It seems like people only care about injustices when the backstory is perfect–when the victim is viewed as all but a saint and innocent of even the appearance of wrongdoing beyond the shadow of a doubt. Does the backstory’s portraytal of one side as “good” and “dissing” the “bad” side, however, represent reality? Are the images and stories we’re fed representative of truth? Or, are they manufactured to manipulate the viewers’ emotions for the purposes of ushering them to a particular action? On this episode, Heit & Cheri challenge to to investigate the backstories to determine whether what you’re being presented with is reflective of reality.

Topics discussed include old school rap battles and their parallels to today’s politics, social commentator Toure’s comments about Dr. Ben Carson being the GOP’s “affirmative action” enjoying “Black friend”, how rapper 50 Cent gained popularity with diss tracks, little known dancers challenging Chris Brown to a “Dougie” battle, rapper Keys “The Problem” dissing Nicki Minaj to gain popularity, the apparent need for a good backstory to get people to care about anything, Blacks exploiting other Blacks, those who wish to assimilate into mainstream culture making excuses for racial and other inequalities, racist and classist undertones of white privilege from Alex Jones, Immortal Technique’s interview on Alex Jones, incremental loosening of one’s principles leading to eventual total compromise, and more!

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  • Discussion about social commentator Toure’s comments about Dr. Ben Carson being the GOP’s “affirmative action” enjoying “Black friend”.

    MSNBC host Touré criticized the speed with which the Republican Party’s opinion leaders have embraced Dr. Ben Carson on Friday, saying that the pediatric neurosurgeon is the equivalent of the GOP’s “black friend.” Touré said that Republicans are displaying a form of cynicism in their acceptance of Carson as a means of assuaging their guilt over their pas “abusive” relationship with minorities.
    Source: Mediaite

  • Toure acts like he is in an old-school rap battle, where he simply attacks anyone he sees as being on the other side of the “East Coast vs. West Coast”-type rivalry that is the Democrats versus the Republican.
  • The is the approach that’s taken place throughout history–even back as far as ancient philosophers.
  • The ideas are attached to the person, and the person often becomes the target as opposed to addressing the positions on their merits.
  • Discussion about the popular tactic of attacking whomever is “king of the hill”.
  • 50 cent

  • Discussion about the rapper 50 Cent gaining popularity because of his diss track. He basically mentioned almost every popular rapper/entertainer at the time in his song “How To Rob”.
  • Discussion about a video of some boys challenged Chris Brown to a “Dougie” dance battle. This was their way of gaining notoriety by calling out someone who is more popular. Maybe they want to be backup dancers for Chris Brown…
  • Discussion about Keys “The Problem” dissing Nicki Minaj.
  • Even though Nicki Minaj’s star was on the rise, she responded to Keys’ attack.
  • Discussion about how Toure has the benefit of a large network behind him, but Ben Carson goes from event to event commenting. Who will come out on top in this battle?
  • Discussion about Toure trying to speak for all Blacks with his commentaries.
  • Discussion about how people tend to take commentaries from a person of a particular group as applicable to the entire group–especially when they are not intimately familiar with the group.
  • Discussion about the apparent need for a good backstory to get people to care about anything. In explaining why people should care, there’s a fine line between listing rationale and going for a purely emotional response from people. Is there a way to elicit a response from people that is thoughtful and logical, without the extreme emotionalism.
  • Discussion about the backstories of highly publicized murders, such as Hadiya Pendleton and Trayvon Martin. The backstory puts a human face on things, but it doesn’t necessarily lead them into the direction of a root cause or solution.
  • Discussion about how people love the portrayal of a good story. What if someone wasn’t extraordinary? how do you get people to give a damn about that persons life?
  • Discussion about the relatability of the movie “Precious” being the reason why people latched on to the movie.
  • Discussion about historical and current violations of people’s human rights.
  • People love the packaging of things, but you cannot package everything.
  • Discussion about a post we placed on Facebook about Blacks being exploited by other Blacks.
    There are too many people willing to exploit the Black community for financial gain–so-called Black leaders are the most despicable when they do this.
    Source: Axiom Amnesia’s Facebook Page
  • Someone responded by suggesting that every race is exploited. What does this have to do with the wrongness of the specific form of exploitation we were talking about?
  • Discussion about snobby Blacks who feel that they have arrived, and look at themselves as better than those whom they view as a lower class of Blacks.
  • The next commenter happened to be a white female who said that Blacks sold other Blacks into slavery. Even if this happened on the widespread scale that she implied–which it did not–what does this have to do with the whites who stole the Africans and exploited them in America?
  • Discussion about whether any Blacks who did sell other Blacks into slavery would be considered exploiters of the Blacks whom they sold.
  • Discussion about the modern-day exploitation of Blacks by Black leaders–they represent themselves as having the interest of the group, when they are there for personal and financial gain.
  • Business people also exploit those in the neighborhood under the guise of Capitalism.
  • Discussion about some of the ridiculous responses to the things we share and discussion on Facebook.
  • If you acknowledge victimization and exploitation, some people view this as detracting from one’s own merit. black who tend to feel this way also seem to suggest that we are living in post-racial times and issues of racial inequality have been mostly resolved.
  • The response that talked about others being exploited in response to discussion about the exploitation of a different group is justifying the exploitation if everyone.
  • it is to the detriment of those who have chosen to assimilate into the mainstream culture when they talk about racial inequality because it makes for an awkward situation with those from whom they seek acceptance. this is why you get people dismissing the inequalities.
  • Discussion about Imortal Technique’e interview on Alex Jones’ show.
  • Discussion about how the position of people like Alex Jones–who is fighting for a specific group of people (patriots)–can be incongruent with what is best for other groups. There are racist and classist undertones of white privilege from Alex Jones.
  • Discussion about how Alex Jones rebutted the travesty of African slavery by saying that we should feel sorry for the slave ship worker and other FREE people who had hard lives (see the 7:45 mark).
  • Alex Jones

  • Discussion about how Alex Jones showed his racist slant when he was talking about the Trayvon Martin case–he was siding with the racist, pro=Zimmerman people and defamed the character of an unarmed young man who was murdered because of his race. He talks about how Blacks are more likely to attack whites. At one point in the video, Jones instructs viewers to Google “Blacks attack whites” to prove his point. Disgusting!
  • Discussion about aligning with people who have shared/common best interests. Too many people align with folks/groups who don’t care about them or their people. How can you be taken seriously if you become aligned with those who view you as and enemy?
  • Discussion about people watering themselves down to gain more publicity–they don’t wanna seem too radical.
  • Discussion about Alex Jones looking like a crazy fool on Piers Morgan’s show.
  • Discussion about how much game-playing one ought to be willing to do when compromise of their principles are at stake. Cheri thinks Immortal Technique should have been
  • Incremental loosening of one’s principles will lead to a place where you will eventually become totally compromised–and you probably won’t have any idea about how you got there!
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