Let’s talk about authoritarian media B.S. under martial law. If you were paying attention to the massive manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, then you had a front row seat to how the media and the government work hand-in-hand to advance an official narrative–a narrative that consists of them directing you on how to interpret the events as they unfold. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri dedicate the entire show to a discussion of the things in the official story of the Boston Marathon bombing that simply don’t add up.

Topics discussed include the apprehension of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after a massive Boston-area manhunt, rundown of the official narrative of the Boston Marathon bombing and who committed the crime, statements from the Tsarnaev brothers’ aunt and mother saying that they were setup, the FBI having contact with the eldest brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev for a number of years, the FBI’s history of setting up people for terrorism and other crimes, photos of Dzhokhar “Johar” A. Tsarnaev when he was arrested and taken to the hospital, federal law enforcement officials are invoking the public safety exception regarding Dzhokhar “Johar” A. Tsarnaev’s Miranda rights, the Boston manhunt as a big experiment on how people in a major metro area will respond to being locked down, all of the things that make this seem like the brothers were set up, the media failing to share the information they have, and more!

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    Boston FBI Special Agent in Charge DesLauriers speaks as photos of suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings are revealed during a news conference in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Rundown of the official narrative of the Boston Marathon bombing and who committed the crime.
  • Discussion about the younger brother supposedly going to a mechanic to get his car out the day after the bombing.
  • The brothers supposedly killed a police officer, carjacked someone and admitted being the bombers, robbed a 7-Eleven store (which was later said to be incorrect), and had a shootout during which they threw explosives out of the window. The older brother died from injuries either suffered during the shootout, but not before being run over by his younger brother. The younger brother was apprehended today and taken to the hospital after being found bleeding while hiding in a boat.
  • Discussion about how the official “facts” of the case aren’t even facts.
  • Discussion about the brothers’ family members who came forward to speak, all of whom said they couldn’t believe that they would do such a thing.
  • The first family member we heard from this morning was the brothers’ uncle, who had just learned of the death of his older nephew.
  • The brothers’ aunt believes that this was a setup, and that the brothers did not commit the bombings. She asks for evidence that they committed the crimes, which is quite reasonable, considering the accusations against them. She also believes that the photos were doctored. Keep in mind that the government has been able to doctor photos since before the Kennedy Administration.
  • The brothers’ mother also believes that her sons were set up.
  • Nobody really has the facts, only that authorities have photos and say these brothers are the ones who did this act of terrorism.
  • Discussion about the mother saying the FBI was in contact with her eldest son years ago. A government official confirmed that they had been in contact with him. If they were in contact with him under suspicion of being involved with Islamic fundamentalists, then why were they unaware of this plot? Perhaps he was working for them…

    Zubeidat K. Tsarnaeva, the mother of Boston bombing suspects Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, suggested Friday that the FBI had been surveilling her older son for several years prior to Monday’s attack.

    In an interview with Russia Today Friday, Tsarnaeva said that Tamerlan Tsarnaev got involved in “religious politics” five years ago, and that the FBI had previously contacted her about her son’s activities.

    “He was controlled by the FBI, like for three, five years,” she said. “They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions and what sites on the Internet he was going [to], they used to come…and talk to me…they were telling me that he was really a serious leader and they were afraid of him.”

    “How could this happen?…They were controlling every step of him, and they are telling today that this is a terrorist attack,” she added.

    A spokesperson for the FBI told Business Insider Friday that the agency would be putting out a statement “shortly” regarding its previous contact with either of the Tsarnaev suspects. The spokesperson would not confirm or deny that the agency had had any previous contact.

    Tsarnaeva doubled down on her statements later in the interview, insisting that her sons were innocent, and had been “set up” by the FBI:
    “FBI, they were scared of my oldest son, they always told me that he’s a leader…they are afraid of him because, you know, he is a leader, he talks about Islam a lot.”

    “They were talking to my son, and they called me officially and they told me that my son is an excellent boy and they have no problem with him,” she added. “At the same time, they were telling me that…he is getting information on really extremists…sites, so they were very, very afraid of him. So that’s why I think that this is a setup.”
    Source: Business Insider

  • The FBI has a history of setting people up to cover for its own terrorism.

    In the past week, the FBI announced that they foiled a suicide bomber terror plot, in which Amine El Khalifi planned to blow himself up in the United States Capitol Building. There’s a problem though–the bomb was a fake and was supplied by the FBI in a so-called “sting” operation. Essentially, there was no bomb and the only plan in place was hatched by the FBI posing as al-Qaeda.

