For the thinking person, one of the greatest pursuits is that of understanding. Consequently, we should be asking “Why?” and “How?” as much as possible. On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri spend the entire show asking “How?” and “Why?” on a variety of topics.

Topics discussed include whether animals (other than humans) protected under the Constitution, being a meat-eater and being against animal cruel, the saying that “It’s the new black…”, Heit’s difficulty in finding jeans due to the trend is for low-rise men’s jeans, whether bananas actually have seeds inside, boneless fish, breast milk versus cow’s milk, whether animals have rhythm, animal injuries, the “funny” bone, questioning rationales, Willow Smith, Heit rigging his mic stand, a wonderful email that we received from Kasey in Texas, and more!

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  • Are animals (other than humans) protected under the Constitution. No, because it specifically talks bout Men (or humans). If not, then why are there laws that favor animals?
  • Discussion about protecting animals on the basis of cuteness, whether we eat them, and whether they are on the endangered species list.
  • An animal has life, and you shouldn’t be afflicting pain upon another living being, Nevertheless, why are there laws to dictate this? There is nothing about constitution about this. Or, maybe it falls loosely under the areas like the
  • Discussion about being a meat-eater and being against animal cruel at the same time. IS it cruel to eat animals? Probably not, because it is all part of the circle o life.
  • Discussion about the saying that “It’s the new black…”
  • Heit discusses his difficulty in finding jeans. The trend is for low-rise mens jeans–the issue is too little distance between the crotch and the waist. Who decided that this is a good look?
  • girlfriend jeans

  • Discussion about “girlfriend jeans”–jeans that are made for women, but marketed to men.
  • Discussion about vegetarianism and veganism.
  • Some people say that if humans were made to eat meat, they’d have sharp teeth. Well humans have intelligence and technology, which allows for the consumption of meat.
  • Discussion about whether GMO is bad. It’s not innately bad. Humans participate in GMO when they choose mate based on physical characteristics.
  • Discussion about seedless fruits.
  • Heit talks about some huge grapes that he came across the other day.
  • Discussion about seedless watermelons. Actually, they’re not really seedless–they just have immature seeds.
  • banana seed

  • Discussion about banana seeds. Do bananas actually have seeds inside? Yes… the little dark spots you see inside the banana are the seeds.
  • Heit says that he cannot wait until they come out with boneless fish. LOL
  • Discussion about breast milk. Why is it that humans feed their babies another animal’s milk almost from birth? Sometimes it is not even a thought to breast feed the child…
  • Discussion about people using breast milk in the place of cow’s milk…
  • Discussion about drinking cow’s milk and the connection to childhood obesity. Cow’s milk is intended to put weight on a calf, so what do you think it will do to a baby?
  • Do animals have rhythm?
  • Heit saw a bird with its beak hanging off. What do animals do when something like that happens?
  • Discussion about the pain animals experience during injuries.
  • Discussion about the “funny” bone. Did humurous always mean funny, or is that something that came about with the English translation?
  • Would you drink human milk on your cereal?
  • Drinking human milk is not cannibalism.
  • Is a scab skin? Or does the scab ever become skin>? No. It just covers the area to help with the formation of new skin.
  • People tell Heit that he asks “Why?” a lot.
  • Discussion about trying to understand the rationale behind things. Why don’t more people ask “Why?”
  • Discussion about when people tell you to do something and not worry about the rationale.
  • f you don’t understand the rationale for something, how can you begin to question the foundation or workings of something when we don’t understand the rationale?
  • Discussion about Willow Smith and her song, “I Am Me,” which Heit & Cheri discussed on Episode 054: Being In The Hood 4 Life.
  • Discussion about how rich people don’t pay the same price as poor people for going against the grain.
  • Discussion about nice cars and the conversations surrounding them–the depth of conversation.
  • Discussion about Heit’s rigging of his mic stand to fix an issue with it slipping. He used a string screwed to the wall as a counterbalance.
  • Discussion about a wonderful email that we received from Kasey in Texas:

    Hi Heit and Cheri, I just found your podcasts on Stitcher and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your show! You two seem so freakin awesome- finding people that are intelligent AND funny at the same time…. well it isn’t easy! Thanks and I will continue to listen, as well as catch up on older podcasts!

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