Louisiana law prohibiting felons from carrying firearms was in violation of a recently ratified constitutional amendment, according to The Times-Pacayune.

    “The courts cannot question the wisdom of fundamental law and frustrate the will of the people; their function is to interpret and apply that law,” he wrote. “After reviewing the law and applying a strict scrutiny standard, the Court finds La R.S. 14:95.1 unconstitutional in its entirety.”

    Louisiana voters approved a constitutional amendment last November to subject any gun law to the highest standard of scrutiny by a court, a level of judicial review that few laws pass.
    Source: Raw Story

  • Why are some states more popular when it comes to politics and coverage in the mainstream media? Perhaps this is related to population and influence in Washington.
  • Discussion about state governors trying to make it to the national stage. This also affects the popularity of the state an media coverage.
  • Discussion about Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal. There are tax cuts in the state that are affecting schools and other services.
  • Discussion about Chicago schools cutting school funding and closing schools, yet they are putting money into parks.
  • Discussion about politicians and others trying to build their brands by trying to appear revolutionary.
  • Is it all the media that cause us to focus on the things we focus on? Probably so…
  • There are no completely original thoughts. Everything we think is related to something that we learned, saw, or heard.
  • Discussion about the movie “Bourne Legacy“. They put drones and other technology in the movie. They are glorification the technology and the practices of the wealthy elites. They can no longer deny the existence of this technology.
  • The purpose of the media and these movies is to give the viewers cues about how they should feel about these things. For instance, the movies provide the false rationale that everything the U.S. military does is to “protect our freedoms.”.
  • Everybody’s singing the same song, so how can you help but hum the tune?
  • You will also lose friends if you’re not talking about and supporting mainstream ideals. This is a social world in which we live, and you will always appear radical if you oppose the popular ideas. You get used to it after a while–being the odd man/woman out.
  • Discussion about the people who actually “get it” being small. Some will get one or another aspect of the idea of thinking for self, but most don’t get it across the board.
  • Discussion about a Greensboro, NC woman who took out a billboard to tell her husband that she caught him cheating, and that she’s kicking him out.

    On Thursday, the advertisement changed, reading:


    Meet me at Yodaddy’s at 7:00 p.m. for some wine therapy.


    The initial message read:


    GPS Tracker – $250, Nikon camera with zoom lens – $1600, Catching my husband and buying this billboard with our investment account – Priceless. Tell Jessica you’re moving in!”

    – Jennifer

    The message has slowed traffic in the area and left people wondering if “Michael” really exists.
    Source: WISTV

  • Why did she feel taking out a billboard was necessary? Why GPS tracking?
  • Discussion about the notion that public shame and humiliation is the appropriate reaponse to socially unacceptable behavior. This is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. What went on in their personal relationship should be private.
  • Discussion about how technology allows you to track people via GPS tracking online. Companies market this as a good idea to track abducted children.
  • Discussion about coming up with a section of the website based on pictures and perception–how a moment captured on a camera has led to certain reactions. For example, the boy photoed with what appeared to be an assault rifle and the the father of the Chicago 6-month-old photoed smiling in his hospital room after the child was murdered.
    boy holding gun
  • facebook father

  • Discussion about a father’s arrest for non-payment of child support prompted by him posing on Facebook with money. This could have been his bill money. We don’t even know what really happened.

    Facebook helped the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office charge a wayward father for failing to pay child support.

    Christopher Robinson, 23, is facing three felony counts of failure to support his 3-year-old child, according to a complaint filed with the criminal division of the Wisconsin Circuit Court.
    The complaint indicates that for three years, Robinson never made any of the required $150 monthly child support payments.

    But pictures that Robinson posted to Facebook that show him posing with cash and bottles of liquor helped the district attorney’s office build a case against him.

    “What we do in these types of cases is we try to find out from other family members whether there is other information we may not be able to know about,” Milwaukee County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern told ABCNews.com.
    Source: ABC

  • Discussion about personal responsibility when having children with deadbeats. Both people had a hand in making the child, whether it was from a long-term relationship or a one-night stand.
  • Discussion about the complexities of childcare and financial support after parents go their separate ways.
  • Discussion about whether Heit & Cheri should discuss relationship topics on the show.
  • Discussion about Michael Basiden discussing relationships on his show. There was one show where a caller got offended by characterization of a certain type of man as a thug.
  • Relationship conversations are a dime a dozen and they never get resolved–because they involve feelings that are not gonna involve objective logic.
  • Discussion about how these types of socials discussions try to shape the morals of society–they want people to agree on what is right or wrong in a particular situation.
  • Everyone wants to talk about relationships because most people are in a relationship or have had experiences with relationships.
  • Discussion about people giving relationship advice on social media.
  • People care more about sex, relationships and the pursuit thereof more than they care about drone and bombs raining down on people in other countries.
  • Discussion about when we will see the drama in gay relationships discussed in the mainstream.
  • Discussion about the MTV shows The Real World and Road Rules.
  • Discussion about a Black character on the reality show who kept his headphones on because he didn’t relate to the other characters on the show. The people were mad because he didn’t make the effort to get involved in their shenanigans.
  • Discussion about going out to party with people from work.
  • Cheri recounts never wanting to go out with her corporate coworkers. They had little in common.
  • Discscussion about how people who are part of the mainstream culture don’t realize that you cannot relate to their culture. In work situations, the most successful people are the ones who give the appearance of fitting in, whether they really do or not.
  • Cheri says that she’d rather discuss things that can change–interpersonal dynamics are age old and aren’t going anywhere. It will always be a challenge to understand people who have different experiences.
  • Heit impersonates a “stereotypical woman” on the show.
  • Discussion about the role of stereotypes in comedy.
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