Are you an “alleged” conspiracy theorist? Whenever a major event happens–especially the tragic ones–inevitably, a new crop of conspiracy theories pop up. Do the phrases “new world order” and “Illuminati” ring a bell? These days, the dumbest and most illogical conspiracy theories are the ones that get top billing, while the valid questions and speculations are buried in pile of B.S. heaped on by some of the most unintelligent people society has to offer. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri separate Conspiracy fact from conspiracy BS, using some of today’s most prevalent news stories. They also tackle the underhanded way the media uses the word “allegedly” in order to accuse without technically accusing.

Topics discussed include the man accused of sending ricin to President Obama and Senator Wicker being set free with all charges dropped–apparently he was wrongfully accused, people being indicted in the media, the impact on the person’s family when they are publicly accused of a crime, accused Boston bomber’s wife being portrayed as a good all-American girl who was brainwashed by Islam, accusations that the brothers “self-radicalized” on the Internet, Glen Beck’s supposed bombshell on the bombing case, the racist underpinnings of many of the lowest common denominator conspiracy theorists, intelligent conspiracy theorists versus the idiot conspiracy theorists, AP’s hacked tweet causing 160-point Dow drop, how to vet media reports, Lauryn Hill has two weeks to come up with $500K in back taxes or go to jail, two of the women injured in the Dorner manhunt being awarded $4 million, and more!

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  • Discussion about the man accused of sending ricin to President Obama and Senator Wicker being set free with all charges dropped–apparently he was wrongfully accused. We discussed this case in Episode 186: Stop Trying To Kill People!His attorney says it looks like someone is trying to set him up.

    Charges against the Mississippi man accused of sending ricin-tainted letters to President Barack Obama and other officials were dropped Tuesday, U.S. Attorney Felicia Adams said, citing “new information” that has been uncovered.

    Authorities now are investigating whether someone may have tried to falsely implicate Paul Kevin Curtis, according to a law enforcement source, speaking to CNN on condition of anonymity.

    Curtis said he wants to “get back to being normal” after being falsely accused.

    “This past week has been a nightmare for myself and my family,” he said. “My mother has suffered as well as my children.”
    Source: CNN

  • When will we grow tired of people being indicted in the media and being accused by “authorities”, only to find that they are innocent?
  • Discussion about the Foz News report where the reported uses the word “allegedly” while simultaneously accusing the man of wrongdoing.
  • Discussion about the impact on the person’s family when they are publicly accused of a crime.
  • Discussion about the wife of accused Boston marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev being hounded by the media since accusations of her husband’s crimes surfaced.
  • Discussion about Tamerlan’s wife being portrayed as if she, a good American girl, was brainwashed by Tamerlan into converting to Islam.

    Katherine Russell, the widow of Boston bomb suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was ‘an all-American girl who was brainwashed’ by her extremist husband according to one schoolfriend.

    Today MailOnline has gained the first glimpse and pictures of the early life of the woman who, according to those who knew her best, was ‘totally transformed’ by Tsarnaev.

    At high school her personal motto was ‘Do something about it or stop complaining’. She dreamed of going to college and joining the Peace Corps.

    She urged her friends to ‘lighten up and enjoy the small things,’ in life. […]

    As a girl growing up in Rhode Island Katherine was known to her friends as Katie. One school friend who asked not to be named recalled: ‘I saw her like a few months ago and she was just totally transformed. She was not the same person at all.’

    Another agreed: ‘She was just this All-American girl who was brainwashed by her super-religious husband. Nobody understands what happened to her.

    ‘None of us would have dreamed that she would marry so young or drop out of college and have a baby or convert or be part of any of what’s happened.’

    She said, ‘She’s just not the same person at all.’

    It would be hard to imagine a childhood more rooted in America’s pilgrim heritage than Katherine’s. It is in there in the names of the towns – Plymouth, Dorset, Greenwich – where many of her friends still live and writ large in the wholesome values of the one-time Honors student’s home life.
    Source: Daily Mail

  • Americans never suggest that a person is a brainwashed Christian, but this is something they say quite frequently with regard to Islam.
  • Do you think that it is part of the wife’s family’s campaign to paint her as a damsel who was taken advantage of–to save her image.
  • Discussion about the Tsarnaev brothers’ uncle saying that they were heavily influenced by a religious extremist named Misha. The headline says, “BOMB SUSPECT INFLUENCED BY MYSTERIOUS RADICAL.” But, only the uncle made this claim. Is he the family representative?