    This calls into question FBI tactics in targeting people they claim are dangerous to the public. Nobody was actually in danger of anything. The danger would have been if the suicide vest THE FBI SUPPLIED had actually exploded. Although this is the most recent example, it’s a common practice to use entrapment in Islamic terror cases. The FBI has a history of similar tactics. […]

    The recent revelation of some Capitol suicide bomber is simply another farce presented courtesy of your government. They are desperately trying to keep the threat of al-Qaeda alive and well, along with the idea of the lone wolf terrorist. We are now into the age of pre-crime convictions, which essentially convict you on the basis of “we think you were gonna do it, so you’re guilty even though you didn’t actually do it.” The bottom line is that regular, everyday people–like you–are being convicted of crimes committed by the FBI. Many of them are charged with trying to use weapons of mass destruction–”weapons” created and provided by the FBI themselves.
    Source: Axiom Amnesia

  • boston suspect 2Dzhokhar “Johar” A. Tsarnaev in ambulance

  • Discussion about photos of the younger brother in an ambulance and on the ground as he was apprehended.
  • How do we know that the Tsarnaev brothers actually committed these crimes.
  • Discussion about Dzhokhar “Johar” A. Tsarnaev not being “Mirandized” when he was arrested on account that the government said they were waiving it since this was terrorism. In the end, the government ill handle things however they want. They want to leave room to justify their acts to the public without question.

    Now that authorities have captured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old believed to be the second suspect in the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, federal law enforcement officials are invoking the public safety exception regarding his Miranda rights, a senior Justice Department official told ABC News.

    The exception, according to the FBI‘s website, “permits law enforcement to engage in a limited and focused unwarned interrogation and allows the government to introduce the statement as direct evidence.”

    “Police officers confronting situations that create a danger to themselves or others may ask questions designed to neutralize the threat without first providing a warning of rights,” according to the FBI.
    Source: ABC

  • 167131931MT022_SHOOTINGS_IN

  • Discussion about the party atmosphere in Boston after the suspect was arrested.
  • Discussion about the idea that the FBI said not to look at other photos besides theirs, then a better photo with a more clear image of the suspect turning up elsewhere. They just want to control and feed the narrative to the people.
  • Discussion about the hypocrisy of people saying not to rush to judgement unless you’re condemning the accused and accepting of the police state.
  • refuse to be terrorized

  • Discussion about how all of Boston was literally shut down because of the manhunt. How much did this cost? It is ironic that they did all of this, yet said that the terrorists “lost” because they caught this guy. The fact that there were 10K police on the street and the city was shut down means that they won.
  • get outget out your damn house

  • This manhunt was also a big experiment on how people in a major metro area will respond to being locked down. Obviously, the authorities have confirmed that people will comply with few questions asked.
  • Discussion about reports that police demanded people leave and they set up shop in there as a command post.
  • Discussion about the innocent man taking photos who was accosted and the man who was made to get naked.
  • Discussion about the brothers allegedly killing four people and the entire city of Boston being shut down to hunt for them. The last time we saw something like this was in the pursuit of Chris Dorner.
  • thank you martial law

  • Discussion about how people are elated and relieved after the suspect was apprehended.
  • If the brothers wanted to kill people, why did they let the carjacking victim live? Why would they randomly shoot a campus police officer?
  • Discussion about all of the things that make this seem like the brothers were set up.
  • Discussion about how none of the people who knew these guys felt as if they would do something like this.
  • Discussion about a comment we came across on social media:

    yes, it makes perfect sense that two russian brothers who are Muslim extremist bombed the boston marathon and then instead of using the entire day of confusion to get out of town they instead continue to live their lives as usual until they notice their faces all over the news saying they are the boston bombers so they decide to get their car outta the shop (dont use the car to go anywhere) … rob a convience store … take a driver hostage for about 30 minutes, not killing him, so they can go back to their neighborhood and be noticed my their neighbor??? keeping in mind everyone who described them said they were very smart … studying to be engineers … but you know what, most people think they are smart yet still believe what the media and government is saying so i guess being smart doesnt count for much of anything

  • There are so many things that don’t add up about this story.
  • Why is it in all of these terrorism cases and killings that the person encounters police shortly before or after the alleged crime. This happens to put something on a timeline.
  • Speculation about the possibility that the older brother was enlisted by someone to participate in the training that was said to be taking place shortly before the bombs went off.
  • Discussion about the media failing to share the information they have, and basically lying about what they know. They also only share what the government tells them they can share.
  • The media is not objective and getting the facts–they’re getting spin and opinion. The government is using the media as part of their tactics. Why is the media assisting the government’s lies instead of doing some investigative reporting.
  • How can we expect the media to tell us the truth about international incidents, when they won’t tell the truth about what’s going on right here in the country.
  • Discussion about the media acting like they don’t know what is going on when they know and refuse to tell.

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