We might as well admit that there is no time for reality, or rather the concepts of time and reality are a function of our individual perceptions and interpretations. It is from this individual vantage point that we assess truth and separate fact from fiction. Nevertheless, compared with all the things we could possibly know, what we DO know is a mere fragment of a fragment. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri take a philosophical approach to our existence, with a conversation about everything from time travel and “aliens” to dream-states.

Topics discussed include the proper way to pronounce the word “drawer”, increased typos in publications, your eyes and mind playing tricks on you, the nature of reality, the implications of time travel, whether there are alternate universes, what we see versus a possible independent reality, people basing the truth on what they believe, time passage during dreams, what other intelligent life in the universe would think of humans, alien abductions, whether everything is just a reflection of what’s in our own minds and the world we see merely our own projection, the difficulty describing emotions and concepts due to limitations of language, spontaneous human combustion, the passage of time during dreams, experiences of comatose people, and more!

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  • Heit & Cheri the proper way to pronounce the word “drawer”. Each of their regional accents dictate a different pronunciation. What do you think?
  • Discussion about people who try to correct other peoples’ English, when they have incorrect punctuation and grammar.
  • Cheri discusses the use of serial commas.
  • Cheri discusses how she learned grammar through memorization. Heit learned the rules.
  • Discussion about grammar drills in school.
  • Discussion about typos in books and online articles. People are most worried about time, so they don’t spend a lot of time editing. This is much different than in the past.
  • Cheri talks about working as an editor in the past.
  • Discussion about self-publishing as the reason for lots of bad typos and poor content.
  • Discussion about how the eye will correct the typos when you try to proofread.
  • Discussion about those tests where they will show you a sentence that has a mistake in it to show how the brain will connect the dots for you–it looks normal to you.
  • Discussion about what you see versus a possible independent reality. What we see is limited by our physical limitations.
  • People want to know the nature of reality, but we have no clue about the scope. We will never fully know any foundational truth.
  • Discussion about peoples’ basis of truth being based in human reality, versus universal reality.
  • Discussion about people basing truth on what they believe.
  • Of all the things there are to know, we know so little that it’s only a fragment of possible knowledge.
  • Discussion about how people gather information, put it together, and fill in the holes with speculation.
  • Discussion about how courts and groups of people’s opinions determine fact.
  • Discussion about time travel. What are the implications? Are there an infinite amount of us in different times. Or, does the future not exist until we get there and the past not exist because it is past? Maybe the universe in time is just one snapshot moment and we are moving through time…
  • Discussion about the theory that you cannot exist without time. First we have to define time. We know time progresses because we are able to look forward and backward from the present.
  • Is everything just a reflection of what’s in our own minds? Is the world we see merely our own projection?
  • Discussion about how you cannot even describe emotions to people. What does happiness feel like? What does anger feel like?
  • Discussion about trying to express a concept, but the meaning being obscured. So much gets lost in trying to talk to others.
  • Discussion about basing a particular living being’s level of intelligence based on human intelligence.
  • Discussion about what “aliens” would think of our race. “The humans are idiots…”/li>
  • Discussion about the things humans do that would seem ridiculous to other beings. Imagine what dancing would look like to them.
  • Discussion about humans finally exiting the solar system.
  • Further discussion about the nature of reality.
  • Cheri asked what if everyone who is awake is really in a coma? How do we know that this existence is real? What if they were having a dream in the coma and that is their life?
  • What if the people in a coma don’t remember?
  • Discussion about what it is like for people who have undergone surgery. People report not feeling the passage of surgery.
  • Heit reports that he doesn’t feel a passage of time when he is sleeping.
  • Discussion about what it’s like to remember a dream. Sometimes the dream feels like it was long, but it has only been a few minutes.
  • Discussion about sleep paralysis.
  • Heit had a dream that a plant bit him when he was a kid playing in a ditch.
  • Heit had a dream that his legs switched places. He says he convinced himself that his dream wasn’t real.
  • Heit confesses that he lied about seeing MLK when he was a kid.
  • Discussion about alien abductions and people trying to convince people to believe that these things happened to them.
  • Discussion about spontaneous human combustion. Perhaps this is what happens when the aliens tried to beam a person up to their spaceship and missed.
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