June 4, 2013

Watch Mark O’Mara Wipe Away A Nonexistent Tear While Pretending to Cry About Race Relations [Video]

Omara Says Look At My Tear

Omara Says Look At My TearFrom the beginning, Mark O’Mara, the lead attorney for George Zimmerman tried to be an actor with the goal of getting him off for second-degree murder for the killing of 17-year-old unarmed Trayvon Martin in February 2012. His latest “performance” appears in a BET piece where he fakes crying during an interview about the Trayvon Martin case and race relations.

Check out the video and transcript of his interview below.

Interviewer: How has this case changed you?

Mark O’Mara: It has caused me to really think back through my philosophy. I don’t think that I ever actively thought, “I’m not Black and I can’t look at it through those eyes.” I always thought I was sensitive to it. I always thought I was aware of it, but this has really brought to the forefront the depth of concern that the Black community has with how they are being treated. And, I guess I didn’t realize that we had so far to go.


O’Mara: Yeah, I would have thought–you know it sounds ignorant–but I would have thought that we had come further since the 60s. But, maybe we just have a lot further to go.

Interviewer: Does it affect you emotionally?

O’Mara: Yeah, it does.

[O'Mara nods and tries to conjure some sympathy tears, but when this doesn't work, he makes a gesture like he is wiping tears away from his face.]

This charade is all part of the media push before jury selection begins on Monday. We saw a similar tactic when O’Mara’s team decided to release photographs and other media from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone in an attempt to besmirch the victim’s reputation in the minds of potential jurors and the general public.

In these instances, Mark O’Mara’s tactics were an attempt to reinforce negative racial stereotypes about young Black males to make people think of Trayvon as a dangerous thug and a criminal who deserved to be killed by George Zimmerman. In the last hearing he even lied about Trayvon and his friends beating up a homeless man. So, when O’Mara tries to fake ignorance about the impact of race on this case, you should know that’s a bunch of BS because HE actually attempted to manipulate the racial component of the case while at the same time saying that race was not a factor.

Some of you probably believe that O’Mara was actually on the verge of crying in this clip despite us calling BS on his tactics. He’s actually smiling while he’s wiping away the tears! Nevertheless, let’s go with this notion of the tears welling up actually being real. Why was he crying? If–and that’s a big “IF”–O’Mara was genuinely tearing up, surely it is because he has begun to realize that he is on the wrong side of history with his role and actions in this case. He has to know that the bottom line reflection on his character and career are absolutely despicable.

Rest assured that Axiom Amnesia will be here for the jury selection and trial starting June 10th, and we will continue to expose the racist tactics of Zimmerman and his defense team.

Oh yeah, and shout out to BET for giving O’Mara a platform for his latest shenanigans… :/

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