We hear people say that we should use some “common sense” to solve the issues we face, but perhaps the problem is that we are using “sense” that is too common–too infused with ideals of the status quo and lacking logical thought. Consequently, we’re proposing the “Uncommon Sense Project”, which follows the principles of Axiom Amnesia–forgetting all the B.S. we THINK we know (because it was passed to us) and figuring things out for ourselves. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri examine current events and provide different alternative views to the mainstream narrative.

Topics discussed include Heit & Cheri’s guest appearance on Storm Clouds Gathering for a discussion on The Venus Project and it’s proposed resource-based economy, the drawbacks of The Venus Project, The Venus Project and religious evangelism, updates in the Trayvon Martin case, George Zimmerman’s decision not to have a “stand your ground” hearing, the latest arrests in the Boston bombing case, whether you should talk to the police when they want to question you in connection with someone else’s crimes, a 16-year-old girl arrested and charged for bombing school in what she calls a science experiment, the death of 34-year-old rapper Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly, and more!

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    uncomon sense

  • Discussion about Heit & Cheri’s round-table conversation on Google Hangout with Aaron of Storm Clouds Gathering and representatives of The Venus Project about the resource-based economy that they propose.
  • Aaron previously appeared on The Axiom Amnesia Theory’s Episode 012: Calm Before The Storm.
  • What is a resource-based economy?
  • The main issue we had during the discussion was difficulty in having some basic questions answered–things like how are decisions made and who is in control? They would never give a straight answer.
  • Discussion about Jacque Fresco’s ideas.
  • At the end of Zeitgeist, they propose The Venus Project as the solution to the failing current world system.
  • Discussion about the obvious drawbacks of The Venus Project. The first issue is that it is simply shifting ideologies and moving the power to the thought leaders and experts, rather than the
  • The Venus Project proponents consistently asked for specific examples of the principle issues, then proceeded to focus on the scenario and explaining that, rather than answering the questions related to the underlying principle.
  • Discussion about the preference of people not being controlled by the system.
  • How would one become an “expert” in the resource-based economy?
  • Discussion about TVP’s assumption that human nature will change because basic needs are met.
  • Discussion about the apparent hero-worship of Jacque Fresco.
  • If you have a great idea, it should stand up to vetting.
  • Parallels between the defense of The Venus Project and religious evangelism.
  • zimmerman court april 2013

  • George Zimmerman will not have a “stand your ground” hearing. We also suspect that he will not take the stand in his own defense after watching his attorney Don West getting slaughtered on the stand during the prosecution’s cross-examination.

    A Florida judge questioned George Zimmerman today on his decision to waive a hearing under the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which means that he is likely heading for a trial this summer in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

    The pre-trial Stand Your Ground hearing would have given the judge the discretion to free Zimmerman, eliminating the need for a trial. But the validity of a Stand Your Ground defense would be determined solely by a judge. Zimmerman’s defense team has decided to put their case before an entire jury.

    “We’d much rather have the jury address the issue of criminal liability or lack thereof,” Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara said.

    Zimmerman’s team hinted it might resurrect the Stand Your Ground immunity hearing during the trial, and it is possible even after it.

    Zimmerman spoke in court for the first time in over a year, answering “Yes, your honor” and “No, your honor” to a series of questions from Circuit Court Judge Debra Nelson. Nelson was seeking to confirm a decision by Zimmerman’s lawyer to invoke the Stand Your Ground defense.
    Source: ABC

  • Speculation that the defense’s strategy will be to justify Zimmerman’s profiling of Trayvon Martin because of the “usual suspects” of the alleged crimes in the community.
  • Further discussion on the direction the case is heading. It would be hard to imagine George Zimmerman on the stand. He would lose his own case.
  • Discussion about the defense’s stall tactics. They want the trial to be pushed back as much as possible. they hope that their “playing the victim” tactics will work out.
  • Jury selection starts June 10th.
  • Discussion about the latest in the Boston bombing investigation. Three more people were arrested in the case.

    Two of the suspects appeared in a Boston courtroom Wednesday afternoon and waived bail. Azamat Tazhayakov and and Dias Kadyrbayev walked into the court with their heads down, saying nothing. The two students at UMass-Dartmouth are charged with obstructing justice in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Their next hearing will be May 14. A third suspect, Robel Phillipos, is charged with making false statements but did not appear in court today.

    The Boston Police Department says that three more suspects have been taken into custody with regard to the Apr. 15 bombings near the Boston Marathon finish line that killed three people and injured more than 260.

    NBC News and the Boston Globe are reporting that the suspects went to college with alleged 19-year-old Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who authorities say carried out the bombing with his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    Source: Time

  • What would you do if you saw evidence that one of your friends was accused of committing a crime like this. Heit & Cheri speculate about what they would have done in the situation?
  • It was probably probably hard for them to believe that he did the crimes of which he’s been accused.
  • Discussion about whether you should talk to the police when they want to question you in connection with someone else’s crimes.
  • Legal “experts’ say that you are under no legal obligation to turn in a fugitive. If you, however, decide to talk to them and then lie, that’s when you’re in trouble.
  • Discussion about two of the people’s immigration status being held over their heads as leverage in getting information from
  • Discussion about the female DNA on the pressure cooker. Whose DNA is this?
  • Discussion about the girl who is in trouble for police, accused of setting off a bomb in school–she says she was running a science experience.

    What Kiera Wilmot claims started as a harmless experiment is now a nightmare for the 16-year-old Florida native.

    Wilmot, a Bartow High School student, was arrested at her school last week for allegedly detonating a water bottle filled with an explosive concoction of common household chemicals. According to the Miami New Times, “[A] police report … indicates Wilmot mixed toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil — a combination that has inspired hundreds of YouTube videos and generally produces a fairly unimpressive explosion.”

    One teen told Florida-based WTSP News 10 that Wilmot merely wanted to see what would happen when those chemicals mixed.

    The experiment reportedly created a small explosion that caused the bottle’s top to pop off and produced smoke. Although no one was hurt and no property was damaged, Wilmot was charged with “possession/discharge of a weapon on school property and discharging a destructive device,” according to WTSP. Both charges are felonies.

    WTSP also reports that Wilmot has been expelled and will now finish high school in an expulsion program.
    Source: Huffington Post

  • It was not used as a weapon. She clearly wasn’t trying to hurt anyone because she stood there while it exploded.
  • We shouldn’t be penalizing curious minds, despite the fact that she made a bad judgement.
  • Why can’t someone infuse some logical thinking into this situation and drop these charges?
  • Discussion about the woman who sped on the sidewalk past a school bus.
  • Discussion about a member of the rap group Kris Kross dying.

    Rapper Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly died Wednesday afternoon after being found unresponsive in his Atlanta area home.
    Kelly, 34, was part of the 1990s duo Kris Kross, known for their backward clothes and hit song “Jump” from the group’s 1992 debut album.
    Kelly was found unresponsive and transported to Atlanta Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, a spokeswoman for the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Officer told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
    Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

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