The issues of race and ethnicity are ones we cannot seem to escape, even when we try. Race seems to be wrapped up in everything, from how we PRE-judge one another to our preferences. Are we in a race to destruction? On this episode of The Axiom Amnesia Theory, Heit & Cheri have a candid philosophical conversation about race and its place in our world.

Topics discussed include defining race, how we determine the race of a person, the Hodge Twins video talking about how people saying that they are not Black, bi-racial categorization of race, the “one drop” rule, whether we should we have certain expectations of people on the basis of race, race-based prejudice, preference of having “rulers” who are of the same race as you are, Russell Simmons’ exploitation of Black people in order to gain wealth, passing wealth down through generations, and more!

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    does race exist

  • What is race? It’s another way in which we categorize one another.
  • How do we determine what race a person is? Mostly by the way they look, but what about people who have an ambiguous racial appearance.
  • At what point are you enough of a particular race to be considered a member of that race? Is it solely based on how you look?
  • Discussion about the Hodge Twins video in which they discuss how people say that they aren’t Black.
  • If a person has two parents who are bi-racial, is the child also bi-racial, or are they Black? What about a bi-racial parent and a white parent? Is that child Black, white, or bi-racial?
  • Even iof the parents are considered Black or white, it doesn’t mean that their child will be 50 percent of each race.
  • Discussion about the idea that if you look Black, then you are Black. Functionally, you will be treated like whatever you look like. people will not have access to your pedigree before knowing
  • Discussion about the “One Drop Rule.”
  • Discussion about people who pass as one race or another.
  • Should we have certain expectations of people on the basis of race?
  • Should whites be fighting for equality for Blacks? Do they have an obligation? the point here is that they should be fighting injustice and oppression.
  • What happens when there is a competition for survival, and both parties have a need and resources are limited?
  • Discussion about taking only from the people who have excess–not the ones who have then needs.
  • At what point are you Black enough to be considered Black? Is it that you look Black, act Black, etc.? there are a lot of people who will question a person’s Blackness on the basis of their individual pursuits.
  • We need to identify the fight, because so many times people have identified the wrong fight.
  • Discussion about Blacks and other people of color who exercise the freedom to follow what they wish to pursue–even if this means not constantly fighting the race issue.
  • Discussion about the exclusionary approach to fighting the rac issue. This is a limiter. You need to have the freedom to focus more than on just race.
  • We owe it to ourselves to be the best individuals first, because it’s individuals that make up the group to begin with.
  • Discussion about race-based prejudice–that you should like/value a person solely on the basis of the of race.
  • Why do people default to the race being the deciding factor in terms of how they view things?
  • Heit doesn’t think the race issue will ever go away. The only way to resolve it is for humans to go extinct.
  • Is it possible to prejudge and it not be a negative thing? Is there “harmless” prejudging?
  • can we acknowledge the racial differences without a value judgement? Yes, but it is hard to do. Also preferences come into play.
  • Discussion about the difference between preferences for and being against a particular group.
  • Discussion about people who feel that separation of races is the only solution.
  • Cheri disagrees because she thinks that racism is a tool of classism.
  • Is the goal to get away from racism or is the goal to get away from the targeted mistreatment of particular groups?
  • Discussion of what a single-race society would look like and the existence of classism still being in play.
  • Is it better to be oppressed/exploited by your own race than by another race?
  • Discussion about people referring to kings and queens in Africa. on one hand they are speaking about the symbolism. When they refer to the leaders they will often express that they prefer their rulers to be like race.
  • Ideally, Cheri says that she wouldn’t have a ruler.
  • Does it feel better if my ruler is the same race?
  • Cheri says that she feels it is worse when you are exploited by someone of your own race.
  • There is a difference is cautiousness and suggesting something negative about an individual solely based on their race.
  • Discussion about the competition to survive. While resources are not necessary limited from a global view, it is undeniable that in some communities there is scarcity–whether manufactured or naturally occurring.
  • Discussion about Russell Simmons’ exploitation of Black people in order to gain wealth.
  • Discussion about passing wealth down through generations.

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