    Under the tutelage of a friend known to the Tsarnaev family only as Misha, Tamerlan gave up boxing and stopped studying music, his family said. He began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Jews controlled the world.

    “Somehow, he just took his brain,” said Tamerlan’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, who recalled conversations with Tamerlan’s worried father about Misha’s influence. Efforts over several days by The Associated Press to identify and interview Misha have been unsuccessful.

    Tamerlan’s relationship with Misha could be a clue in understanding the motives behind his religious transformation and, ultimately, the attack itself. Two U.S. officials say he had no tie to terrorist groups.
    Source: Associated Press

  • If you are accused of something, it affects your entire family.
  • Discussion about how the current narrative blames everything on Tamerlan (the older brother), and whether the family might be trying to simply help the reminaing brother avoid the death penalty–versus trying to get him off.
  • Discussion about accusations that the brothers “self-radicalized” on the Internet. One media outlet made the claim that surely they must have been influenced by Anwar al-Awlaki, the American citizen that Obama struck down with a drone a couple of years ago.
  • Discussion about bad conspiracy theorists versus the ones who actually use logic.
  • Discussion about Glen Beck’s bombshell being more discussion about the Saudi guy who was cleared of any wrongdoing.
  • Discussion about the racist underpinnings of many of the lowest common denominator conspiracy theorists. They make the people who are actually questioning the official story using logic look crazy.
  • Discussion about the Alex Jones type of “patriot” conspiracy theorists being racists who want to make money off of their gullible and equally racist followers.
  • Discussion about the false dichotomy that the perpetrators of the bombing were either Middle Eastern terrorists or white homegrown racists.
  • There are so many rumors about this case, that it is hard to make sense of it.
  • What ever happened to GOOD conspiracy theorists?
  • Discussion about how the dumb conspiracy theorists saying that all of these events are staged with actors. This is ridiculous…
  • The government doesn’t have to actually commit all of these crimes. All they have to do is take advantage of the events as they occur.
  • If you default to the notion that everything is a conspiracy, then you are just as much of a follower a the “sheeple” you call stupid.
  • Discussion about the prevalence of photoshopped images as proof of this or that.
  • second shooter

  • Discussion about an obviously photoshopped image presented as a night vision photo of the alleged Boston bomber in the boat before capture.
  • Discussion about Alex Jones basically being out to make a profit from his listeners.
  • You cannot trust those who are making a profit off of you to be an advocate for you–it’s a conflict of interest.
  • Discussion about the Associated Press Twitter account being hacked and causing a 160-point Dow Jones drop after the tweet sad the president was injured after a White House explosion.

    A fake tweet about an attack on the White House briefly roiled the financial markets on Tuesday afternoon, sending stocks tumbling within minutes and prompting the FBI and securities regulators to look into the hacking incident.

    A posting on the Twitter account of the Associated Press reported explosions at the White House that injured President Obama. Almost immediately, the stock market fell sharply, but it rebounded just as quickly when it became clear that the message was bogus.
    Source: Washington Post

  • Discussion about fake tweets and re-tweets.
  • Discussion about how to vet media reports.
  • Discussion about Lauryn Hill having two weeks to come up with $500K in back taxes or go to jail.

    Lauryn Hill has signed a new five-song, $1 million deal with Sony Music in order to get out of going to prison on tax evasion charges. As previously reported, Hill owes about $504,000 after failing to pay federal taxes on the $1.8 million of income she made between 2005 and 2007. After receiving a new postponement of sentencing, she now has until May 6 to pay off the total and avoid three years in prison—hence Sony attempting to save her with this new deal, much to the court’s irritation. As the judge put it in scolding Hill, “This is not someone who stands before the court penniless.”
    Source: AV Club

  • Luckily Lauryn Hill has a name that will allow her to make this money quickly. She’s in a much better position than the rest of us.
  • Discussion about two of the women injured in the Dorner manhunt being awarded $4 million.

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